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ABC PL Review: Is a scam?

We do not doubt that ABC PL ( is a great marketplace. However, we are concerned with the platform’s lack of interest in vetting sellers. And this is especially so after we saw one scam user posting several miners for sale. Anyone can post crypto hardware miners on the B2B marketplace. We have to raise this issue to avert any losses from customers. Here’s our clear ABC PL REVIEW.

A Background Check of ABC PL

The store is a free service for local advertisements. You can buy or sell any product or service on the ABC PL platform. Based in Poland, the platform allows anyone to give away products and services for free.

With a growing number of visitors, it’s safe to say the platform is growing. And with this comes the ever-watchful eyes of scammers who want to take advantage. So naturally, these scammers will want to target naïve crypto hardware buyers in the region.

ABC PL Review: Pros and cons

One of the scammers has already posted some Goldshell miners on the platform. With the store failing to vet sellers, anyone can open an account. And not just anyone, you can also open multiple accounts using different emails.

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Without the platform vetting sellers, buyers are in for a rude shock. You may decide to pay for a miner, and the seller fails to deliver. These sellers will also pose as crypto hardware wholesalers in some instances.

The website has a long-standing reputation of being a reputable store. It has been operating since 2003, making it a formidable store. For now, the store needs to improve the design as it looks dated.

Before you buy any crypto hardware miner, you need to check out these factors. These are the steps necessary to protect yourself from online scammers. Follow these steps, and you won’t fall for their antics.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ABC PL

There are several advantages of buying products and services from the store. First, it’s a reputable store with years of experience. Those who engage with the store know all too well the pros of it all.

Based in Poland, the store has been a darling to most Polish decedents. Buyers in neighboring countries also try and source some products from the store. Thanks to its reputation, buyers are sure of prompt delivery.

And this has potentially brought about interest from scammers. With the sure delivery factor, scammers are now posing as retail crypto miner hardware sellers. Most will claim to partner with Chinese manufacturers to seem credible.

There are ways to protect yourself from such sellers. We have devised safe measures to take when buying from online stores. Let’s take a closer look at the review for what to do when purchasing a miner.

A checklist of available miners on the ABC PL platform

There are a handful of listed miners on the platform. Most of these miners are from reputable and well-known brands. We saw miners from Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. These are some of the manufacturers producing profitable miners.

Listed Miners on ABC PL

And as such, the vendors will also post these miners on their profile pages. Apart from crypto hardware, there are also crypto accessories. These include graphic cards, power cords, and Hotspot miners.

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A secure way of buying crypto hardware from ABC PL

You might wonder how to buy a pricey miner from an unknown vendor on the platform. Don’t worry, and we have the answer for you. Follow these steps, and you will be on the safe side when you decide to buy.

The first step is to ensure the seller takes your call. We recommend using facetime or Zoom for such cases. Then, if the vendor is within your vicinity, have a face-to-face meeting. That allays any fears of buying from an anonymous vendor.

Your next option should be to see the miner in action. Ask for a short 30-second video of the miner working. The video should indicate the condition of the miner. Is it a brand-new miner or a second-hand mining unit?

If you’re satisfied with the shown hashing rate, the last step should be negotiating the price. Before placing an order, check the average cost of the listed miner. Avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice miners.

The last step should be to ask for order tracking information. Ensure the seller is willing to provide these details and proof of payment. Don’t buy from a vendor who won’t give you a receipt after payment.

Bulk buying and discounts

Avoid sellers who claim to offer 30 to 50 percent off as discounts. These scammers lure investors into buying in bulk at low prices. Once you place an order, you won’t even receive a single mining unit.

We recommend buying from manufacturers when it comes to bulk buying. If that’s not possible, check with reputable crypto mining farms. The latter will sell used miners from their store or warehouse.

Business owner

We don’t have the names of the platform’s owners. That’s not the issue; we have to raise the alarm on anonymous profiles. Most of the vendors post names that don’t match the profile. There’s no face to match the profile.

Beware of scammers selling crypto hardware on the platform

And this is where we blame the store for not correctly vetting these sellers. You won’t even see a comment section on the profile. These profiles also lack a rating section where buyers can rate their experience with the seller.

Client reviews and testimonies

A few clients are complaining of late delivery. These clients claim the seller was late in delivering the miners. The delay cost them as mining is a day-to-day activity. Prices of mineable coins can dip or rise at any time.

Other clients claim there was no delivery at all. And this is from the scammer who claims to have links to Chinese manufacturers. So again, we ask the store to properly vet these sellers before allowing them to post these expensive miners.

Contact and customer support

Despite the seller having an option of posting a phone number, these could be virtual numbers. The call could be bouncing off locations entirely different from the prefix code. Buyers also have the option of leaving a message.

The problem with leaving a message is the vendor may decide to ignore it. This is after you have already completed payment and there’s a delay in shipping. These are the downsides of not having met the seller.

Buyer/Seller Agreement ABC PL

Don’t expect any buyer-seller agreement on the platform. None of these terms are available on the seller’s page. Instead, all parties adhere to the platform’s user agreement. That’s not ideal as it exposes the buyer to liability.

There are no refund or return policies available on the platform. The seller also fails to list the delivery and shipping details. And that’s why we insist on having a safer buying experience.

Closing Remarks ABC PL

We don’t recommend buying crypto miner hardware from a B2B marketplace. Please be careful when purchasing miners and at least meet the vendor.

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