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Ace Miners Pro Review: Is a scam?

Ace Miners Pros is another crypto hardware store that you need to avoid. Several crypto miners buyers have lost their investments after swindled them. The store failed to deliver miners even after the clients completed payment. With such cases on the rise, we have to expose all culprits involved. In addition, we have to stop this insurgent rise of scam artists who trick clients. Here’s what we found out in our comprehensive ACE MINERS PRO REVIEW.

A Detailed Look at Ace Miners Pro store

On the about us page, Ace Miners Pro claims to be a significant supplier of Asics Miners. In addition, the store claims to have a highly passionate team behind it. That said, there’s no profile of team members or owners of the store.

Ace Miners Pro fails to deliver crypto hardware miners

And that makes Ace Miners Pro an anonymous crypto hardware store. Naturally, you wouldn’t like to invest or buy a miner from such a store. Those who have bought miners from the store are ruing the decision.

Once you land on the homepage, there’s a banner for the most powerful Litecoin miner. Naturally, the store wants buyers to buy the miner due to the high profitability it brings. Unfortunately, there’s also a small quote that only a few L7 miners are left in the store.

Here are the details and specs of the Bitmain Antminer L7

Note: Before buying any miner, there’s reason to know what you’re getting into. It would be best if you saw the profitability and the expense of running a miner. That’s where we come in, as we offer you access to ALL ASIC MINERS profitability charts.

To try and get people to trust the store, claims to partner with leading crypto hardware manufacturers. These include Bitmain and Canaan manufacturers. Unfortunately, these are false records as these manufacturers don’t have a preferred distributor.

The store intends to drive users to sign up and buy a bunch of miners from the store. But unfortunately, we have a store that will do or say anything to sell a professional website. Luckily for us, we know how to spot scams from afar.

Experts recommend researching a store first before buying any miner. You need to ascertain the quality of service provided by the store. An excellent way is to request we do a review on your behalf for free!

A List of available Miners on Ace Miners Pro

We see 21 available miners on the store’s ASIC page. Some of the brands found include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, and Innosilicon miners. These are some of the best miners to have for mining leading cryptos.

When you ask whether the store has Jasminer, MicroBT, or StrongU miners, yes. And this is even after the store fails to upload them on their ASIC’s page. We have a store that will try and find the miner from third parties.

With this comes a problem of trust and quality issues. We see the store lacking in professional services, especially pricing and quality of miners. The store is a third party or middleman earning profit from commissions made.

There’s no proof that the store owns any of the listed miners. We would see stock photos of the miners in their warehouse if it did. We don’t even have a short video showing any of the listed miners in action.

As a buyer, you need to prove that the miner you’re about to buy works. A short 30-second video is exactly what you need. These have been the ways buyers use to accredit if the miner is worth having.

The video will show the condition and hashrate of the miner. It also shows you the entire setup, and you won’t go wrong setting up the miner on your own. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Ace Miners Pro, and buyers are to believe everything sold in the store.

Apart from selling miners, the store also claims to offer ASIC Hosting services. If you send your miner, the store promises to deliver profit at the end of each day. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Ace Miners Pro sells faulty miners

Affiliate programs

The store offers an affiliate program to get as many users to sign up. The program provides a 12 percent commission on all sales. In the case of bulk purchases, affiliates earn 20 percent of the overall order.

That seems like a genuine way to earn passive income. But unfortunately, it’s not the case as the store fails to release commissions to affiliates. In addition, the client area portal doesn’t have any conversion data. And that leaves affiliates in the dark.

You only get to know the conversion if a client gets back to you to confirm the purchase. At this juncture, the party will soon be a victim of fraud. The store will take their funds and fail to deliver miners.

As an affiliate, you have to protect those you direct to the store. That means checking and confirming the legitimacy and reputation of such stores. Failure to that, victims may decide to take legal action against the firm and you.

Once this happens, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud. The store is only interested in taking advantage of your connections. That’s why no professional affiliate wants to partner with

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ASIC Hosting services Ace Miners Pro

These services act as a boost to mining more coins under a more extensive network than at home. It’s a lucrative and stress-free way to earn passive income as a crypto miner. The farm miners on your behalf and incurs all electricity costs.

That sounds interesting if only the store in question did release profits. Unfortunately, the store releases profits late or fails to do so in some cases. The store also fails to pay users for the crypto mining gadget itself.

There’s no transparency when it comes to such stores. And that’s why no one is interested in their Asic hosting services. The rates are not available as users have to call first to confirm the listed rates.

Bulk purchase process is a scam

The store deceives buyers with low price quotes to entice buyers to buy in bulk. Those looking to start a mining farm find the price quotes affordable. Little does the buyer know that the store won’t deliver even a single mining unit.

Several buyers have lost a considerable chunk of their investment to buying miners in bulk. The store quickly rubbishes off these clients by blocking communication. We have seen this happen before, and we know how painful it is for the buyer.

Buyer’s protection and guidelines Ace Miners Pro

Don’t expect any buyer’s protection from the store. There’s no way the store protects investors in any way possible. The store even fails to quote delivery and shipping details. As a buyer, you also need to read the terms and conditions.

It’s the blueprint the store uses to offer services to buyers. Unfortunately, most users tend to skip these documents and pay the price. It would be best if you stayed away from stores failing to protect buyers.

An excellent example is the failure to protect buyers from shipping damages. The store won’t cover repair fees or accept returns. You also get a store that won’t offer any refund once you get a damaged miner.

Closing remarks Ace Miners Pro

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