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All Hashes Review: Is a scam?

All Hashes ( is crypto hardware and retail store that doubles up as a cloud mining service provider. Unfortunately, there’s little to write about regarding customer experience with the store. No client has come out and shared their experience with the store. And so, we decided to let the reader know more about what to expect with AllHashes. Here’s what we found out in our candid ALL HASHES REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of All Hashes

Once you land on the homepage, you get a sleek website with an easy interface. We can boldly say that the website is easy to navigate for anyone. All information regarding what the store offers is readily available.

All Hashes Sells faulty miners

There are a few other pages, such as the contact information and the FAQs page. The disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage has other tabs to click. These include the about us, Newsletter, and Privacy Policy pages.

Regarding their social pages, that’s not possible as the platform claims clients should wait. How else will the platform interact with clients who want firsthand information? That’s a red flag which we will get into later.

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When you visit the about us page, you get an error message. The about us page isn’t available, leaving many questions. You would expect the platform to sell their information all over and welcome themselves.

These are some of the red flags we found on the website. As seasoned reviewers, this is a huge red flag. There’s no telling whether the store was founded years ago or a few days ago. Only one way to tell.

We used domain checker tools to find exactly when the website started. That led to a surprising outcome as the website is 111 days old as we publish this post. And that means the retailer is pretty new in the industry.

Advantages and Drawbacks of All Hashes

Not to throw cold water on the project, but the platform should have introduced itself better. A little professionalism on the website with their about us page would have helped. Regarding the domain registrant, the name is hidden for privacy reasons.

We insist on doing some due diligence before engaging with such stores. That would help a great deal in protecting yourself from unforeseen circumstances. And this is especially so with new crypto hardware platforms popping up daily.

All Hashes would have the potential to be a reputable crypto store if it were more transparent. Transparency plays a huge role in ensuring clients trust your products. With every store, your reputation is what brings in other clients.

Here’s what we found out in regards to the pros and cons of

A Catalogue of Available Miners All Hashes

On their shop page, we can only see four listed Bitmain miners. And that’s a problem as you would expect the store to have more miners than the listed ones. But, as we pointed out earlier, professionalism is crucial in any platform.

One of the listed miners is the S19J Pro which goes for $25,000 bundled with hosting. That’s way too much for cloud mining services. The miner is currently not making much profit as we speak.

From the word go, we have to expose the exorbitant prices of their services. These are prices that target naïve buyers. There’s also the feeling no one gets their miners. After all, the store claims to offer hosting services once you buy the miner.

In reality, the store may not have the listed miners. For all we know, these are stock images of the miners. Moreover, our photo of a mining facility doesn’t have its logo. So there’s no telling whether this is a competing hosting provider.

Is All Hashes a Genuine Crypto Hosting prrovider?

Not to throw shade, but the store should come out clean with its hosting services. A short video of their hosting office or area would have worked nicely. It would have provided enough evidence to water down any doubts.

For now, we can’t trust their word considering there’s no proof of their hosting services. The platform also fails to dive deeper into the type of contracts available. You would expect such information from a hosting provider.

These aspects don’t portray a professional picture of the platform. Furthermore, we don’t have users who have engaged with their hosting services. What if you can’t buy a miner and want to buy mining contracts?

Are there safety nets such as Insurance for these miners on All Hashes?

On the FAQ page, the store insists that some insurance is provided for miners. However, that’s not entirely true, as the store also claims users must check with the existing business insurance providers. Unfortunately, that means the store won’t cover any insurance for your miner.

There’s also some doubt about how the entire process works. After buying the listed miner, you won’t even get to see it. The store wants buyers to believe the miner belongs to them. What if you wish to deliver the miner?

That will not happen as the store insists that this is a cloud mining store only. And there herein the problem for us with the store. A retail store ought to deliver miners once a client pays for them.

You won’t see any delivery and shipping information on the entire website. It shows that the store only wants you to buy from them. Delivery and shipping are two names you won’t get to see on the platform.

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Business owner

Details as to who owns or runs the store remain sketchy at best. We don’t know whether a single person or group operates the cloud mining farm. There’s also no listing of staff members working for the platform.

And that, without a doubt, raises issues in regards to anonymity. Sure, the platform claims to reside in Minnesota; what’s the proof? As indicated early, a short video of the premise would prove doubters wrong.

As a crypto investor, you want to know who is responsible for your investment. But unfortunately, that’s not the case with And that’s why we believe the platform ought to do better in this aspect.

Buyer’s Guidelines All Hashes

Don’t expect to get any buyer’s protection from the store. We have a store that fails to provide any relevant information regarding miners. Furthermore, it’s a store that fails to offer users simple crypto protection guidelines.

The private policy only touches on website cookies. Nothing is pointing to any refunds in case of failed payouts. The platform claims to offer payouts with no proof of it. A Blockchain transaction of their payouts would have been okay.

What clients think of

Client reviews

Surprisingly, we haven’t seen any negative or positive reviews of Probably we need to give users time to experience the store. That will paint a clear picture of what to expect with All Hashes.

Final verdict All Hashes

For now, we can’t advocate using their services until proof of service delivery.

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