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AllianceMiners Review: Is a Scam?

AllianceMiners ( seems to have it all; sadly, the store NEVER delivers. Once you complete your payment for a miner, the store fails to deliver. You won’t hear from Alliance Miners again. Unfortunately, it’s what nearly every buyer has faced with the platform. You, too, can become their next target if you dare engage with them. Others claim the store sells faulty miners that are defective beyond repair. Here’s the truth in our conclusive ALLIANCEMINERS REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of AllianceMiners

AllianceMiners claims to reside in Almere and claims to have crypto-mining experience. No one has heard of the store if you ask any severe crypto miner. Once you land on their homepage, the store seems to offer actual crypto mining hardware.

That’s not the case, as most investors are not receiving their miners. To add salt to injury, the store fails to explain why the delivery was not done. That’s not all, and the store doesn’t offer any order tracking information.

AllianceMiners Sells Faulty Miners

We have a store that claims to offer ASIC and GPU miners. If you make the mistake of buying any of the two, you lose your investment. Some members bought in bulks only to not receive even a single unit.

To try and get as many buyers to sign up, the platform attempts to undersell miners. So you have a miner that goes for $5,100 on their store. In reality, the miner goes for over $10,000. We are talking about the Innosilicon A10 Pro+ 500 Mh.

It’s an attempt to try and get users to buy the miner at a low price. But, sadly, even manufacturers don’t sell it at this price. And that’s one of the many red flags we spotted with the store.

Experts recommend that you engage with ASIC miners and get to know their features. Learn what makes an ASIC Miner work for you. Get to know the algorithm used, efficiency, hashrate, profitability, and warranty.

You also need to do due diligence and try and research the store in question. Try and find out what makes the store tick. Make sure to know the experience of other users on the platform. That’s what will help you make a more informed decision.

Accessible Miners on AllianceMiners Store

AllianceMiners claims to have it all when it comes to leading Crypto miners. The store claims to have AsicMiner Nano, Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and more. There’s even a five-star rating on all of these miners.

What makes these miners impressive is the price range regarding the store’s point of view. There’s no other store that will have such low prices. The store does it knowing all too well delivery won’t happen.

And that’s the dilemma facing investors who bought miners from the store. None of them gets to use their miners as the store rips them off. So avoid buying miners from stores that don’t seem to align with market prices.

That’s why you need to check with other stores to know the price ranges. But unfortunately, the price is still low even if stores sell used miners. That’s what deters experienced crypto miners from engaging with the store.

We believe that the store tries to act as a middleman and doesn’t own any listed miners. If you think about it, the store only uses photos of crypto miners. There’s no other evidence of the store having or owning these miners.

As a buyer, it’s your right to ask for proof of ownership. Unfortunately, the store fails to provide requests of such miners. A genuine store will provide a video showing these miners in their warehouse. Failure to do so means the store posts stock images and prices alongside them.

That’s how you determine a store has the miners on their roster. A video will show the miner set up, dashboard, and hashing power. Make sure to ask for these details to confirm the state and quality.

Risks found on AllianceMiners

Affiliate and referral commission

To try and get you to help them sign up more investors, the store tries to create an affiliate program. The store promises a hefty 20 percent commission on all sales. It looks like a perfect way of earning passive income with the store.

It’s far from genuine as the store fails to release any commissions. Furthermore, the store won’t give you any conversion data leaving affiliates with no clue what’s happening. You only learn about your sales after buyers check back to confirm delivery.

Sadly, none of the people you direct to the store get to own these miners. The store tricks them, and you are to blame for it. Alliance Miners won’t communicate with them, thereby making you their scapegoat.

These victims may decide to take legal action against the store. Filing a lawsuit is the victim’s next move. It means that in the eyes of the law, you are an accessory to online fraud. After all, you did direct users to buy non-existing miners.

As an affiliate, you need to ensure that your partner store is transparent. In addition, you have to protect investors from such stores. That’s why you won’t find any professional affiliate partnering with the store.

Business proprietor

There’s little information to tell us who owns or runs the platform. Despite listing a US address, that’s not the case. There’s no business registry of the store anywhere in North America. And this makes AllianceMiners an anonymous investment platform.

It would be best to avoid anonymous stores, especially those that deal with crypto products and services. With anonymity, there’s no telling whether the platform is transparent. As with the case with

Integrity should play a massive part in ensuring investors know the platform is worthy. But unfortunately, even the crypto mining community in the United States hasn’t heard of this platform. That’s why we have to expose the red flags found.

What clients say about Alliance Miners

Client testimony

When you head over to TrustPilot, you realize the store has mixed reactions with buyers. Most don’t know that the store is paying keyboard masters to post positive reviews. Therefore, it would be best to trust the positive reviews found on TrustPilot.

There’s no other positive review of the store anywhere on the web. No independent platform gives the store the green light. And this goes to show that no one trusts the store to offer reliable miners.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the store. There’s no live chat support as you would expect from a crypto store. You only get a message board where investors are to leave their messages.

Hopefully, the store responds, which is rare. The store will take even days before responding to any queries. You will also notice the store doesn’t have any listed phone numbers. That goes to show the store doesn’t have your interest at heart.

Disadvantages of AllianceMiners

Several disadvantages come with buying miners from AllianceMiners. First, you won’t get your miner as the store rips you off. That’s what every buyer faces after completing payment. Delivery is an issue with the store.

Is Legit? NO!

Final verdict

After exposing the store, it’s clear that doesn’t have a shred of transparency. So please stay away from Alliance Miners.

Once you have a working miner, we recommend joining a proven mining pool.

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