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Almasbit Review: Is a scam?

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Almasbit is another crypto hardware store that turned its website around, hoping no one would notice. Here’s our candid review.

Almas Bit hails from the Middle East, and this Persian store wants to continue where it stopped. The store is an utter scam looking to defraud anyone who attempts to order from them.

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Almasbit is a website that’s been done before in Iran. The store claims to be from Tehran, yet most crypto miners in Iran haven’t heard of them.

And this is one of the many reasons we doubt the store’s assumption of delivering high-quality miners.

Almasbit Risks of buying miners from this Persian Store

Coupled with several delivery complaints, it would be a high risk if you would decide to buy a miner from this store.

The only way to engage with such stores is by meeting at their physical store locations. Something the store won’t bother accepting.

And that’s why we must expose the store or risk losing everything. You have a store that fails to offer much in terms of accountability or offer transparency.

There’s no profile of the owner on the platform. And that makes the platform an anonymous crypto hardware store.

Engaging with such stores is risky. We don’t for a second recommend engaging with such stores, chances of losing your funds are high.

A Closer Analysis of Almasbit

From what we can see, the store is a major pain in the neck. First, you get a store whose contact details don’t match the receiver.

Yes, we called, and the person who answered the call was not who you would expect. It’s a user who doesn’t know whose number is used to defraud miners.

There’s also no background history of the store or when the store started offering crypto hardware mining services.

We also don’t know who runs and operates the store. So that means you don’t know who will handle the sale or the funds after the sale.

Before you engage with any crypto hardware store, it’s best to check whether the store is legit. A legit store will have some chatter about it.

Most online stores don’t even bother checking in with clients; we suspect Almasbit is no different.

A close search of the store using any web search engine reveals a store with an already tarnished name.

Those who don’t bother researching the store will likely believe what they see in the store.

After all, the website design looks enticing and perfect to the naked eye. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here as we have a store that doesn’t offer much productivity.

Chances are high that the store is another cloned store meant to exploit naïve crypto hardware buyers.

Advantages and Snags of Almasbit is a store that doesn't deliver miners

With the high number of complaints we have received, buying from this store has no advantages.

And the store is to blame, as it’s a specific store, not a B2B Marketplace. There’s no reason not to deliver miners.

We suspect the store is posting stock images and failing to deliver. The store also lowers prices to attract bulk orders from unsuspecting clients.

Several brands are available, with the most profitable miner finding their way to the top of their list.

We noticed the store rarely updates the miner list or changes prices even after the market dips or rises.

That’s how we know the store is an utter scam and only looking to defraud members.

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Features to look for when buying an Asic Miner

Before you get to buy a miner, there are some aspects you must look for in any store. These features will guide you on whether to purchase or void.

These features include;

Brand to find

You need to engage with a store that offers a selection of miners. That shows the store is indeed a fully-fledged crypto hardware store.

A scammer will likely claim to have every imaginable miner, even those no longer profitable.

Condition of the miner

Is the miner brand new, or is the seller also selling a refurbished miner? Naturally, new miners are pricier than refurbished miners.

Scammers take advantage by posting stock images and listing them as brand new. Then, on delivery, you get a faulty and used miner.

Price of the miner

You must also check the market price of the intended ASIC miner you want to purchase. That gives you an idea of what to expect when buying a miner.

Scammers will sometimes lower prices and claim to offer discounts. Then, when you place an order, the scammer whizzes off with your investment.

Shipping and delivery

Another important aspect when buying a miner from any vendor is the delivery and shipping methods.

A vendor should deliver a miner within eight working days with no delays. The vendor should also offer order tracking information.

Almasbit is a store not shipping crypto hardware miners

How to safely buy a miner; guidelines and steps to take

We devised safe ways to ensure your purchase process goes smoothly without the risk of losing your investment.

  1. Call the vendor and set up a video meeting.

The best way to contact a vendor is to set up a facetime meeting and get to know the vendor.

Scammers will avoid any direct means of contact, even picking up calls.

  1. Check the miner in action.

As a buyer, you have every right to test what you’re buying before anything else. That gives you an idea of the miner’s condition and capabilities.

These include checking the maximum hashrate and the power cords. The seller should also give more information on the miner, including the warranty.

  1. Payments

You must request a payment receipt and order tracking information when paying for a miner.

We don’t recommend using crypto wallets for buyers purchasing miners for the first time. Instead, use FIAT methods where details of the recipient are available.

  1. Delivery

Upon delivery, you need to record the unboxing in case there was damage during shipping. The vendor should agree to cover repair fees or issue a full refund.

Our Verdict Almasbit

Please stay away from clone platforms. These are risky platforms that don’t offer much in terms of accountability.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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