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Altair Technology LLC Review: Is a scam?

Altair Technology LLC is a crypto hardware store with several services up for grabs. The store claims to reside in the United States and has several positive reviews. So, without much further ado, we dive into the review. It’s a review of what the store claims to offer. Before you engage with them, we have to warn you that this is not a recommendation. Here’s our candid ALTAIR TECHNOLOGY LLC REVIEW.

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A Brief Analysis of Altair Technology LLC

There’s not any information regarding the background and history of the store. After searching for the store, the results were not what we expected. Instead of getting information on the store, another one popped up. is the number one spot on most search engines. This is because the company deals with technology. However, there’s no result of Altair Technology LLC on search engines. And this raised suspicion on whether the store was legit.

Is Altair Technology LLC a safe crypto hardware store? Not really

We had to check the web domain history to try and straighten things out. Records indicate the website is 254 days old. The name of the registrant was redacted for privacy reasons. The website went live on 2nd December 2021.

All the positive reviews regarding the platform on TrustPilot are from this year. And this could point to a store that does deliver miners. However, what caught our attention was the addresses of these comments. All are from North America.

And this begs the question of whether the store delivers miners outside North America. No one has tried buying from them. In our review, we will try and give you the features. What do you expect after engaging with the store?

Navigating through the website quick, the store claims to partner with leading crypto hardware manufacturers. All pages work, and the user interface is exciting. But, does it warranty you to buy from the store?

Before engaging with any crypto hardware store, it pays to do some due diligence. Try and find out whether engaging with the store benefits the buyer. There are steps to take before engaging with any store.

Advantages and Cons of Altair Technology LLC

Like any physical store, there are some pros and cons of However, these are the advantages that make buying from the store legit. And these include positive feedback from clients.

Thanks to the timeline, we can tell these are independent reviews. Only one is an invite which shows the store is slightly on the positive aspect. This could be a genuine store with no negative reviews.

We haven’t purchased any miner from the store. The store doesn’t seem to ship outside the United States. Also, we have some concerns of our own. And we will highlight them as we go. We will show you how to engage with online sellers before moving.

A catalog of available miners ono Altair Technology LLC

There are only seven listed miners on the miner’s category page. These include brands from Bitmain, Canaan, and MicroBT. It’s worth mentioning the store doesn’t have any newly released miners.

All miners on the store are from 2021, and none were released in 2022. We also see that none of the miners exceed the price tag of $4,999. And this raises another question, does the store sell brand new or used miners?

Crypto Miners found on the Altair Technology LLC store

Whatever the case, we must dig deep into whether you can buy from the store. Luckily for you, we have come up with credible ways of engaging with online sellers. Follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

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A credible and safe way of buying crypto hardware from online stores

How does one safely buy a miner from an online store such as Altair Technology LLC? The buyer has the power to buy or ignore the seller. Your power is only lost once you purchase from an unreliable source.

You have to confirm the store is entirely reliable before moving forward. However, we have come up with concrete steps you can take to ensure the process runs smoothly. Follow these steps, and you can make the best decision on whether to move forward or not.

As a buyer, you have the right to ask questions. Start by asking who owns or runs the store. Then, make contact with the seller. We prefer video calls as you can get to know the seller. The seller can also take you on a virtual tour of the warehouse or store.

Once the seller complies, you can move on to the next step. Ask for a short 30-second video of the miner in action. Check to see the hashrate and condition of the miner. The video should have your name on a piece of paper next to the miner. It’s to confirm the seller shoots a live video.

After passing this process, you can start negotiating the prices. First, ensure you know the average market prices of these stores. It will help you decide whether the seller is overpricing or underpricing. Low prices don’t necessarily mean a legit seller.

Lastly, ask about delivery and shipping. Will the seller offer order tracking information? What about the receipt of payment? Is the seller willing to offer a receipt of payment? If the seller passes these steps, you can engage.

Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk is ideal for those looking to start a crypto mining farm. We, however, recommend you buy from the manufacturer directly. It will ease costs, and delivery will be a guarantee. Also, avoid sellers who underprice miners and claim to offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Over the recent past, several buyers fell for scammers claiming to offer 30 to 50 percent discounts. These scammers would claim the deal was for purchases above ten units. No delivery was made despite buyers paying in full.

Business holder

The store claims to reside in St Louis. Well and good, how about the owner? There’s no information on who owns or runs the store. And that takes the point off the board in regards to transparency of the store.

You would expect information on the founding members. Unfortunately, all members have different ways of reaching out, which is unacceptable. We all strive to avoid anonymity in crypto, especially buying expensive mining hardware.

Buyer’s Agreement and Terms

On the information page, there are policies worth checking out. These include refund, return, and shipping policies. Check and see if the store puts all liability on the buyer. Avoid stores that tend to put all liability on buyers.

As a buyer, you have to protect yourself from delays in shipping. Is the store willing to compensate you if there’s a one-month delay? Remember, crypto mining is time sensitive. Today the mineable coin price is high; tomorrow, not so much.

Client reviews

What clients think of store

As indicated, there are several positive reviews of the store. Unfortunately, these are the only positive reviews we found. No other independent website has reviews of the store. Therefore, it looks safe to assume the store does deliver to users in the States.

Closing Remarks Altair Technology LLC

Please be careful when engaging with Altair Technology LLC. Make sure to go over these steps and ensure the seller satisfies each guide.

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