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Ant Mine Rigs Review: Is a scam?

Ant Mine Rigs ( seems to offer a handful of crypto hardware. Unfortunately, there’s not much to tell regarding how the crypto community views the store. We had no negative or positive reviews to look closer at the store. However, there are some details a buyer needs to check before deciding to move forward with the sale. One of them has to be weighing the pros and cons. Here’s our candid ANT MINE RIGS REVIEW.

A Detailed Review of Ant Mine Rigs Store

On the about us page, the store claims to have started in 2013. The store started as a PC outfit before moving to crypto hardware. Apart from selling Crypto mining hardware and PCs, Ant Mine Rigs also sells graphic cards.

Ant Mine Rigs Is it a safe store to buy Crypto Miner Hardware?

Overall, it looks like a legit store from face value. However, we can’t just take that and decide it’s a credible store. Instead, facts lead us to determine whether the store is a transparent crypto hardware store.

You will have to consider several factors before deciding whether the store is legit. And we did so by first checking the overall score of the website. Yes, it does look like a professional crypto hardware store.

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Ant Mine Rigs products into five categories. These include AMD Radeon and ASIC. NVidia, Graphic Cards, and Rig Kits. That shows that the store fully intends to engage with crypto users.

The store has a showroom in Mount Wellington on the about us page. That sounds okay for those around the region. And what about those from upstate or outside the country. What can the store do to furnish them with proof of concept?

Before engaging with any store, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out the experiences of other users before you. Buyers can also attempt to call and discuss more of the risks involved with the seller.

Advantages and cons of Ant Mine Rigs

As we stated above, you must weigh each store’s pros and cons. When it comes to the store’s online presence in terms of aesthetics, it looks appealing. All the information needed is available on the platform.

Navigating through the platform gives you an idea of what the store offers. The product category option allows buyers to get what’s needed quickly. On the ASIC page, that’s where we are interested.

There are six pages in general, with over 80 listed products. The store seems to offer a variety of miners, including Bitmain, Innosilicon, Obelisk, and Spondoolies. There’s also a 17 percent discount on all miners.

When it comes to pricing, the store does price the miners by market conditions. We have no issues with their pricing model as the store seems legit and fair to all miners.

Our main problem comes when it comes to verifying whether the store does own listed miners indeed. For all we know, the store could be posting stock images. So where are the photos of the store’s warehouse?

As a buyer, you have the right to ask for proof of concept. That means asking the seller to send a short 30-second video showing the miner in action. The video helps show how the miner works as well as the condition.

Are all these brand new or used miners? What about pre-order miners, the store makes it appear like they have all miners. These include the Bitmain s19 XP 140 Th miner. Set for release in June 2022, pre-sale is their only option.

Are the prices affordable on Ant Mine Rigs store?

Are you Buying a Miner from Ant Mine Rigs?

There are several payment methods available on the platform. These include bank and credit card statements. However, it’s how you pay for these miners that raised eyebrows. The store lets buyers buy on credit or weekly payments.

One of the available weekly payment options is Lay-Buy. You can pay in six installments for limits up to $1,200. If you cancel the payment plan, you get a 5 percent to restock fee quote. That sounds like an expensive plan.

There’s also the credit-qualified plan where the minimum amount to pay is $1,000. All three payment plans under the credit plan incur interests. So before you buy, ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions.

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Business holder

On the bottom of the homepage, the platform claims New York as its residency. But, unfortunately, we can’t confirm or deny it as there’s no proof. The store even lists a phone number that one can call.

The main problem with the platform is that it appears anonymous. You don’t get to see any information regarding founding or staff members. The platform doesn’t even release a video showing their offices.

A virtual video showing the office would do wonders for buyers. It would help remove all fears of the platform’s anonymous nature. Still, no one has engaged with the store and come out to share their experience.

Buyer’s protection and Guidelines Ant Mine Rigs

You only get to read the privacy policy, terms, and conditions. These are the only legally binding documents on the platform. It’s the blueprint in which the platform operates. Unfortunately, most buyers tend to ignore these documents at their own risk.

Knowing how the platform operates helps in matters arising, such as disputes. You will notice the store doesn’t have a dispute center. The only way to contact us is via email with the listed phone number.

It also shows that all liability falls in the hands of buyers. The store won’t cover any fees incurred if the miner fails to arrive. Delivery and shipping terms are not available on the platform’s page.

A return policy has a funny statement that makes it look dodgy. The platform will only accept a return if the miner is unopened. How else will a user know if the miner is working or not?

Apart from that, you also incur a 15 percent restocking fee for every returned item. It goes to show how the platform handles damaged products. That’s no way of convincing us to buy from them. Buyers incur all liabilities when it comes to damages.

Absurd payment plans with

Client reviews and testimonies

The platform fails to get any negative and positive reviews from the public. You won’t see any positive posts on social media. No one is tarnishing their name, which could mean one thing. Investors haven’t engaged with the store.

And that means the store’s reputation is on the line. Without a solid and trusted online reputation, buyers will look for a more trustworthy shop. In addition, the store needs to do better in client engagement.

Contact and support

There’s no live chat support, and the store might take over 48 hours to respond to emails. The phone number does go through sometimes. It would have been ideal if there was a faster way to communicate.

Final verdict on Ant Mine Rigs

We urge that you be careful with the store. It’s best to wait to get valid reviews from buyers who bought from the store.

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