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Antminer Asic Bitmain Review: Is a scam?

Antminer Asic Bitmain ( is a clone shop claiming a partnership with the manufacturer, Bitmain. Those who have bought miners from the store are angry at the turn of events. The store failed to deliver miners and doesn’t refund buyers.

Our Antminer Asic Bitmain Review is out!

Please know why this store is high-risk in our compelling review. We will expose all the red flags found in the store.

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About Antminer Asic Bitmain

Warning from Bitmain

As with every store, you get the store’s close website aesthetics as the manufacturer. Even the logo remains the same, with the store claiming to be the official partner of Bitmain. We reached out to Bitmain for comment on the matter.

The store doesn’t have any partnership deals with the manufacturer. And this goes to show we are dealing with a clone store. Chances are, the people behind this store are flukes and want to take advantage of naïve buyers.

We won’t let this happen as we plan to expose the store. Our review will also help buyers know how best to buy miners from online vendors. If it’s your first time buying a miner, we recommend following the safest procedure.

Looking at the store, we understand why buyers would go for it. The store does seem ideal and honest about what’s available. But, on the other hand, we see a store that won’t offer much accountability and transparency.

There’s no talk of their background or history. We don’t know who runs the store. The owner wants us to take their word for it without asking questions. So that we won’t, we must do due diligence before buying from such stores.

And this is what most buyers fail to do when engaging with online sellers. You must protect your interest first before anything else. That’s how you learn to engage and find a reliable seller who will deliver.

Follow our rules, and you will get the miner you deserve. A serious seller will also abide by these rules. Experts recommend doing due diligence before buying crypto hardware miners. There are a lot of scammers out there, and Antminner Asic Bitmain is one of them.

Advantages and cons of Antminer Asic Bitmain

Before deciding whether to engage with a store, you must do due diligence. First, you must find out whether the store does offer much in terms of transparency. There are ways to test whether a store is right for you.

Looking at the store, we see issues with some of the listed miners. The store also downplays the price to make the miners appear legit in the eyes of buyers. We have a seller who wants to entice buyers to buy on a large scale.

The seller lists several miners, including brand-new hydro miners released a few months ago. And that is also a crowd-puller to some extent. But, truthfully, the pros and cons of this platform are just cons.

There are no pros with a clone store, as you won’t get what you paid for. That’s just the bitter truth. All you get is a store that doesn’t offer much accountability. The store is already on the blacklist of the Bitmain manufacturer.

Some risks you will encounter include no deliveries and credit card theft. It’s a fraud store that takes credit card information and sells it to third parties. You must steer clear of this store or risk becoming their next victim.

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A catalog of miners is available in the store

Antminer Asic Bitmain listed crypto hardware miners

Don’t fall for the miners listed in the store. These are stock images, with the store having no proof of owning these miners. In addition, there’s a pricing issue, as the store sells profitable miners for as low as $800.

Being a Bitmain partnered store, you don’t expect them to sell any other brand. However, the store does sell other brands. And that’s another red flag most buyers ignore. For example, if you send an email asking for a Goldshell or Innosilicon miner, the store claims to have them.

Apart from selling crypto hardware, the store also claims to sell crypto containers. Whether these are fully furnished containers or customized containers remains a mystery. Remember the store only furnishes members with stock images.

Our guidelines will help expose why the seller is a scam. Despite claiming to have offices in London, these are false claims. We must strive to expose the store or risk losing your entire investment.

The miners are solely based on the mineable coin. We see Bitcoin, Dash, and Zcash miners. The store doesn’t have a catalog page. There are also Decred and Litecoin miners available for sale in the store.

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A cautious way of buying crypto hardware from online stores

Follow our procedure, and you will get the miner you want. Please avoid sellers who don’t want to adhere to these rules. A genuine seller will do their best to follow and make it easier for the buyer to access the product.

  1. Contact the seller

The best way to do so is by setting up a skype or zoom meeting. We recommend direct access to the seller to create a formidable first-time relationship. Scammers avoid any direct contact with buyers.

  1. Test the product

After making contact, you need to test the product. Ensure the top gets a clear idea of the product and sees it visually. Request a short video of the miner in action. Get to see the overall condition and maximum hashrate.

  1. Ask for delivery and shipping FAQ.

You need to know the process of delivery and the expected shipping dates. How long will it take to receive the miner? Does the store offer order tracking information? We recommend going to stores that do.

  1. Payment plans

Once you’ve decided to make payments, we recommend using payment channels you feel comfortable with. First-time buyers must avoid crypto payments unless they feel safe with the seller.

  1. Recording the unboxing

When the miner finally arrives, record the unboxing. If there are damage issues, let the seller know. With the damages are excessive, ask for a full refund. You must see the refund and return policies of the store before purchasing.

Bulk orders and discounts offered by Antminer Asic Bitmain store

Antminer Asic Bitmain avoid making any contact with the store

As you would expect, the store claims to offer large discounts on bulk orders. We sent an email requesting a batch order. And the shock that the store offered a 40 percent discount still rings in our mind.

How can a store offer such a large discount to one of the most profitable miners? Even the manufacturer doesn’t provide such a high discount. That’s how we know the store is trying to garner large deposits from unsuspecting buyers.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the store. We need to avoid the store or risk losing everything. There are a lot of issues wrong with the store, and anonymity is another. So please stay away from the anonymous crypto hardware store.

Closing remarks Antminer Asic Bitmain store

Please stay away from it.

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