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Antminer HK Review: Is a scam?

Antminer HK is a crypto miner retail and hardware store attempting to fool investors. The store claims to offer unbelievable discounts on all miners. Those who buy miners from the store will get them at wholesale prices. Of course, these are false claims as is not valid crypto hardware and retail store. We invite you to read this conclusive ANTMINER HK REVIEW for more on the store.

PS: When dealing with crypto miner stores, we recommend researching them. Before you buy a miner, get to know the features of ASIC Miners. It helps you make an informed decision on which miner to get.

A Brief Overview of Antminer HK

Advantages and Disadvantages Antminer HK

There’s little information that you can get about Antminer HK. The store seems anonymous due to its disgraceful delivery habits. The store will likely fail to deliver miners on time as you make payment.

We have a store that claims to offer miners from all leading manufacturers. The store fails in its attempt to convince us that it’s a legitimate store. Those who have interacted with the store have negative things to say.

Hundreds of buyers are still waiting for the store to deliver on its promise. The store readily accepts funds claiming to ship miners within 14 days. However, you still haven’t received your miner a month or two later.

When you land on their homepage, something funny happens. First, you get a website in the Spanish language. But, wait, isn’t the domain name a registry from Hong Kong? It’s one of the many red flags we found on the platform.

Investing with a sold website is not ideal. The initial website sold it to Spanish spam artists. You won’t get any reliable miners as the store doesn’t own any of these miners.

Before buying any crypto hardware from a store, you need to do due diligence. Try and find out what makes a store favorable. Get to learn the experiences of other buyers by reading our eye-opening crypto hardware store reviews.

Accessible Miners on Antminer HK

As mentioned earlier, Antminer HK claims to have miners from leading manufacturers. Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, Obelisk, and Whatsminer. Therefore, most stores want buyers to believe that the store has a strong bond with manufacturers.

We have a store that divides miners according to the price range on the display page. The minimum you can buy a miner starts from $0 to $500. Other price ranges go one from there with a possible maximum of $3,000+.

We can deduce that the store doesn’t necessarily sell new miners within the price range. And this means there’s a possibility of getting a faulty miner. So the store ought to produce proof that the miners on display belong to them.

As a buyer, you need proof of ownership. The store must provide you with a video showing the condition of a miner. Failure to do it, you might receive a faulty miner with no way of knowing who’s to blame.

The store also claims to sell mining accessories in large batches. These are attempts to get buyers to buy non-existent mining components. We did try to buy a PSU from the store, and we still haven’t received it.

AntminerHK tries to convince buyers that the store provides reliable miners. However, we believe the store acts as a middleman without proof of the miners working. Why doesn’t the platform provide images of these miners in their warehouse?

A legit store will post images as proof of having miners ready for sale. And this is why we believe the store is a middleman. Such stores fail to give investors the ultimate test for proving the miners work.

Antminer HK Selling Faulty Miners

Affiliate and partner program

An affiliate and referral program was designed to help boost the platform’s allure. The platform promises a 20 percent commission on all sales. It looks like the perfect opportunity to start earning passive income.

Before you partner with the store, there are some issues we have to address. First, as an affiliate, the store only looks to take advantage of your connections. The store wants to use your contacts to widen their net.

Most affiliates don’t see their conversions as the platform fails to release such data. You will only get to hear of a sale if the buyer gets back to confirm. Sadly, the buyer won’t get the miner that they deserve.

You end up facing the blame as buyers will want a refund from the store. But, unfortunately, the store doesn’t accept refunds or returns. And this means you’re directing buyers to buy miners from a store that doesn’t exist.

Victims might want to get back at the store for delivering faulty miners, or not at all. Then, the store will have to face a lawsuit from the victims. If this happens, you’re in for a rude awakening. The law will consider you as an affiliate of online fraud.

Before you become an affiliate to such stores, you also need to research them. As an affiliate, it’s your responsibility to protect those you’re directing to the store. Ensure the store provides genuine products and services.

Business holder

Despite the platform’s use of Spanish default language, the store claims to reside in China. However, stores moved out of the region with the Chinese government clamping down on crypto mining. And this means we don’t believe that China is their actual place of residency.

The store is also shrouded in mystery as we don’t have info on staff members. We don’t know who owns or runs the store. And this makes Antminer HK an anonymous crypto store.

You need to avoid buying miners from such stores. The store doesn’t offer transparency, and you won’t manage to get back your funds. In addition, such stores often have harsh terms and conditions for such scenarios.

Does deliver miners? NO

Client testimony

Several clients have come forward and posted their experiences with the store. Unfortunately, most of these posts are on crypto forums and other social media platforms. The need to stay away from such platforms is ever there.

You won’t get to read many positive comments about the platform anywhere on the web. And this goes to show the extent to which the store fools investors. So please avoid investing in anonymous stores that fail to provide proof of ownership.

Contact and customer support

The store fails to offer direct means of communicating with buyers. You can only speak to an agent via email. Instead, the store tries to take advantage by controlling the communication aspect of transactions.

It makes it easier for them to communicate, especially during the negotiation. Unfortunately, after completing the payment, the store will suddenly go silent. The phone number available rarely goes through. And this is why we recommend against buying any accessory from

Disadvantages of Antminer HK

Several disadvantages come with this platform. First, the store doesn’t own any of the listed miners. These are mere stock images with prices next to them. No one has received a working miner from the store.

The few who claim to have received miners from the store claim most are defective. These miners could only mine for a few days before completely shutting down. That’s why we are against investing in the store.

Will I get a miner from Antminer HK? NO

Final verdict

After checking the red flags found on the platform, we recommend that you stay away from Antminer HK.

PS: Make the informed decision and sign up with a transparent mining pool. It’s the only way to increase your mining power.

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