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Antminer UK Review: Is a scam?

Antminer UK is full of negative reviews from clients who didn’t receive their miners. We have another crypto store that wants to rip off investors. And this is the reason why we have to expose the store. Most of the buyers are now ruing to buy from You, too, could fall for their tricks; we recommend that you go over this post. What we have is a complete ANTMINER UK REVIEW.

Before you buy a miner, it’s only fitting that you know the features of ASIC Miners. You should see each miner’s algorithm, efficiency, hashrate, profitability, and warranty. It will help you make a better decision on which Asic miner to get.

About Antminer UK

Antminer UK Pros and Cons

The store promises free shipping and 30 days money-back guarantee. These are false claims as refunds, or returns are not in their terms and conditions. The platform uses false allegations to buy the trust of buyers.

Antminer UK has the allure of legitimate crypto hardware and retail store. The problem with the store is that it also has some glaring red flags. None of them even bothers to do some homework on the platform for more buyers.

And this is why we have to expose the store’s red flags. The store claims to offer the best investment deals the industry provides. Even as we publish this post, the store claims to have the upcoming Goldshell KD6 Miner.

Claiming to have miners that manufacturers haven’t released is a problem. The store will convince users that delivery will be within two weeks. After making payment, the store fails to deliver any paid miner.

Before you engage with any crypto store, we recommend doing some due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform sticking out. And this includes having to check reviews for more information on client satisfaction rates.

Accessible miners on Antminer UK

Antminer UK claims to have every brand imaginable on their list. In addition, we have a store that claims to be a full partner with leading crypto manufacturers. Some of the brands to find include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, IBeLink, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, and more.

Of course, these are false allegations. The store doesn’t have an affiliation with any of these manufacturers. No manufacturer has a preferred store as each manufacturer wants to create a competitive market.

We noticed that the store also makes bold claims of offering high commissions. The platform even has a miner that’s minus 53 percent off. Now that’s a hair-raising price. Bitmain Antminer S9 is going for $2,000, not $4,200.

The store wants to attract as many investors as possible by lowering prices. We even see pictures of boxes belonging to Antminer hardware. The problem with the photos is that these could be stock images.

The store doesn’t own any of these miners. We believe that the store acts as a middleman on different occasions. You will ask for a miner, and the store will look for it using other stores.

Think about it for a second; the store posts pictures and lists the prices of miners alongside them. There’s no video showing the store having any of these miners. As a buyer, you need to ask for proof of concept or ownership from crypto stores.

We have a classic example of a store that doesn’t want any interaction with buyers. The store pretends even to have their residency in London. As a result, no crypto miner from London has bought a miner from the store.

Avoid Buying Miners from Antminer UK

Affiliate and referral program

To try and get more clients to sign up, the store receives affiliates from doing the heavy lifting for them. The store promises a hefty paycheck once the affiliates buy miners from the store. It seems like a legitimate way to earn passive income.

Before you jump in and partner with the store, you need to understand the consequences. The store only wants to take advantage of your connections. As a result, you end up losing your credibility and reputation as a professional affiliate.

The store won’t bother responding to clients after a purchase. You will only get to know sales through direct conversations with buyers. That’s when you learn the bitter truth about the store.

The store fails to give conversion data to affiliates to avoid paying affiliates. And this leads to affiliates not tracking their sales. Another issue comes when these victims decide to take the store to court.

The law will consider affiliates as accessories to online fraud. You have been directing the public to buy goods from an anonymous store. These are some of the risks that come with investing in the store.

Business holder

We have a store that does a mint job hiding people’s names behind the platform. Despite claiming to reside in the UK, there’s no business registry of the store. You would expect such a store to list the names of founding members of the store.

Instead, we have a store with no information on their background and history. We can see the store is barely a few months old from domain records. As we publish this post, the store is 117 days old.

And this goes to show how the platform fails to have any experience in the crypto arena. We have a website that claims to have miners, which are false. These are some red flags most investors won’t bother checking with the store.

Client testimony

There’s no positive review of the platform anywhere on the face of the planet. When you visit TrustPilot, that’s where the picture gets clear. There’s not a single positive store review on any independent website.

What we have instead is a store with negative reviews. Most of the reviewers seem to share the same fate. After buying a miner, the store failed to deliver the miner. And this is why we have to expose every inch of the scam.

Contact and support NOT DELIVERING MINERS

You won’t be getting any support from the store once you buy a miner. For example, the store doesn’t have a live chat feature to help clients with one-on-one conversations. In addition, you will notice the contact page doesn’t have a corresponding address.

Members get a message board where buyers are to leave a message. The store might take years before responding to any queries. You would expect the store to produce a direct contact to members.

There’s no such thing as a phone number listed on the website. The available phone number displayed at the disclaimer rarely goes through. We also suspect a virtual phone number mimicking the UK phone code.

Disadvantages of Antminer UK

We have to start with the failure to deliver miners even after the completion of payment. Antminer UK won’t provide any miners on their list. So hundreds of buyers are still waiting to get their hands on paid miners.

Lowering prices to try and entice new buyers is another issue. The store attempts to undersell these miners to naïve investors. Once you make payment thinking it’s a fair deal, the store won’t deliver the miner.

Another glaring issue is the failure to provide evidence of owning the miners. You would expect the store to provide a video showing their warehouse. The video should also show the miners working and in mint condition.

Final verdict

Is legit or a scam?

After exposing all the red flags, we have to recommend you STAY AWAY from

Once you get a working miner, we recommend joining a proven mining pool.

If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment or write to us.

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