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AREEYA 999 CO Review: Is a Scam?

AREEYA 999 CO is a clone crypto miner hardware and retail store. The company uses the name of a well-known Thailand Container Company. We spotted the name and checked out more regarding the crypto miner firm. What we have is a firm that tries to take advantage of investors. Those who have bought miners from the store are unhappy with the services. You get a store that fails to deliver miners on time. Find out more in our clear AREEYA 999 CO REVIEW.

About AREEYA 999 CO

AREEYA 999 CO Review: Pros and Cons

The store wants to have an appeal as successful as that of the Container Company. You should know that the two platforms don’t have any relations. One is a legit Container Company, while the other sells faulty miners.

You are lucky if you receive a miner from the store. Most clients are unhappy with the shipping from the platform. So you will likely fail to receive your miner on time. And this is the reason why we must expose the platform.

To know which miner to buy, you must first see the profitability and stats of ASIC miners. It will help you a great deal along the way to understand the running costs. In addition, such data provides you with the information you need to make the right decision.

AREEYA 999 CO is a crypto miner platform looking to benefit investors. We have a store that fails to deliver miners. The miners are faulty and will usually come with rust. We believe the store is trying to refurbish used miners.

There’s a huge uproar from the crypto community over rise of such stores. But, unfortunately, a majority of crypto miners end up getting worse than they deserve. So we have to put an end to it by exposing all the red flags found in the store.

It would be best to do due diligence before buying a miner with any store. Go for stores that enjoy the backing of the crypto community. Try and find out what others are saying about the store before signing up.

Accessible AREEYA 999 CO Miners

AREEYA 999 CO claims to offer over 20 crypto mining brands. These include Bitmain, iBeLink, Whatsminer, StrongU, Innosilicon, and PandaMiner. Others include Dayun, Ebang Ebit, Goldshell, iPollo, and more.

Before jumping and buying any of these miners, you need to know a few details. First, the delivery system is far from legit. There are cases where the store will deliver faulty miners with no PSU.

Those who claim to receive miners from the store fail to state the conditions. Most of the miners will only mine for a few days. Then, after mining for a few days, the miner will completely shut down. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s also the pricing aspect of these miners. To make their store look attractive, the store has extremely low prices for these miners. Again, it’s to try and make as many buyers buy from the store as possible.

AREEYA 999 CO License and Registration

AREEYA 999 CO ASIC and GPU Rigs are Faulty

Despite claiming to reside in Thailand, there’s no business registry of the platform. Instead, what we have is a store that fails to deliver on its promise. Without any business registry, there’s no regulator to protect consumers.

And this is the reason the platform does as they wish with your purchase. Unfortunately, there’s no regulatory framework to protect consumers. However, a registered platform will offer fair products with generous refund and return policies.

ASIC and GPU Rigs

We have a store that claims to provide the best ASIC and GPU rigs the industry has to offer. However, clients want to hear working miners at the best affordable rates. What the store fails to mention is the warranty of this mining equipment.

You get a miner that won’t be mining for long. Imagine buying a miner whose only new aspect is the cover. Even the GPU rigs are faulty, making buyers lose a lot of money. That’s why you need to stay away from AREEYA 999 CO.

The store also claims to sell AntBoxes for around $15,500. It comes with a single-row design with good heat dissipation. In addition, the store claims to sell these boxes with a complete fan cooling system.

A Crypto Miner Store that Fails to Deliver Miners

When you look at the box’s picture, you get a well-designed AntBox. The box is the only product delivered on time. Sadly, the box comes with rust and is just a refurbished container with metal shelves.

The container clarification is a huge letdown as the store uses false certification certificates. We have a store that won’t deliver merchandise in the long run. We have a store that won’t bother with offering the right services.

It’s the client who ends up paying the ultimate price. There are several complaints regarding these boxes from clients. Voltage input and frequency is also another issue. You will have to refurbish the box yourself after the sale.

Business Holder

Information on who owns or runs the store remains a mystery. However, as we pointed out, the store is a clone of a legit container company. It, therefore, means buyers are purchasing miners from an anonymous store.

It would be best if you avoided stores that use anonymity. When you ask them about proof of concept, the store will decline to respond. As a buyer, it’s your right to ask for such information. Try and get information regarding their warehouse and preferably a video of it.

Client Testimony

Hundreds have been complaining about Crypto forums and social media pages. However, we did receive an inquiry from Jerel, who bought an AntBox from the store. Unfortunately, he received a container with mold and rust; there was no shelving.

Its experiences must be put out in the open. We have to limit users from engaging with crooked crypto miner stores. However, it will help reduce the pain buyers get after receiving or failing to receive faulty miners.

Contact and support

I support Available on Areeya?

Once you click on the live chat, you’re redirected to a Chinese Chat app. There’s no live chat, as the only option is to leave a message. We believe the store is taking advantage and harvesting information from unsuspecting clients.

Once you leave your message, the store sells it to marketing companies for campaigns. That’s one of the few ways the website earns income. It’s the reason you start getting bombarded with marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of AREEYA 999 CO

Several disadvantages come with investing in the store. These include the risk of failing to get your miner. And this is probably the most considerable risk you will face with the store. Secondly, the store fails to deliver miners.

You get a store that fails to offer tracking information on purchased goods. Instead, the store will leave you waiting for a miner that won’t arrive. It’s another reason why we have to expose the platform’s sinister ways.

Hiking price after agreeing to initial coin prices is another issue. The store will hike prices and demand that you send the extra cost. Failure to do so, you will likely lose your funds. There’s a strict no refund or return policy.

Faulty Accessories and Graphic cards

You should avoid buying any accessories from the store. Even their graphic cards don’t work. However, we did try buying one and what we received was a sorry excuse of a graphic card. Among the graphic card brands, the platform sells include ASUS, MSI, NVIDIA, and ZOTAC.

Our Verdict AREEYA 999 CO

It’s best to stay away from this store. No one will receive a working miner let alone, a new one.

Once you get a working miner, we recommend joining a mining pool. Go for proven mining pools that offer power for mining.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries.


    • Henry

      June 1, 2022

      Hello Ernest,

      We feel your pain as the store has failed to refund users. Our expose resulted from several buyers failing to get their miners. Please stay away from the store. You can join for more.

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    June 30, 2022

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