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ArzDigital Review: Is a scam?

ArzDigital is a Persian-based store with a formidable reputation. When it comes to buying crypto hardware miners, not so much. There have been a few complaints here and there regarding the condition and delivery. It seems some vendors take advantage of naïve buyers. These vendors are posting stock images and failing to deliver quality images. Here’s our detailed ARZDIGITAL REVIEW for more.

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A Close Check of ArzDigital

Sadly, there’s no background and history regarding the store. The store does have some serious issues when it comes to delivery. We also blame the store for not correctly vetting sellers on their portal. It has led to severe losses.

The platform also offers no dispute resolution center. ArzDigital is a store without any leads into who owns the miners. Instead, it’s a portal where anyone can sign up and post stock images of crypto miners.

ArzDigital Sells faulty miners

We have seen this happen way too many times before. In most B2B marketplaces, it’s the norm. A B2B marketplace that fails to vet sellers opens its doors to scammers. These scammers are opening multiple accounts without selling a single mining unit.

After closely examining how some of these sellers behave, we decided to move forward. The seller will likely not deliver working miners or any miner at all. And this has led to several concerns from the public.

How does the store fail to verify these sellers? What actions will the store take to regain crypto miner buyers’ confidence? These are the hard ask the store needs to take before accepting any other crypto seller on board.

Being a Persian-based B2B marketplace, expect a poor web design layout. For example, the images of miners are unclear, and it takes time to load. In addition, information on the seller’s profile is missing making it a high-risk transaction.

Advantages and Drawbacks of ArzDigital

Here are some features every buyer needs to look for in a store. The store must have these two features. Of course, no store has only advantages, and there are some pros and cons to each store. In this store, some pros are indeed cons hidden in sheep cloth.

The sellers have made it their business to fool buyers from the onset. These miners are not even in their custody. Some sellers are third parties or middlemen without proof of concept.

And this has led to several buyers losing their investment while buying from these scammers. We feel the store ought to protect buyers from such eventualities. These are the culprits that make the Arz Digital store lose credibility.

You would want to engage with sellers proven by the platform itself. We insist on B2B marketplaces to have client review sections and ratings. That way, the next buyer can know the experience of the previous buyer.

A checklist of available miners

These sellers claim to have some of the more renowned brands. In addition, the sellers claim to sell both new and used miners. Available brands include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and MicroBT.

We did find it weird that the sellers failed to indicate these miners’ conditions. The store also fails to verify sellers properly in terms of seller profiles. As a buyer, you want to know who you buy from.

Profiles of sellers have names with no addresses. Some sellers even fail to post their images in the image section. To fool buyers, some have used logos belonging to credible stores to try and fool buyers.

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A guarded way of buying miners from ArzDigital

We have developed a secure way of buying crypto hardware miners from online vendors. Once you follow these guidelines, you will be sure of receiving your miner. We also use these ways when buying any crypto hardware from unknown sources.

ArzDigital Fails to deliver miners

Your first step should be to make contact with the seller. Don’t be in a rush to add goods to the cart without having a one-on-one conversation with the seller. A Zoom meeting would suffice in such a scenario.

The next step should be to request a short 30-second video of the miner in action. It should show the hashrate and the condition of the miner. Finally, ask the vendor to place a paper with your name to prove authenticity.

Some sellers can pose as the owners of a video created by another source. Your next move should be to negotiate terms depending on the quality of the miner. By now, you should have known the industry average of this mining unit.

The last step should be to ask the vendor for information regarding delivery and shipping. For example, is the seller willing to release order tracking information? Is there a receipt the buyer gets after completing transactions?

If you’re buying via bank transfer, note the receiver’s information. Crypto payments are precarious due to their anonymous nature. We only recommend them if the vendor is reliable.

Bulk buying process

There are scammers on the prowl for those determined to start their own crypto mining farm. These scammers target miners interested in bulk buying. Scammers come up with high discounts of 30 to 40 percent.

The best way to buy in bulk is by engaging directly with the manufacturer. With the manufacturer, you get the best possible price. If not possible, engage with other crypto mining farms.

With other crypto mining farms, expect delivery of used miners. The price will be lower than for brand new miners. Scammers will not lower prices and fail to deliver a single mining unit.

Buyer’s Guidelines ArzDigital

The store fails to furnish members with any buyer’s guidelines. As a result, you don’t get policies that protect you while engaging with sellers on the platform. And this creates room for scammers to take advantage.

These scammers know the store doesn’t offer refund or return policies. So, in reality, sellers don’t expect to provide them; the law of the platform doesn’t seem to mention it. These loopholes create an environment where sellers are at an advantage.

Delivery and shipping policies are also missing from the store. If the seller fails to ship a miner, who is to hold responsible? The store doesn’t hold sellers accountable for such actions. Instead, Arz Digital puts all liability on buyers.

The only way to protect yourself is to fail to buy from these sellers. Especially those who you haven’t engaged with.

Client Testimony

Are crypto hardware sellers on scammers? Yes

On the Trustpilot page, the store does seem to have positive reviews. However, all these reviews are from clients in the Middle East. Do these sellers ship outside this geographical location? It remains unknown of the latter.

Customer and support

Don’t expect any direct contact from sellers in the store. Most leave a message board open and will respond on their time. The store ought to furnish all parties with a chat system. Sellers rarely go their phone numbers on display.

Closing Remarks ArzDigital

When buying crypto hardware, we don’t recommend buying from sellers on the ArzDigital store.

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You can leave a comment or experience with the store. Then, join the crypto community for more.

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