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Asic Marketplace Review: Is a scam?

Asic Marketplace is the store with the best name for crypto hardware, the store in question is sketchy. Those not from the UK or US are having shipping issues with And that’s not all, and the store fails to offer any refund to compensate buyers. Once the store gets hold of your funds, there’s not a chance of ever recovering in the event of delays. Here’s what we found out in our thrilling ASIC MARKETPLACE REVIEW.

A Close Review of Asic Marketplace Store

The about us page should give a short description of Asic Marketplace and the intent. Unfortunately, there’s no information on the store’s background and history on the page. All that we have is a store hell-bent on proving to be a partner of leading manufacturers.

Asic Marketplace Delay in Shipping

Asic Marketplace claims to be in good corporation with Chinese manufacturers like Bitmain and Innosilicon. For second-hand miners, the store claims to be in contact with large farms in China. That should ring alarm bells for anyone visiting the page.

The store claims to have its headquarters in Hong Kong. However, one of the reasons to doubt the store’s claims is the recent Chinese government crackdown. The crackdown on Crypto mining in the area forced manufacturers out of the region.

Who are these manufacturers left in China? Is the store putting the businesses at risk by suggesting it gets miners from illegal companies? These are some of the issues the store needs to come clean on.

PS: For a first-time crypto hardware buyer, you need to know the full ASIC features before engaging. Try and find out what makes the miner you want the ideal for you. Check the algorithm used, hashrate, and most importantly, ASIC Profitability.

Asic Marketplace doesn’t seem to have a credible footing in the industry. There’s no background and history to indicate when the store started operation. And as such, we had to turn to other avenues to confirm.

Records indicate that the store went live about a year ago. So claims of being in the industry for over four years are false. And that’s why we have to expose the store’s callous ways. It’s a clear violation of client protection.

Before you engage with any store, please research it first.

A List of Miners found on Asic Marketplace Store

There are eight brands available on the Asic Marketplace store. These include Bitmain, Canaan, iBeLink, Innosilicon, MicroBT, StrongU, and Todek. The Goldshell brand has the most miners, 21 them.

We took a first look at some of the available Goldshell brands on the list. What caught our eye was the Goldshell KD6 Miner. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t have an exact price for this highly profitable miner.

Asic Marketplace sells the Goldshell KD6 miner for $45,600 to $56,999. There’s a July batch coming out with prices set to skyrocket. With no actual price, does it mean buyers can negotiate the price?

One of the key things when buying any product is price. It sets the store apart from others, depending on how you view things. We see the store greatly overpricing the miner, despite another batch coming.

It’s a pre-order price that doesn’t indicate the actual value of the miner. The manufacturer can release hundreds of these miners, thus lowering the cost. Such stores take advantage of pre-orders and bleed miners dry.

Asic Marketplace sells faulty miners

There’s no proof that the store does own any of the listed miners. The store could be posting stock images and listing prices alongside them, for all we know. Furthermore, the store fails to provide any video referencing or linking miners to the store.

A credible store would have a short video showing the miner in action. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as we see nothing. How else can a buyer ascertain what they are buying? You need to see proof of the miner’s hashrate and condition.

Affiliate programs

There’s an affiliate program available for the taking. The store promises affiliates a 15 percent commission on all sales. Unfortunately, that’s not the case when you partner with the store. No one gets to see any commission as the store fails to release funds.

Although it seems like an exciting way to earn passive income, the store fools affiliates and the store intends to take advantage of your connections. As a result, those you lead to buy from the store do not receive miners.

As an affiliate, you face the blame for the issues buyers are facing. The store is nowhere to be seen as it shuts down all communication avenues. That’s how affiliates quickly lose their credibility and reputation.

Do some due diligence before you partner with some of these online stores. Try and confirm whether the store does meet its obligation. As an affiliate, you have to protect those you direct to the store.

Bulk Deals

To try and target large-scale crypto miners, the store offers a bulk deal. Those looking to start their mining farm can use such sales to get discounts. Sadly, the store in question uses the option to steal from buyers.

After completing payment for your bulk order, the store doesn’t even deliver a single unit. Such stores heavily profit from dubious sales. The store will later use the funds to create a new website under a different name.

Business owner

There’s little information to suggest who owns or runs the store. And that makes Asic Marketplace an anonymous crypto store. So naturally, you don’t want to engage with such a store. The consequences are dire at best.

Anonymity guarantees the store from prosecution. You also can’t recover funds. That’s what every buyer is facing with No one gets to receive even a cent after shipping issues.

Buyer’s protection Asic Marketplace

Most buyers tend to overlook the buyer’s protection and guideline policy. Yet, these are the blueprint any website uses to operate and relate with customers. If you don’t read the terms, you might miss out on crucial details.

For instance, the store fails to have any shipping and return policy. So, unfortunately, you won’t find any clause to protect you from shipping delays. And that’s why the store can run away with such issues.

Another overlooked aspect is the return policy. The store doesn’t have one or even a refund policy. So the store takes complete advantage of buyers by failing to refund them. Even in cases where such is a guarantee.

An example is if the miner gets damaged via transit. The store ought to refund the buyer or cover repair fees. That’s not the case with Asic Marketplace. What you have is a store that protects itself from any liability.

Client testimony

Buyer/client experience with

Brett Wilson moved to the Arab Emirates to start mining on a large scale. The area is suitable thanks to low power rates. However, after going for the bulk deal, he was astonished by the outcome. Delay in delivery and even getting incomplete miner setup.

Closing remarks Asic Marketplace

We have to flag it down after checking how the store rubs off investors the wrong way. The reason being the delay in shipping and failure to deliver miners. Their bulk deal is also in question for now.

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