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Asic Miner Market Review: Is a scam?

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Asic Miner Market ( is another crypto hardware store without credible sales. The store fails to interact with customers in terms of an online presence. We couldn’t find any positive or negative reviews of the store. And that’s another issue we must help raise regarding the store. As a buyer, you would want to buy from a reputable store. Here’s our thrilling ASIC MINER MARKET REVIEW for more.

A closer analysis of the Asic Miner Market

Several issues raise red flags regarding the store. First, how the store presents itself to us makes us doubt its intent. And that’s why we have to warn investors when engaging with crypto hardware retailers.

High Tech E Shop Ltd is the parent company mentioned in the about us section. We are told the store does offer much in terms of ASIC and RIG Technology. The store also claims to reside in Hong Kong.

Asic Miner Market pros and cons

Mind you, and there are no photos or videos of the store’s offices or warehouse. We are to believe everything the store claims. And this could be a false physical address for all we know. There’s not even a Google map to suggest their residency.

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Asic Miner Market doesn’t offer much in terms of accountability and transparency. We also don’t know whether customers are satisfied with the services. There’s no effort from the store to share experiences.

Could this hurt the overall opinion of how clients view the store? Yes, we believe in establishing a store that offers much reality. Go for stores that furnish users with the best in terms of openness.

Experts recommend researching a store first before making any commitments. Then, you must engage fully with the store and ensure it does furnish users with reliable services. That’s the only way to ascertain the store is worthy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Asic Miner Market

We have little information on the entire store. The store wants buyers to believe and take every word from them. That’s not possible considering the valuable nature of products. So how can a buyer interact with the store to ensure safety and delivery?

Thanks to our due diligence, we devised ways of helping investors come up with reliable mining capabilities. However, Asic Miner Market also needs to work on its communication skills. No buyer will engage with a store that looks dark.

As far as transparency goes, a new buyer sees a website with little information on who they are. The store fails to mention it in the about us section. We don’t have their mission statement or even a look into their office or warehouse space.

The about us page should offer insights into the store’s capabilities. It’s where members go to feel welcomed by the store. Sadly, the store doesn’t mention its background and history much.

We suspect the store is barely new and hasn’t fully integrated into the crypto space. It will take longer if the store fails to have an online presence. Every online store should have social media accounts.

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A checklist of available miners in the store

There are several brands listed as available in the store. One advantage of the store is that you can choose from a barrage of miners. These include Bitmain, Dayun, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and MicroBT.

Apart from selling Asic miners, the store also sells GPU mining rigs. You can also buy crypto accessories such as fans, graphic cards, and PSU cords. The store is all crypto hardware which is a plus for buyers.

Listed miners on the Asic Miner Market store

You would want to engage with a store dealing only with crypto products. Unfortunately, a jack of all types of stores fails to know about crypto mining properly. Such stores are only in it for the profit. You won’t get the answers you are looking for since there are no professional miners.

Prices on the store are in USD, and you have to compare the prices of each miner with a competing store. The store also sells miners at a higher market price than average. An example would be the Bitmain s17 53 Th miner for over $4,000.

You will find a massive difference if you compare the price to other stores. The store doesn’t also list the condition of these miners. Are these brand-new or used miners? Clients need to confirm before buying.

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A guarded way of buying crypto hardware from stores such as Asic Miner Market

Phase 1

It would be best if you first made contact with the seller. Don’t just sign up and add goods to your cart. It would be best if you established one-on-one contact before buying. It helps to establish trust with the seller. Set up a Skype or zoom meeting to help fasten the process.

Phase 2

After making contact, ask the vendor to take you on a virtual tour of the offices or warehouse. It helps know the store does own or have these miners. You are also eliminating scammers who pose as agents and don’t have these mining units.

Phase 3

It’s now time to test the miner. Ask for a 30-second video of the miner in action. You should be able to see the condition and maximum hashrate of the miner. If satisfied with the mining unit, ask for the serial number for future reference.

Phase 4

You must go through the website and read the delivery and shipping policies. Know the terms used and whether the store provides order tracking information. Deal with stores that do and avoid stores that won’t offer such valuable information.

Phase 5

The next step involves payment procedures. Most stores accept bank and wire transfers. Others prefer crypto payments due to their anonymous nature. Take screenshots of each step and ask for a receipt after purchasing.

Phase 6

Once you receive the miner, you MUST record the unboxing. It helps to know the state in which the miner arrived at. If damaged during transit, the store must accept returns and offer refunds. Check to confirm if these two policies apply to the store.

Bulk orders and purchases

Is a safe store to buy crypto hardware miners? NO

There are those looking to start a mining farm with brand-new or used miners. For brand new miners, it’s best to avoid stores. Instead, the best option is to contact manufacturers and get an order receipt.

Manufacturers will offer the best possible price, like that of a wholesaler. You also get the guarantee of delivery within 8 to 12 working days. Check with reputable stores for those looking for a mixed brand for refurbished miners.

You can also check with crypto mining farms around your area. For refurbished miners, you have to test each miner before the sale. Let the seller be liable for maintenance costs during the sales process.

Business owner

There’s little information as to who owns or runs the store. And that makes Asic Miner Market an anonymous crypto hardware store.

Closing Remarks Asic Miner Market

For now, we wouldn’t recommend buying from the store until transparency improves.

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