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Asic Miners US Review: Is a scam?

Asic Miners US is another crypto hardware store with a nuanced approach to how to contact them. The store gives a phone number that rarely goes through. After leaving a message, we expected to hear back from them soon. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Asic Miners US claims only to have an inventory of a few miners. And yet, they can get you any miner you want. That, to us, sounds like a third-party platform.

Here’s our candid ASIC MINERS US REVIEW.

Advisory: Here’s a list of the most profitable ASIC miners to ever grace the market. Take a look at the hashrate of these miners and the electricity expenses. Of course, you must also check the competing stores and selected price points.

About Asic Miners US

Andrew is the brains behind this store. The store is relatively small, as he already explained on the website. So we can see why the owner went straight to explain the shortcomings regarding a small inventory.

And with that, we applaud Andrew for being accountable and transparent. You won’t find many sellers admitting to having a short pile of miners. Every other seller claims to have it all. Andrew, not so much.

Asic Miners US pros and cons

Not a lot of buyers have engaged with the store. And it seems Andrew stopped uploading content on YouTube five months ago. So we get it; having a large customer base is difficult, especially starting.

The crypto crash of 2022 is not helping matters. Electricity issues are a significant concern; purchases for crypto miners have dwindled over the past months. And that’s why manufacturers are trying to come up with immersion coolant miners.

Back to Asic Miners US, the website is pretty engaging, and you can find just about any information needed. Unfortunately, there’s no about us page that would help introduce Andrew to the world. The owner loses points for that.

The owner seems to have fully engaged customers on eBay. There are five listings of Goldshell and iBeLink miners on this account. The top miner is iBeLink BM-K1+ which goes for $31,500. Unfortunately, Andrew fails to update the prices of these miners.

Before you engage with online crypto hardware vendors, it’s best to do research. Make sure to read reviews and get the customer experience of the seller. It will help you make a more informed decision about moving on.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Asic Miners US

There are some advantages of buying from Asic Miners US. For one, you know the seller, and they seem genuine and transparent. Andrew has been selling miners for a while, with customers extremely happy with delivery.

You also face some risks buying from Andrew. The question remains whether Andrew ships miners outside the States. Andrew hasn’t been updating any content on YouTube or eBay. The website does undoubtedly have the current most profitable miner.

The store has a barrage of crypto miners to get, and that’s a good thing. You can choose the miner you want from the list of leading manufacturers. The store also accepts credit cards and other forms of payment.

From the YouTube videos, we see Andrew doing follow-up videos from clients. And that’s a good sign the seller is genuinely interested in whether you received your miners. That’s what you would expect from a worthy seller.

You also need to consider the price aspects of some of these miners. An excellent example has to be the current most profitable miner, Bitmain KA3. The store sells it at $13,000. And that’s December 2022 pre-order.

Clearly, Andrew is fluent with the prices as they tend to meet market value.

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A directory of available miners on the platform

Listed miners on the Asic Miners US store

There are 47 available products on the catalog page. And these include some of the leading miners in profitability. The seller ranges prices to a maximum of $25,000. We recommend using different browsers if you encounter a 500 error server message.

You won’t see any Andrew Gilton profile on the homepage. There’s only the email contact address and listed phone number. You can also contact the store using three social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

As indicated earlier, the store has several payment methods to use. We feel it’s best to go with the one you feel comfortable using. Our guidelines will show you how to engage with Andrew if you want to buy a miner from Asic Miners US safely.

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We must mention that the store fails to list any terms and conditions. And that’s a red flag for us. Every buyer needs to know the delivery and shipping policies listed by the seller. The most important policies include refunds and returns; they are unavailable.

A safe way of buying crypto hardware from Asic Miners US

Due to rampant cases of online crypto hardware scams, we devised a way to engage with sellers.

Step 1

With Andrew leaving a direct line, you should set up a facetime meeting with him. Doing so establishes whether the seller is willing to go ahead with the transaction on a transparent platform.

Step 2

After meeting the seller, ask for proof of ownership. You want evidence that the seller is not just posting stock images of the miner. The seller has to have the miner for you to engage fully with the purchase process.

Step 3

Ask for a short video of the miner in action. That way, you get to see the condition and maximum hashrate of the miner. For newbies, you also get to see the miner setup before use. The seller fails to list the condition of the miners, and we believe these are brand-new miners; who knows?

Step 4

Once satisfied with the seller’s show, it’s time to ask questions about delivery and shipping. For example, how long will it take for the seller to deliver after completing the payment? Are there any additional costs to incur during delivery?

Step 5

It’s time to make payment using any of the listed channels you feel comfortable with. In case of a bank transfer, ask for the details of the recipient. You can also take screenshots of the process. Finally, don’t forget to ask for a receipt of confirmation and order tracking details.

Step 6

Once you receive the miner, make sure to record the unboxing. It helps to show the condition you received your miner. These steps are best for first-time customers who engage with Asic MINERS US.

Bulk orders and discounts

What clients think of

There’s no information on whether Andrew offers bulk deals. And if so, we didn’t see him mentioning it on any of the six YouTube videos. We recommend contacting manufacturers directly if you want bulk deals for brand-new miners.

Beware of scammers who tend to underprice miners to lure bulk orders. If you make the mistake of completing payment, you won’t get a single unit from them. You must do due diligence, especially on bulk deals involving refurbished miners.

Bottom Line Asic Miners US

It’s worth checking out the store. Kindly let us know your experience with Andrew and his team at

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