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AsicMerch Review: Is a Scam?

AsicMerch is claiming to offer the best promotions for Crypto miners. However, the retail shop is at investors’ crosshairs after failing to deliver miners. Thousands have lost hope after the platform openly defied supplying paid miners. It’s what buyers are facing after making payments for Bitcoin and other miners. Asic Merch is a store that wants to take advantage of na├»ve crypto miner buyers. Please find out more in our exclusive ASICMERCH REVIEW.

About AsicMerch

AsicMerch Review: Pros and Cons

The platform claims to reside in Sichuan, China. And this is one of the first red flags we spotted. With the Chinese government clamping down on crypto miners, no such shops are left. And this is why we believe the platform is offshore-based.

AsicMerch is trying to use every trick in the book to fool investors. Therefore, you need to avoid such retail shops that want to take advantage of you. Sadly for most buyers, none of them does due diligence before engaging.

Before you buy any miner, it’s best to know the profitability of ASIC miners. It goes a long way in understanding what miner you need. The profitability and stats will even help you learn the running expense of any ASIC Miner.

Asic Merch, on the other hand, is just a middleman. The store fails to give investors any proof of concept. Once you ask them to send a picture of their warehouse, the platform jitters and blocks you. That’s what happened when we engaged with them.

At first glance, the homepage looks real as navigation is straightforward. Therefore, this seems a legit place to buy miners for the naked eye. However, we noticed that these miners’ prices constantly changed after a closer look.

And this is another problem buyers are likely to face with the store. We have seen complaints from buyers whose prices were hiked after purchasing. There’s also a no refund or return policy with the store.

Accessible Crypto Miners AsicMerch

AsicMerch provides six classes of ASIC miners on their platform. These miners mine major crypto assets. These include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Kadena, Litecoin, and ZHC machines. In reality, the store doesn’t have a single miner.

What the store does is act as a middleman. For those who get their miners, it’s either a refurbished miner or, worst-case scenario, a faulty miner. Hundreds have been getting the latter from the platform.

Once you make payment, the platform tries and contacts legit stores for the miner in question. In most cases, the store will try and look for used miners. But, remember, the store sells the miner at an exorbitant price.

You get a used miner for the price of a new one. That’s why most members who get the miners are unhappy. TSo the store replaces the cover with a new one just to make it appear brand new. It pays off as no miner will bother checking the inside parts.

And this is where matters get interesting with the miners. The motherboard is not correctly installed, and the miner overheats from time to time. You will use the miner for a day or two, give or take.

Trying to return the miner is of no use. The store claims they don’t offer refunds or accept returns. Despite having a return policy page, the store will take the miner back and sell it as parts. Even their accessories and components are faulty.

Affiliate program

You will notice that most ASIC review platforms don’t want any affiliation with the store. It’s likely the store will try and take advantage of your connections. We have also seen complaints from affiliate agents.

These agents claim the store doesn’t offer any tracking information. You don’t get to see the conversions. That’s not all, and you are putting your credibility on the line for a store that sells faulty crypto miners.

All these victims will blame you for pointing them to a faulty mining machine. And this is why your reputation is at stake. So it’s best to stay away from such a platform or risk losing your entire credibility.

AsicMerch is it a safe Crypto Miner Store?

Business Holder

Information on who operates the store remains undisclosed for now. We tried our best to uncover the actual owners of the store. But, unfortunately, no one wants to associate with the store. And this makes AsicMerch an anonymous crypto store.

Despite claiming to reside in China, there’s no proof of it. All we have is an address that implies the store is in China. There’s no video showing their warehouse or staff members. And this is a pointer of worse things to come.

Most anonymous online stores don’t offer reliable services. A casing point is that accepts payment and fails to deliver miners. Imagine having a store that only takes charge and fails to provide crypto miners.

It’s what you will face if you buy a miner from the store. We recommend that you stay away from it. Those who sign up are likely to lose all their funds. And if they send a miner your way, expect it to work for less than a week.

Client Testimony

Client Review

You can read the client’s testimony on an independent review website like TrustPilot. And this means we have a store that ultimately fails to offer any services. Most members seem to share the same experience with the store.

After purchasing a miner, the store promises to deliver it within a week. During the week, the store sends an email claiming the prices of the miner you bought has gone up. You either have to send the balance or won’t get a refund.

That’s how the store has been operating for the past few months. Most clients want to prepare a lawsuit against the store. However, it’s unclear where the case will be filed. We believe that’s the reason the store uses anonymity.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any support from the store. Users have believed that the store offers support that is not valid. So you won’t get any help unless you want to buy a miner. That’s their way of shutting down any complaints via email.

The phone number on display doesn’t work. We suspect the store is harvesting email information through their ‘leave a message’ contact page. That’s why visitors who leave a message start getting promotional emails from Chinese stores.

Dubious payments and delivery methods

To ensure that you don’t recover funds, the store only accepts Crypto. We all know that Crypto transactions are anonymous. The only way to track transactions is through the Blockchain ledger, not the person.

We strongly condemn buying any miners from the Asic Merch store. You will likely lose your funds in the process. We also believe their accessories and components are faulty. Trying to buy a PSU and find out how defective these components are.

You shouldn’t expect a new miner even if the platform promises delivery. USED miners are what the platform sells to investors. We must put an end to this store dubious services by blacklisting them everywhere,

Thanks to the reviews, it’s now clear that the store doesn’t offer legit crypto miners. So please stay away from or risk becoming their next victim.

Final Thoughts AsicMerch

Verdict on Asic Merch Crypto Miner Store

It would be best to be extra careful when buying crypto mining equipment. Try and do some research on the store first before committing funds.

Try your hand at Crypto mining contracts, and it’s another lucrative way of earning with Crypto.

If you have any queries, leave a message or write to us.

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