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Asicworldmine Review: Is a scam?

A jack of all trades Asicworldmine (, there’s nothing to write about. Apart from selling electronics and gaming equipment, the platform lists several miners. Without a clear picture of how the platform provides services, many questions arise regarding the platform. In most cases, we recommend users go for crypto hardware stores that only deal with crypto products. Here’s our candid ASICWORLDMINE REVIEW.

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About Asicworldmine

With a Spanish default language, most users won’t know where to start with the platform. So we searched for the translation tab but were nowhere to be found. And this immediately points to a one-way kind of crypto mining hardware store.

Asicworldmine Is it a legit seller? Highly Unlikely

Despite all this, we decided to move on and take a look at some of the products listed. These include pills that appear on the first page of the homepage. The translation option will pop up once you switch to the other page.

From the word go, we can tell that the store deals explicitly with pharmaceutical products. You would only list the most favorite product on your homepage. There’s not a single miner on the platform’s first few pages.

It’s only until you decide to search for a particular miner then you get to see the results. There are several miners on the platform, the top being Bitcoin miners. Since it’s a B2B platform, several merchants post these products.

These merchants often leave their Telegram links or phone numbers where you can make contact. And that means the platform is a third party that directs you to another unknown third party.

The question remains whether the store verifies these merchants of the products sold. If not, then buyers are in a deep hole. Unfortunately, no one can protect you from unscrupulous sellers on the platform.

Before engaging with such stores, experts recommend doing due diligence. First, try and find out what makes a platform tick. That is the only way to ensure you engage with a safe crypto hardware seller.

Advantages and cons of Asicworldmine

As a buyer, you must weigh the pros and cons of using a platform’s services. That means checking what makes the platform exciting or an option for you. In addition, buyers must weigh the cons found to ensure they reduce the risks involved.

With Asic World Mine, there are a lot of unresolved issues we found. One of them has to be verifying these merchants. There’s no rating for these merchants apart from page views which don’t count.

We see a platform that wants to take full advantage of investors. The platform doesn’t provide any safety net to buyers. You engage with a third party on the platform hoping for the best. These merchants ought to have a rating so buyers can know who is a trusted seller.

Here are the pros and cons of

A list of available miners

The store seems to have every imaginable miner. Most likely, the merchants claim to have every miner available. One such example is a seller with the LISTING ID: 827621611357CDAC.

He claims to have all types of new miners available in the store. These include leading miners such as Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, iPollo, MicroBT, and StrongU. In addition, the seller claims to offer a 50 percent discount on all purchases.

In regards to the available bonus, we will get to that later. The price of the Bitmain S19 110 Th on the platform is $5,000. There’s no listing of the miner’s condition; is it a brand new miner or a used miner?

These are some of the necessary features that need to be available for clients. You would want to know the pre-condition of the miner before purchase. The quoted price is only ideal if the miner’s condition is refurnished.

There are only a handful of stores with these miners in general. Most of the competing stores are likely to have used miners. You can see the quotes as new S19 miners go for $12,000 and above. Could the seller offer a 50 percent discount?

Asicworldmine Avoid buying from them

Highly unlikely; there’s no way the seller could be selling a brand new miner for half the price. It doesn’t make any sense. And that could potentially mean the seller will likely ship a used miner. The buyer gets the shock of their lives when unboxing and getting a refurbished miner.

After receiving your miner, and that’s a big IF, will the merchant accept any returns? Highly unlikely as these merchants claim that once goods are sold, you can’t return them. And that’s why we insist on staying away from such retailers.

Bulk discounts offer

Some sellers claim to offer bonuses on all items. With the example above, we can see why the seller would want to do so. However, in most cases, sellers want to clear their inventory. And that means probably selling used miners who could be faulty at best.

These are some of the reasons why we don’t trust their 50 percent bonus quote. The seller could also want to attract buyers to buy in bulk. In reality, these prices don’t match the fundamental nature of the market.

And that’s why we decided to expose the price aspect of some of these miners. It’s unreal to see that some sellers seem to undervalue the miners. Despite not having a high profitability margin, these miners are still relatively profitable.

Another issue we have with the platform is the name. The seller claims to be [email protected] and leaves his address. Does this mean they have a store? Highly unlikely in this case.

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Business holder

There’s little information to point to who owns or runs the store. And that’s a massive issue for us. We would love to know who is held responsible if things turn south. Who would the sellers reach out to in regards to solving a dispute?

And that undoubtedly makes some of these sellers anonymous. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to buy from an unidentified seller. There’s no way of reaching out or receiving a refund with anonymity. That only happens if the seller is trustworthy.

Buyer’s protection Asicworldmine

You don’t get to engage with the platform regarding available terms and conditions. In such situations, the platform or seller leaves all liability in the hands of the sellers. Once the seller claims to have shipped a product, that’s the end of the sale.

What if you don’t receive a miner and want a refund from the seller? That’s probably not going to happen, as the seller will claim to have shipped the miner. In such cases, you must ask for shipping and order tracking information.

What clients think of Asic World Mine

Client testimony and reviews

We haven’t seen any negative or positive reviews of Asicworldmine. And as such, we would appreciate some light on the matter. So, if you have bought a miner from them, kindly share your experience with the platform.

Contact and support Asicworldmine

Most vendors will leave their emails, phone numbers, and Telegram links for contact.

Closing remarks on Asicworldmine

After checking the several merchants, we recommend you be careful with them. It’s best to use a platform recommended by any backed by the crypto community.

PS: These crypto companies have a solid footing in the crypto world.

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