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ATS Miner Review: Is a scam?

Another crypto miner hardware to avoid is ATS Miner. Over the past few months, the store has failed to deliver miners. Buyers are angry with for failing to ship miners despite completing payment. That’s what you will likely encounter in the store. Despite looking like a genuine crypto hardware store. ATSMiner store is nothing close to genuine. We will expose all the red flags found in their store. Here’s the full ATS MINER REVIEW.

Take Note: First-time crypto miner hardware buyers need to pay attention to several features. You need to know the miner’s algorithm used, efficiency, and hashrate. That’s how you get to learn about ASIC Profitability.

A Closer Look at ATS Miner Store

There’s no background or history telling members of when the store started. And this is a problem as your reputation is important in the crypto community. Without any solid reputation, we recommend avoiding such stores.

ATS Miner Sells faulty Miners

After looking at the domain records of the store, it’s clear the store was created recently. The store has been running for 151 days as we publish this post. According to domain records, the website went live on 10th December 2021.

Only a handful of buyers received miners from the store for the past five months. And these could be false testimony from these buyers. Once we asked for order tracking information, none was forthcoming.

The homepage looks genuine and is one of the reasons most buyers end up visiting the page. We also see that the platform claims to reside in New York. These are false narratives as there’s no way the store proves it.

We have seen plenty of stores using the United States as their headquarters. For all we know, the store could be using a false address. No buyer from the U.S. has even left a review of the platform.

On the about us page section, the platform even claims to be led by crypto miners. Several pop-up messages seem to indicate buyers purchasing miners. None of these are true as the store is a fraud.

Before buying any miner, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a store tick before engaging with it. That’s what protects you from such stores in the future. You can also request we review a store on your behalf.

A List of Miners found on the ATS Miner Store

There are several brands found on the store’s page. These include Asic Nano, Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, MicroBT, and StrongU. Of course, we didn’t expect anything less, as every store wants to appear legit.

Sadly, there’s no way of verifying whether the store owns any of the listed miners. We suspect the store only posts stock images of these miners. If the store has possession of these miners, there would be a video to show it.

Defective Miners sold by ATS Miner store

The store doesn’t even post photos of their warehouse with these miners. As a buyer, you need proof that the store has the miners. It could be that the store is just taking advantage and is only a middleman.

A genuine store will provide a video on demand showing the miner in action. The video will help ascertain the credibility of the miner. You also get to see the condition and quality of the miner before purchase.

There’s reason to believe the store even sells second-hand miners for the price of new ones. And that’s the reason why the store doesn’t bother listing the conditions of the available miners. It’s all a sham.

Pricing is another issue we must highlight with the store. The store seems to undersell even some of the most profitable miners. An excellent example would be the Goldshell KD6 miner, which is highly sorts after.

The store is selling it for way less than the normal range. And that puts more doubt as to the condition of the miner. It’s nearly $10,000 less than the industry average. So make sure to note the industry average of a miner before purchasing.

Affiliate and referral programs

To try and get more users to sign up, the store offers an affiliate program. There’s a promise of getting a 15 percent commission on all sales made. It seems like a prefect plan to earn passive income as an affiliate.

Before you jump in and become their partner, note some issues. First, the store doesn’t release conversion data to affiliates. So you won’t know who bought the miner via your affiliate links.

The only way to know who bought it is if the seller gets back to you. Unfortunately, most buyers try and reach out due to the store failing to deliver miners. These victims want answers as the store doesn’t respond to their queries.

Victims have the right to take legal action against the store. Once this happens, your name will come up as an affiliate. Buyers are threatening to file a lawsuit against the store. Once this happens, the law will consider affiliates as accessories to online fraud.

As an affiliate, you have to protect buyers from such scenarios. So, before becoming a partner, confirm whether the store delivers miners as promised. If not, choose another store that provides miners and enjoys the backing of the crypto community.

Business holder

Despite claiming to reside in the U.S., there’s no business registry of the store in New York. It seems we are dealing with another anonymous crypto hardware store. If the store were that successful, there would be some information on the partners.

We don’t even get to see the names of the founding members. And this segregates the truth from lies. It would be best to avoid anonymous online stores as there’s no way of recovering funds from such stores.

Buyer’s protection and guidelines ATS Miner Store

Most buyers ignore the terms and conditions of online stores. These are the rules the store uses to interact with clients. Most overlook the blueprint and end up facing the consequences. We suggest going through them, especially the shipping and return policy.

After going through the terms and conditions, one thing stood up. The store seems to put all liability in the hands of the seller. Even if your miner gets damaged via transit, the store won’t cover repair fees.

The store also fails to offer refunds in such cases. We have a store refusing to accept returns which is the norm. Instead, the store can send a used miner and claim you bought a new miner. That’s why reading the terms help avoid such stores.

Client testimony

Avoid buying miners from store

There’s no positive review for all the days the store has been operating. No buyer has come out and heaped praise on the store for successfully delivering a miner. That’s why we see the store as a clone crypto hardware shop.

Contact and support

Once you make payment, contact from the store ceases. However, before that, the store will send an email and even have a representative call you to calm your delivery fears. That’s why we don’t trust the store in any case.

Disadvantages of ATS Miner

The biggest flaw in the ATS Miner crypto miner hardware store is delivery and shipping. So don’t expect delivery even if you pay in full.

Final verdict

Avoid buying miners from the ATS Miner store, as it fails to ship miners with no refunds.

PS: Joining a mining pool after getting a reliable miner helps solve block puzzles faster.

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