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Awesome Miner Review: Is a Scam?

Awesome Miner ( is another store that wants to be the jack of all trades. The store doubles up as an ASIC retail store and Cloud Mining service provider. Unfortunately, AwesomeMiner doesn’t have a sterling reputation as you would expect. The opposite is true as hundreds of users have lost funds with both services. In addition, the store fails to allow withdrawals or even ship miners. Here’s what we found out in our clear AWESOME MINER REVIEW.

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A Clear Outlook of Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner Pros and Cons

There’s no background or history regarding this crypto-miner store. Awesome Miner store seems to have popped up out of nowhere. Unfortunately, such stores usually defrauded clients who bought miners from them.

It’s becoming apparent that is another exit scam. As we publish this post, the domain runs for over 2,000 days. The actual date the website went live was on 13th January 2014.

You would expect such a store to have valid credentials for online credibility. As victims have been stating the obvious on various social media stores, there’s none. Victims are ranting about how the store stole from them.

Most of the victims signed up with the cloud mining option. The store promised users a high-profit margin with fewer than 30 days vesting period. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a 30-day vesting period for those new at cloud mining contracts.

For a normal cloud mining contract, expect a reasonable vesting period of three to four months. And the profit will be around 10 to 12 percent initial deposit. But, again, that’s just us being realistic with cloud mining contracts.

Before you invest in any store, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what others are saying about the store before engaging. It will help you make a more informed decision about the store.

Accessories and ASIC Miners on Awesome Miner store

Awesome Miners claims to have a barrage of ASIC miners on the ASIC page. The store leads the way to different brands found in the store. There are about 20 brands available, with each brand having other models.

These brands include Aisen, Baikal, Bitmain, Blackminer, Canaan, Dayun, FusionSilicon, and more. We have to raise some red flags as some of these miners are obsolete. The manufacturers are no longer producing new miners.

FusionSilicon is one great example of why not to engage with such platforms. The manufacturer was selling faulty miners and decided to close the shop. Unfortunately, there were no refunds or any form of compensation to clients.

We also believe that the store in question acts as a middleman. Most of the miners are not available in the store. If you look closely, you will notice that there’s not a single price tag on these miners.

After purchasing a miner, the store will look for it from other avenues. You will buy the Miner at an incredibly high price. The store will want to profit before the main store delivers the Miner.

Sadly, the store might fail to get new miners and opt for used miners. There’s no way the store tests these miners. So you end up buying a used miner for the price of a new one. That’s how unreliable buying miners from store has become.

Awesome Miner Sells Faulty Miners

Affiliate and referral program

When you refer a new customer to the Awesome Miner store, the shop promises an unknown commission. But unfortunately, the store fails to quote the commission set for referring clients to the store. And this poses a considerable risk to affiliates.

You don’t know whether the store offers commissions per sales or individual. The store, in turn, fails to give affiliates the much-needed conversion data. Instead, the store takes advantage of your connections.

The affiliate ends up paying the price as you are the scapegoat of the store. Those who you directed to the store will want answers from you. These victims might even decide to file a lawsuit against the store.

With a lawsuit on its way, the law will consider you as an accessory to online fraud. After all, you have been directing users to buy goods from a non-existing store. That’s how you end up tanking your online credibility as an affiliate.

Before you start directing users to a store, do some thorough research. Try and find out whether the store in question does any shoddy deals. If it does, refrain from leading unsuspecting buyers to the store.

Business holder

There’s little information to suggest the actual owner of the store. We don’t even have a physical address that would indicate the place of residence. And this automatically makes an anonymous crypto retail store.

It would be best to avoid such stores as they will likely rip off investors. There’s no way of recovering funds from such stores. Hiring any recovery agent will lead you to lose more money as these agents demand payment.

Experts recommend that you also go through the terms and conditions of these stores. In addition, ensure you avoid buying any miners from stores that don’t accept returns. Awesome Miner is one such store that won’t offer refunds or accept returns.

Client testimony

You won’t get to read any positive client testimony anywhere on the web. Furthermore, despite the website running for over three years, there’s no customer interaction. And this proves that the store doesn’t engage positively with clients.

Try and get independent reviews from crypto forums or social media platforms. It’s the only way to determine whether a store is legit or not. From our experience, you should avoid anonymous crypto miner retail stores.

Cloud mining contracts

Avoid Buying ASIC Miners from AwesomeMiner

The available cloud mining contracts from the store don’t pay at all. As a result, members eventually end up losing funds with the store. Once you subscribe and make a deposit, that’s the last interaction with the store.

Your account will also have multi-user access which means the store has access. Thousands have been complaining about the store’s attempt to manipulate deposit balance. That’s how you will likely lose funds once the store has access to your cloud mining account.

Contact and support

Before engaging with such stores, you need to test their responsiveness to contacts. If a store is slow to respond to emails, you should stay away. Unfortunately, that’s the case with this store. You will wait for an eternity before getting any feedback.

The contact page has no direct access to support. You have to leave a message and your email address and wait for a response. Any legit cloud mining service provider or ASIC store should have a working phone number.

Disadvantages of Awesome Miner

One of the most significant disadvantages of Awesome Miner is the failure to deliver miners. The subsequent big disappointment is that the store won’t release the payment for cloud mining contracts. And this speaks volumes as to what you will get from the store.

Final verdict

client testimony sells defective miners

Please stay away from or become their next victim.

You can join proven cloud mining contract providers that offer transparency.

If you have any queries, leave a comment or email us.

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