Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Baneh IT Review: Is a scam?

Baneh IT ( is another crypto retail hardware store with a risky take. The store’s owner, Mr. Rasouli, remains unknown. We don’t have his profile pic or any form of contact. We have a Persian-based crypto hardware store claiming to sell reliable crypto miners. However, those who have bought miners from the store are having issues. The store seems to deliver faulty miners and doesn’t cover repair fees. Here’s what we found out in our clear BANEH IT REVIEW.

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A Clear Check of Baneh IT

It Claims to be the largest online store west of the country. It was initially going by the domain kharide. tv, the store now has a different domain. Why would a store change its domain name? That’s the biggest question so far.

A risky crypto hardware store Baneh IT

And we have the answer after complaints were lodged, the store had to save face. In doing so, the store had to change its domain to ward off any complaints. However, that doesn’t change the fact the store is a scam.

Those who have bought crypto miners are ruing the decision. The store also acts as an electronics store. These are some of the reasons why we have to expose the store’s illicit activities. Starting with delayed shipping.

Chances are, you won’t get your miner on time. With crypto mining being a regular activity, the sooner you start mining, the higher your chances of earning ROI. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case with

We are here to straighten things out in our clear review. Help anyone wanting to buy from the store know what they are getting into. The store is in serious breach of the buyer/seller agreement.

The store fails to give reasons why they changed the domain name on the about us page. It implies we are dealing with a store that doesn’t offer much reliability. Go for stores that deliver and are transparent at all times.

Before you buy from any store, it pays to do some due diligence. Try and find out what makes the store a better alternative. In addition, you need to check the experiences of other crypto miner buyers with the store.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baneh IT

There are some advantages of buying from the store if you reside around Iran. The store does deliver computers and electronics, and there’s no doubt about it. However, when it comes to crypto hardware miners, that’s where things turn dicey.

You will face several hurdles while buying from Baneh IT. These include delivery delays and overpricing. There’s also the chance the store will send a refurbished miner and claim it’s a brand new unit.

We have seen it happen with an S19j we tried to buy from the store. The price was a bit steep, but we decided to try it. Unfortunately, the results were a ruthless store that failed to deliver on its promise. We are now waiting to see if the store reimburses funds.

Here are some of the features you need to look out for when dealing with online crypto hardware stores

A catalog of listed miners

Avoid buying miners from Baneh IT

We found three brands available on the store’s crypto miner’s list. These include Bitmain, Jasminer, and Watts Miner. The store also claims to have Goldshell miners, including the KD6 miner. Unfortunately, KD6 prices are insane as the store fails to understand current market prices.

These are why we doubt the store has any legal cover to protect buyers. The store sells the miner at the same price as the release date. The market shifts depending on coin value, and Kadena slipped.

Do you want to know how to buy miners from online crypto stores safely? Our review will show you step-by-step guides to do exactly that.

A safe way of buying crypto hardware miners from online stores

As a buyer, you have the right to ask questions. One way we have realized works perfectly is first to contact the seller. Don’t add from the cart until you first talk to the seller. There are some questions they need to answer.

The seller needs to prove that they have the listed miner in their store or warehouse. How can you prove it? Ask for a short 30-second video of the miner in action. The owner has to show the dashboard and hashrate of the miner.

During the video, make sure to inspect the condition and quality of the miner. Ask whether it’s a brand new or used miner. The owner must be frank and give out the full specs. Ensure the owner writes your name on a piece of paper and places it next to the unit.

That way, you can know that the owner isn’t using another person’s video. These are proper and safe ways of ensuring safety when buying a miner. With these, you can then move forward. Pricing is the next step.

Before you buy from any store, make sure to check the prices of miners. Check with competitors and check the average prices of miners. It’s not ideal to go for a store that overprices or underprices mining units.

Bulk buying scams

Some sellers target bulk buys via large discount offers. Unfortunately, some of these discounts don’t make sense. For example, a store selling for more than 50 percent discount must clear its stock. Or selling refurbished miners.

If you fall for the low prices, the store won’t even deliver a single mining unit. We have seen tons of such cases before. These exorbitant discounts are well-laid traps for buyers to fall for.

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Business holder sells faulty miners

Despite naming Mr. Rasouli as the owner, he has no profile. All we have is a name and a contact. So different people pick up the call. It would have been ideal if the store posted a picture of the guy.

It pays to have owners who are readily available for comment or contact. A transparent store will ensure the owner’s information and social profiles are available for all to see. Please avoid anonymous stores that don’t list owners.

Buyer’s guidelines and protection Baneh IT

Baneh It fails to comply with industry regulations since there’s no buyer/seller agreement. There are not even terms and conditions of use or sale while in the store. And these are vital documents to go over.

Most buyers fail to review such documents and expect everything to be rosy. You have to read the blueprint of how the store operates. Make sure to confirm about refunds and returns if possible on the store.

There’s no mention of such on the website. It means once goods are sold, don’t expect any refunds from the store. The buyer must cover repair fees even if a miner gets damaged via transit. That sounds unfair and unreasonable.

Dispute resolution center

The store doesn’t offer any client resolution center. You are to resolve issues via contact, which is a problem.

Bottom Line Baneh IT

Please stay away from the store as it’s a risky store. Baneh IT is a high-risk crypto hardware store that only sells to buyers in the region.

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