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Baneh Momtaz Review: is a scam?

Baneh Momtaz is another Iranian-based crypto hardware store. What made us question the store is the design aspect. It looks similar to that of Baneh IT. Even the color schemes are the same. And guess what? None of these are ideal stores. Yes, for buying electronics and if you’re living in Iran. For those interested in purchasing crypto mining hardware, forget about Here’s our candid BANEH MOMTAZ REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of Baneh Momtaz

Even the about us page is unclear about what Baneh Momtaz brings to the table. We have a store that doesn’t offer much in terms of delivery. The store won’t offer much in terms of services. And that’s why we term it as a high-risk crypto hardware store.

NOTE: Buying from any crypto hardware requires information. Get all the information you need regarding any ASIC miner. That includes the algorithm used, efficiency, and hashrate. It’s what you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Baneh Momtaz is the ideal reason to stay away from Persian stores. Delivery is an issue, as well as transparency. There are no positive reviews, even from clients based in the region. And that goes to show this is a dummy store.

Baneh Momtaz Review: Pros and Cons

In reality, the store is the third part and doesn’t own any of the listed miners. It will try and source miners from other stores and sell them at a steep price. That’s why we insist on avoiding stores that sell other accessories.

The store in question sells computers and electronics as well. We recommend buying from stores that do offer crypto products only. A jack of all trades will not be as effective or fair as a crypto-only store.

Transparency is what makes customers come back to a store. Your credibility in the crypto world ensures customers create a large following. Without it, no one will bother buying any miner from your store.

Experts recommend researching a store first before making any moves. That means you have to do due diligence to find out a store’s legality. Does it deliver miners on time? What’s their price range for new or used miners?

Advantages and drawbacks of Baneh Momtaz

You have to weigh the pros and cons of any mining store to determine whether to move forward. Some stores thrive by providing full proof of delivery and ownership of the miner. Others are just scams waiting to pounce on naïve buyers.

How do you protect yourself from unscrupulous crypto hardware sellers? First, you need to check what others say about the seller. We couldn’t have noticed the similarities in design unless we had done some research.

The store raises more questions than answers. There’s no positive review of the store anywhere on the web. Even Iranian crypto forums don’t have any chatter about the store. And that makes us question the crypto hardware aspect of it all.

Is it a store wanting to take advantage? Does the store verify sellers, or is it a one-person show? These are the questions we needed answers to. And the store was not available for comment during publication.

A catalog of available miners

Several miners don’t offer much in terms of available miners. Not Baneh Momtaz, the store claims to have every imaginable mining unit. That includes all leading brands from Bitmain to Innosilicon.

The number of available miners in the store remains unknown. A quick search of most miners released in 2021 will bear fruits. However, we noticed the store has no miner released in 2022 and beyond.

That could point out to a store that deals with used miners. You need to know the condition of a miner before purchasing. How does one safely buy a miner from online dealers? In this review, we will show you the ropes.

Beware of Baneh Momtaz

PS: These are the credible crypto trading platforms to join.

A safe way of buying crypto miners

We believe in a step-by-step guide to buying miners. The buyer has all the power pre-sale. You only lose your power when you complete payment. Before that, you can ask any questions and take time to decide on the way forward.

The first step involves asking the vendor for a short 30-second video of the miner in action. The video will highlight the condition and quality of the miner. Next, make sure you check the dashboard for the hashrate produced by the miner.

You also need to know whether the miner is a brand-new unit or a refurbished miner. Pricing of the miner is imperative. That’s why you need to know the industry average of miners before buying. Make sure to check with competitors and confirm the price of the miner.

Lastly, ask about delivery and shipping. Does the store offer order tracking information? What about the receipt of payment received? How long will it take to receive the miner? These are the hard questions you need to know before buying.

Bulk buying

Some stores claim to offer bulk buying deals. And so does Baneh Momtaz. For example, it claims to provide a 20 percent discount for sales of over ten miners. That could mean vast savings looking to start a mining farm.

Before you jump in, there are a few issues worth noting. First, unless the seller shows you the merchandise in their store, don’t bother. Scam artists have been posting stock images and claiming to sell in bulk.

That’s why we insist on a short video. The seller can also take you on a virtual tour of their warehouse. That helps prove the owner does have the listed miners. It pays to have proof before placing any orders.

Business owner

Information on who owns or runs the store remains a mystery. And that’s why we recommend caution when dealing with the store. Especially so if you’re new to buying miners, you should buy from a reliable and trusted store.

The best way to buy a miner is a one-on-one deal. You can visit the shop and buy from them. With online stores, you must follow the above steps. Make sure the seller is credible, and have them write your name on a piece of paper next to the miner.

Buyer’s guidelines Baneh Momtaz

It doesn’t come as a surprise as the store doesn’t offer terms and conditions. For example, you don’t get to have privacy policies in the store. In addition, buyers don’t get to read about refunds or if the platform accepts returns.

These are some of the most important aspects of a store. Most buyers tend to ignore the blueprint and end up paying a considerable price. Ensure the store you choose puts your interest first. Make sure the store doesn’t put all liability in your hands.

Is a scam? YES

A credible store ought to offer refunds if the miner doesn’t arrive. Likewise, a store needs to compensate for the lost time in case of late shipping. Remember, a new miner is worth mining before many people join the network.

Client reviews

No clients have posted any reviews of their experience with the store. That also includes those who bought electronics or any other products. The store also used to go by the name Baneh Grand Bazaar.

Closing remarks Baneh Momtaz

Please stay away from the store or risk losing everything.

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