Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Barrrter Review: Is a scam?

Barrrter is another B2B marketplace allowing buyers and sellers to converge. And the store sells everything from Agriculture products to crypto hardware products.

Our review helps dive into detail on how best to buy a miner from one of these users. And that means having to take a closer look at the entire purchase process.

Not only that, but our Barrrter review also exposes some red flags to spot and avoid on the platform.

We have issues with the crypto hardware factor, as some sellers are overpricing miners that are no longer profitable.

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Barrrter is not your average store, as it has been hitting the ground running with a growing customer base.

And that has invited both genuine and scam sellers onto the platform. The biggest issue with the store is the failure to vet sellers properly.

Any seller can open an account with the store and claim to be an official of a manufacturer or the store.

Scammers can also open multiple accounts using different emails and sell the same miner. And no delivery will be made even after clients complete payment.

There’s already a complaint regarding this very matter.

We recommend you do due diligence when engaging with such stores.

About Barrrter

Barrrter Review

On the about us page, we see that Barrrter is a B2B marketplace willing to integrate the Pirate chain.

The store wants users to use the CHAIN and do away with the FIAT system. Although a noble idea, there are some factors to consider.

These include first becoming a member of the Pirate Chain network.

Before we talk about the membership plans, we have to mention the elephant in the room. The platform fails to give correct information about who they are or what they represent.

And that makes Barrrter an anonymous B2B marketplace. We don’t know the brains behind the platform or who to engage with as support.

In the crypto world, anonymity is the name of the game. However, when it comes to buying crypto hardware, there must be complete transparency.

Looking at the website’s overall design, there are a few fundamental issues we must mention. And that includes a lack of proper DDoS and SSL encryption.

This translates to an unsecure platform that might allow hackers to steal your crypto or personal information.

How to become a member of Barrrter

Three membership plans are available for anyone looking to become a part of the Pirate Chain network.

You get to choose from three plans: crew, deckhand, or buccaneer.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these plans;


It’s the most basic account plan, with investors having to deposit $10. Available features include joining the chat community and unlimited ads.

The crew membership plan is a lifetime subscription.


There’s a $20 fee for the deckhand member, including hidden charges. You get the same features as the crew membership holder.

Other features include access to new ads and an unlimited number of photos. In addition, the deckhand is an annual membership plan.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors paying an annual fee of $30. In addition, members get priority situation of ads with this membership plan.

You can also add website links to your ad/product, in this case, crypto hardware. Your profile includes browsing access without bonus ads.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Barrrter

Barrrter Contact and support

From the look of things, there are no advantages to buying crypto hardware from the store. We noticed the prices don’t change even when market conditions do.

An excellent example would be the Bitmain Z15 miner, sold at $6,000. However, the current market price shows the miner goes for $1,000 or less.

That goes to show sellers are looking to take advantage of naïve buyers. And we won’t let that happen.

And worse still, the miner is no longer making a profit, especially if you’re using conventional electricity.

We did notice other drawbacks, including the lack of a proper rating system for the sellers. The platform should offer a rating for the seller section.

That way, buyers can know which seller to go for and which one to avoid.

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Available brands on offer

We could only find two Bitmain miners listed on the platform. And the pricing is one reason that made us conduct this investigation.

There’s no doubt that the marketplace does have some legit products and sellers. Our only fear is the users posing as crypto hardware sellers are non-existent.

With the store’s lack of adequately vetting sellers, we have a big issue for newbies. There needs to be a better way of buying miners from online stores and vendors.

How to buy crypto hardware from online stores such as Barrrter

You need to look out for some features when engaging with such stores. These include the condition of the miner, price, shipping, etc.

Here are some of the features to check when buying a crypto hardware miner;


Some brands offer quality miners, and these are renowned brands in the industry. These include Avalon, Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Jasminer, MicroBT, StrongU, etc.

Other brands include Dayun, Ebang, Innosilicon, iPollo, etc.

Condition of the miner

Is the seller buying a brand-new miner or a used miner? What sort of miner are you looking for in the first place?

Used miners should come at a slightly lower price point than brand-new miners. Unfortunately, none of the two listed miners in the store have any condition available.


Another essential aspect to check is the overall price of the miner. Is the seller quoting a price that’s in line with market conditions?

Please avoid sellers failing to offer much in terms of genuine prices. Likewise, avoid sellers who overprice or underprice miners.

Shipping and delivery

How long will it take for the seller to deliver the miner? For example, a store should provide a miner within eight working days.

Terms and conditions

Ensure you go through the terms and conditions before engaging with the store.

Our Verdict Barrrter

Please avoid buying any crypto hardware from the store.

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