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Bitcoin Miner World Review: Is a scam?

Bitcoin Miner World is another store claiming to offer legit crypto hardware services. The store even claims to have an Antminer maintenance training center. Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of sending your miner to, that’s the last you will see it. The store claims to return a faulty miner within two weeks. Unfortunately, that’s not what some clients experienced; no one has even received word from the store. Please find out more in our detailed BITCOIN MINER WORLD REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of Bitcoin Miner World

On the about us page, Bitcoin Miner World claims to be the dependable location for crypto miners. However, it’s on this very page that we see the website’s true identity. The website used to go by the name Crypto Miner Trader.

Bitcoin Miner World Sells Faulty Miners

That mistake led us to believe that is a clone store. The people behind it quickly changed the website domain and created a new store. Such errors are not expected in an open crypto store.

You would expect a unique website with its design. But, instead, the store replaces the previous name with the new one. And that’s a pointer of an unprofessional team behind the website.

The store doesn’t offer any training or maintenance of any kind. It’s a front for the owner to receive miners and later sell refurbished miners to unknown buyers. And now, we have to expose the store.

NOTE: A first-time crypto hardware buyer needs to invest in a reputable miner. You have to know the full capabilities of ASIC miners. That includes the daily profitability that each miner brings.

Those engaged with Bitcoin Miner World have no words to explain their experience. Most of them have already given up any hope of receiving any refunds from the store. The store even blocked all communication avenues.

Before you engage with any store, we recommend researching it first. Get to know what makes the store tick. Try and get some facts regarding user experience and whether delivery is prompt.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Miner World

You have to weigh the pros and cons of any store before engaging. That’s what a buyer does to ensure they have all the nitty-gritty of the store. In addition, it will help protect you from any unforeseen or unknown issues.

You can see that these website design flaws are hard to spot. You have to check the entire website for any such mistakes. Most buyers none of them thinks of perusing the whole website.

And for that, you quickly fall for what the store sells. Those who bought miners or sent miners to the store didn’t bother doing a background check. And that is what the owners are hoping for.

Without any background and history of the store, it leaves a lot to be desired. The store wants buyers to take their word for it. So we have to dig deeper into every aspect of the platform. That includes the website design flaws and access to information.

You won’t get a legit platform that tries to hide crucial information from buyers. For example, the website doesn’t even indicate the shipment process after maintenance. There’s no straightforward procedure, including setting prices for such services.

We see a store trying to hide as much information as possible from clients. When you inquire about some of these flaws, the owner shrugs them off. It’s a clear violation of what to expect from the website.

A Catalogue of Miners found on Bitcoin Miner World Store

An all product page indicates the various mining products available in the store. These include computer accessories such as monitors and graphic cards. In addition, the store also seems to engage in gaming accessories such as PlayStation games.

The Bitcoin Miner World Repair Store is a hoax

The store also claims to sell Bitcoin ATMs and, swipe cards, readers. It’s a jack of all trades and wants to venture into the crypto space. The store boasts of having miners from leading manufacturers.

These miners include Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and more. We were surprised to see that the store even sells FusionSilicon Miners. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has gone under with most of their miners not producing any profitability.

With a handful of mining equipment, you would expect prompt delivery. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as the store doesn’t own a single mining unit. These are stock images of miners with prices set alongside them.

There’s no proof that the store does own any of the listed miners. We would have photos of their warehouse or a video if it did. The video would show the miners in action and give the store some credit.

As a buyer, you need to see what you’re buying. Since the store fails to list the miner’s condition, you need a short video. In that video, you need to confirm the hashrate and shape of the mining unit.

Affiliate and partner programs

There’s an affiliate program up for grabs to get as many users to sign up with the store. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t mention it on the homepage. Instead, you have to write to them and request to be an affiliate.

The store promises a 25 percent commission on all sales. It looks like a perfect way to start earning passive income. However, before partnering with such a store, you need to face reality. Why would the store offer such a high margin?

We know that the store fails to provide any conversion data. Affiliates wouldn’t know about their conversions unless a buyer reached out to confirm the purchase. The store only wants to take advantage of your connections as an affiliate.

After directing users to buy from the store, it’s likely the store won’t deliver miners. You end up facing the blame for leading buyers to a scam store. These victims will demand compensation from you or the store.

That’s why no professional affiliate ever links the store on their website. Furthermore, none of their miners are on any crypto miner review article or blog. It shows that affiliates don’t want to tarnish their names with

Bitcoin ATM Machines

We only found two Bitcoin ATMs in the store. Both of these ATMs go for the same price. It’s not the same model, but the store sells them for the same price. That’s a bit odd if you know how the product market works.

No two products from different brands have the same price. The store seems to try and sell them for cheap, $5,000. We see a store trying to target bulk buying for these ATMs. Please don’t buy them as their condition remains uncertain.

Business holder

There’s little information to suggest who owns or runs the store. And that makes Bitcoin Miner World an anonymous store. So we suspect it’s a false address despite claiming residency in the UK.

Avoid sending miners to

Buyer’s protection and guidelines Bitcoin Miner World

After reading the terms and conditions, we see all liability falls in the hands of buyers. There’s not even shipping and return policy on the store’s homepage. Ensure you go through these documents to ascertain fairness.

Closing remarks

The store is a trap waiting to pounce on unsuspecting crypto miner buyers. Please stay away.

PS: You can join a reliable mining pool and increase your chances of solving block puzzles.

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