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Bitfury Review: Is a Scam?

Bitfury ( is also an ASIC chip manufacturing platform in the grey. The platform has been receiving negative feedback from miners. will fail to deliver on its promise of producing efficient Bitcoin miners. Most of the miners on their roster fail to deliver profitability despite the high running costs. What we have is a classic example of what a retail shop shouldn’t be. Please find out more in our comprehensive BITFURY REVIEW.

About Bitfury

Is Bitfury A Scam ASIC Manufacturer?

High-performance computing is what Bitfury tries to sell to investors. Instead, what we have is a platform that fails to deliver working miners. Most shops don’t even offer the miner due to its inability to mine efficiently.

Even the ASIC chips the platform claims to use don’t achieve much. You get miners with low costs and high running costs. Despite having a low-priced miner, it will take you years to gain profit from the miner.

Hundreds of investors are having a hard time trying to mine with these miners. You get to see complaints ranging from inefficiency to shipping delays. Once you buy a miner from this company, you end up losing your capital.

To add salt to injury, the platform fails to deliver effective miners. The miner will work for a short while before a complete halt. There are no accessories or parts you get with this miner. Even the fans don’t match most fans from other Bitcoin miners.

We believe the platform wants to try and come up with a unique approach. Sadly for them, it’s not working. With thousands of complaints trickling in each day, we believe the platform will soon wind up.

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Available Bitfury Miners

Bitfury Tardis 80 TH/s is the last we have from the platform. The miner comes with a daily power cost of around $25, with daily revenue falling short of $26. That makes it a piece of worthless mining equipment.

We strongly urge the manufacturer to stick to producing chips. The Clarke chips are better for other technologies, just not for mining Bitcoin. As a result, the miner fails to achieve any profit despite having a high hashrate.

Today, the platform is silent on whether they will produce another miner. And this goes to show that the platform is probably an exit scam. We should avoid exit platforms as there’s no way of k knowing when they wind up.

Hundreds of crypto manufacturers release two miners and leave the market. With major brands competing for the lion’s share, you need a reliable miner to compete. And that’s what fails to deliver.

All their mining equipment have had several issues before. Complaints of overheating and lack of available accessories in the market. When you buy such a miner, you won’t even get to change fans.

Having such a miner is at a disadvantage. Even the PSU is not the same as other Bitcoin miners. Profitability for the miner is low, which makes no sense in investing in such a miner. With high electricity and low efficiency, there’s no profit.

Affiliate Partnership

As soon as the platform came into existence, they had an affiliate program. The program made users believe they could earn a percentage of sales with the platform. And this is what makes the platform a weird platform, to begin with.

Hundreds of affiliate marketers haven’t received any commissions from the platform. It goes to show why there are no stores with this product. After word went around regarding payment, no store wants any affiliation.

You are likely to lose your reputation when engaging with the platform. Those who you direct to buy the miner will blame you for the losses. None of them will make any profit from the miner. You end up losing a lot of points for your affiliation with

Do Bitfury Miners Offer High Profitability?

Bitfury License and Registration

Bitfury is not a licensed or registered platform. So you don’t get any compliance documents to prove the platform is legit. We don’t even know the headquarters of the platform. There’s no information indicating the founding members of the platform.

Despite being a known brand, information on their compliance remains shoddy. As a result, there are hundreds of investors who don’t bother checking compliance. And this leads them to lose funds with such platforms.

As they claim to be a global brand, there needs to be a form of regulation. Without a country of origin, it makes it hard to find their registration credentials. You only get a disclaimer that claims there are hundreds of clones using their name.

To put to rest these rumors, the platform ought to openly engage with regulators. We must see their registration certificate to set them apart from the clones. What’s not to say that they are behind the clone platforms?

As a crypto miner, you need to engage with proven platforms that comply with regulations. Without proof that the platform delivers, you will have to risk sending funds to them. And this is not an option for us. Tardis Server

You can only order a minimum of 350 of these servers. So yes, the platform only accepts bulk buying for their Tardis servers. And this is a problem for investors. If the platform fails to deliver, you end up losing your investment.

Hundreds of buyers are unhappy with the servers. Most of them fail to offer any meaningful impact. Most mining pools don’t even consider buying miners from this platform. Due to the low profitability of the miners, it makes no sense to have them.

Speaking of mining pools, you can join reliable mining pools that help increase hashing power. These mining pools provide you with sustainable profitability. In addition, you get to join a group of miners, which helps solve block puzzles faster.

Client Testimonial

Business owner

Information on who owns or runs the platform is a problem. What we have is disclaimer warning investors of clone platforms. The name Bitfury Group Limited suggests the owner of the platform.

There’s not a single entity that has the registration name above. We don’t know the CEO, CFO, or founders of the platform. All details relating to the people who own the platform remain unknown.

And this makes an anonymous investment platform. You ought to stay away from anonymity as it’s a high-risk venture. These miners are not cheap, and there’s a chance you won’t get a refund.

Client Testimony

We have seen several negative reviews regarding the platform. On TrustPilot, there’s not a single positive review on the platform. And this makes it a dangerous platform. You need to stay away from the platform or risk losing funds.

When you place an order, that’s the last time you will communicate with support. As a result, hundreds of buyers fail to receive any updates on their shipping dates. The platform’s interest is to receive orders.

Once buyers make payment, the platform absconds from its duties to ship miners. There are several cases in court as the platform is facing a class action. We hope everything pans out for investors.

Our Verdict

Servers from, do they work?

It would be best if you stayed away from Bitfury as it’s a lost cause. No one profits with their miners.

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  2. I’ve been ripped of by the name of this company I lost all my funds

    • Hello Lebo, please share your experience with the store. How did it happen?

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