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Bithay Review: Is a scam?

If there’s a store falsifying buyers’ experience, it has to be Bithay. The store puts up several testimonials claiming to be from TrustPilot. On the Trustpilot page, doesn’t have a single review. And this shows the level of mistrust we have with such a store. You need to avoid such stores or risk losing your entire deposit. Hundreds of buyers have lost funds while attempting to buy miners from Bithay. Here’s more in our detailed BITHAY REVIEW.

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A Closer Look at Bithay

The store claims to be a premium source for wholesale ASIC Miners. And that’s the reason why their miners are going for meager prices. The store wants buyers to order miners in bulk before failing to deliver.

Bithay Sells faulty miners

There’s also the allure of free delivery worldwide from the platform. That says a lot about the store’s intent to attract buyers from every corner of the world. Sadly, there’s a high chance you won’t receive your miner.

Complaints have reached our help desk regarding the delivery and quality of listed miners. The few who received miners are unhappy with the items. We see a disgruntled buyer who claims the miner sold was not what we bought.

In terms of quality, he was expecting a brand new miner. Instead, the store delivered a refurbished miner upon closer inspection. That shows how unfair the store has become to buyers who visit the store.

When you land on the homepage, you feel that this is a professional store. Sure, the website’s aesthetics make it appear genuine to buyers. We can tell that the store is a fraud from the word goes.

Before you invest or commit funds to any online store, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out the experiences of other buyers with the store. It will give you a more detailed expectation of the store.

Advantages and Cons of Bithay

You have to weigh the pros and cons of any store before engaging. Some of the features to look out for include delivery and the set terms and conditions. Unfortunately, most buyers ignore these crucial factors and purchase miners due to the pricing.

Talking about prices, you also have to check the average costs of miners. Despite the store’s claim of a wholesale price, we see some huge deficits. Even the manufacturer doesn’t sell to stores with such low prices.

It would be best to think twice before engaging with a store that sells miners at low prices. These stores often try to lure victims into purchasing more. As a result, you won’t receive even a single mining unit at the end of the day.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features;

Accessible Miners on Bithay

Bithay claims to deal with five notable brands. These include Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and MicroBT. These are some noteworthy crypto hardware manufacturers if you’re new at mining.

Of course, the store will claim to associate or partner with these brands. None of these brands have a selected or preferred distributor. It’s an open market where you can buy from manufacturers and sell to retailers.

One of the biggest flaws we spotted with the store is the pricing. The store wants to lure buyers with the low prices. You have to buy a minimum of five brands in the store. As a result, retail prices are higher than average.

The claim of offering a refund within 30 days of purchase is false. These victims tried returning to the store as the shop failed to provide a refund. The store was unable to respond to why this was the issue.

Delivery is a huge issue as the store promises to deliver within five business days. Therefore, you should expect your miner during weekdays. Unfortunately, most buyers have been waiting in vain for their miners for over six weeks.

Remember that the buyer has already completed payment for these miners. We see a store failing in its duty to protect buyers. The store ought to provide a full refund or issue reliable miners. Conditions of these miners are also wanting.

The store in question sells refurbished miners for the price of new ones. There’s no proof that the store does own any of the listed miners. That’s why we have to expose its delivery and quality issues.

Avoid buying mining hardware from store

Affiliate program

There’s an affiliate program designed to offer a commission of 28 percent on all sales. It has to be one of the highest affiliate commissions we have seen. The store intends to take advantage of your connections as fate would have it.

No affiliate has managed to get any commission from the store. The store fails to offer any conversion data. Both the affiliate and buyer end up failing to get what they deserve. The affiliate ends up facing the blame.

These victims may decide to take legal action against the store. The law will consider all affiliates as accessories to online fraud. After all, you direct buyers to buy goods from a non-existing store.

As an affiliate, you need to protect those you direct to the store. That’s why no professional affiliate wants to partner with the store. As a result, you lose your credibility and reputation as an affiliate.

Business proprietor

There’s no indication as to who owns or runs the store. And this puts more questions as to the intent of such a store. We don’t recommend buying any crypto hardware from anonymous stores. Bithay claims to reside in Seattle and Singapore.

You won’t find any crypto miner based in Seattle that has heard of this platform. And that’s why we have to expose the rot that comes with this platform. It’s an entirely anonymous store looking to take advantage of buyers.

Buyer’s protection Bithay

As a buyer, you won’t get any protection from the store. The terms and conditions stipulate that all liability falls on the buyer. And that’s why we insist that you must read the terms and conditions before engaging with any store.

Terms and conditions are the blueprints at which stores operate. You need to check the shipping and return policy as well. It gives you an idea of what to expect during shipping and the effects of delays.

Client testimony

Somchai Malee is a buyer based in Singapore. After shopping on Bithay, we hoped to start a small crypto mining farm. Days went by without receiving even a single miner from the store. And that’s when he realized the store wasn’t going to deliver miners.

Does Bithay Deliver Miners? NO

Contact and support

Don’t expect any support from the store. The store’s phone lines rarely go through. Buyers can only send emails and wait for a response. That’s no way of communicating with clients who spend thousands on the store.

Delivery and shipping delays

These are the problems you will encounter after purchasing miners from Therefore, it’s best to avoid the store altogether.

Final remarks

After seeing what to expect and weighing the pros and cons, it’s best to avoid the Bithay store.

Note: Once you get a reliable miner, we recommend joining a proven mining pool.

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