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Bitmain Team Review: Is a scam?

Bitmain Team ( is another scam store claiming to partner with the manufacturer Bitmain. Unfortunately, from what we can see, the store does a shoddy job in trying to paint itself as a premier partner to Bitmain.

Here’s our detailed BITMAIN REAM REVIEW.

There have been so many complaints surrounding clones. And Bitmain came out and issued a press release. Our review exposes why the store is a scam. Those who have bought miners are angry with the store.

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A brief check of the Bitmain Team store and overall performance

The store doesn’t have an about us page. We see a store that uses the Bitmain logo as their own to try and fool naïve buyers. And fool they have as the store has managed to trick funds from several buyers.

Bitmain Team features; pros and oons of this dummy cloned store.

You won’t find any positive reviews of the store anywhere on the planet. And that’s because we are dealing with a dubious clone store. Bitmain, the manufacturer, has no ties with this store or any other store.

Most users fall for the antics used by stores to try and get a bargain. And scammers know this all too well. So what they do is lower prices to attract bulk orders. So you pay for a miner hoping to go all in and get several miners at a throwaway price.

Once you make payment, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The store fails to deliver and deletes your buyer’s account. Now, you don’t have the miner or funds back. The store ensures no footprint would lead anyone to them being a scam.

Not anymore. With countless complaints, we reached out to Bitmain regarding the store. And what came out was a clear indication we are dealing with a scam. Furthermore, the manufacturer strictly forbids anyone from buying from the store.

We see a store that even uses the Bitmain phone number as its own. But, of course, you don’t know that the store uses a different email for contact. The phone number is all just for show to fool investors.

Before you buy from any store, make sure to do due diligence. Try and find out the reasons that make buying from that store worthwhile. In addition, you need to confirm that the store is safe and guarantees delivery of miners.

Advantages and snags of Bitmain Team store

There are no advantages to dealing with this store. With the manufacturer listing the store as a scam, it stands to reason no one is safe. And yet, the website is still running. No one knows who is behind this atrocious crypto hardware store.

All the details and imagery on the store point to a legit store. It’s not until you make payment does the store’s real colors show. We have a store failing to offer much in terms of accountability. The store doesn’t give users a glimpse of what to expect.

Most buyers sign up and buy miners in the store because of the logo. But, unfortunately, those who we contacted didn’t even bother doing due diligence. And now, they are ruing the decision to buy from the store.

We can see why most fell for the store. It offers profitable miners, and the prices are way better than most stores. It seems the store offers prices way less than what you would expect. These are 20 percent off the average industry price.

Our Bitmain Team review helps naïve buyers tackle how best to buy crypto hardware miners. If you know someone planning to buy a miner, share this post. The store in question doesn’t even have social media profiles.

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A list of available miners available on the Bitmain Team store

Bitmain Team store lists miners depending on the mining coin. The four minable coins include Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, and Zcash. There are seven S19 miners available for sale, as listed by the store.

You can only get one L7 Litecoin miner, Z15 Zcash miner, and D7 miner. With Bitcoin being a profitable coin, it stands to reason the store will focus on such miners. Apart from selling miners, the store also claims to sell customized crypto containers.

Please note that the store fails to offer much in terms of the specifics of the container. There are also crypto mining services on offer. The store claims to offer consultation services for crypto mining.

Bitmain Team Lists unavailable miners

We see the store also claiming to partner with other crypto-mining pools. These include AntPool and the well-known cloud mining platform, BitFuFu. But unfortunately, all these partners have already come out and distanced themselves from the store.

The store also claims to sell Antminer parts. What’s missing from the store is whether they sell used miners. One would expect the store to have both miners available. As a buyer, it’s imperative to know the miner’s condition.

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A secure way of buying crypto hardware from online stores such as Bitmain Team

Due to the rising complaints, we devised ways to ensure buyers get what they want. You have to follow these guidelines and ensure the seller does too. Accountable and transparent sellers abide by these rules.

  • Contact with the seller- You must make direct contact with the seller before buying any miner. We recommend having a facetime meeting; that way, you get to know who is selling the hardware.
  • Asking about the miner- Ask about the condition of the miner. Demand to see it. The seller should furnish you with a short video of the miner. Get to the maximum hashrate and setup of the miner.
  • Delivery and shipping queries- Demand how the seller plans to ship and deliver the miner. Will you incur any additional cost upon arrival? Ensure you use a seller who shares order tracking information.
  • Payment plans- Once you’re happy with the above steps, it’s time to make payment. For first-time buyers, avoid making crypto payments due to the anonymous feature. Make sure to get a receipt after making payment.
  • Recording the unboxing- During delivery, ensure you record the unboxing. It helps to validate the condition of the miner on arrival. If there’s extensive damage, demand a full refund.

Bulk orders and possible discounts on the Bitmain Team store

The store claims to offer discounts on bulk orders exceeding eight units. It’s one of the highest discounts we have seen, which is a red flag. There’s no way the store offers 40 percent off to some of the most profitable miners.

Scammers are using the bulk order tactic to fool investors. The first step they make is to create a dummy website and claim a partnership with a known manufacturer. Then, you get a large discount, thinking it’s from the manufacturer.

That’s how you end up losing funds with the store.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact once you’ve made payment with the store.

Closing remarks Bitmain Team

From what others have experienced, it’s best to avoid the store.

Do leave a comment or email us with any additional queries.

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