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Bitmainn Shop Review: Is a scam?

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There are many clone crypto hardware stores, and Bitmainn Shop is one of them. Unfortunately, our review exposes why this store might not deliver on its promise.

Despite the homepage using banners from the foremost Bitmain manufacturer, there are a few issues to note with this store.

We have a clone store that doesn’t deliver miners even after clients fully pay the fees indicated. Once you clear the cart, forget about the store’s delivery.

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Bitmainn Shop is a scam, and there’s no doubt about it. Unfortunately, those who have engaged with the store know all too well the consequences of buying from such a store.

You need to stay away from the store or risk losing everything. The store hasn’t delivered any miners that we know of.

Bitmainn Shop Review: Pros and Cons

There are several complaints lodged against the store. Our review will expose the red flags and show you how to buy crypto miners safely.

Before you buy any crypto hardware, you must also engage with the crypto community. Try to find out the best miner to go for and the trusted store.

Our reviews mainly target scammers who want to take advantage of naïve crypto hardware buyers. The aim is to keep the crypto mining world safe from such scammers.

There are several factors to look out for when engaging with crypto hardware stores.

About Bitmainn Store

If you look closely, you will notice the domain name has a double ‘n’ on it. Unfortunately, that’s the red flag most buyers fail to spot when engaging with the store.

Most buyers won’t notice the difference between these scammers using the same banners as the Bitmain store.

Once you engage with the store and order a miner, you realize the store is a clone. Days turn into weeks without getting the miner or hearing from the store.

These are the issues we need to point out, as there are several scammers out there. You need to avoid stores that don’t have your back.

Finding the right crypto hardware store can be a challenge. And that’s why we are here, to help you find the miner you want.

Delivery should be easy and fast, with the maximum delivery date being eight working days. The store should cover losses any later than that, as mining is a time-sensitive endeavor.

With a false US number and email address that belongs to a third party, it’s clear we are dealing with a scam.

Bitmain, the original manufacturer, plans to issue a press release warning buyers from engaging with the store.

You need to first find out the credibility of the seller before engaging.

Advantages and cons of Bitmainn Shop

There are no advantages to dealing with a store that won’t deliver on its promise. Instead, we have a store that doesn’t know how to keep the world moving.

Those who operate such stores have some traits in common such as the anonymity. The seller will avoid any direct contact with buyers.

No scam artist would want to offer their full details to the would-be scammer. And that’s why we must expose the store’s risk factors.

As a buyer, you must weigh the pros and cons of buying from a particular vendor. These may include discounts, prices, and shipping.

Other buyers also gauge how long the store has been active before buying from them. A store’s reputation is heavily considered when buying high-ticket items.

Accountability and transparency are the names of the game when it comes to buying and selling miners.

You have to go for a store that offers these two attributes and enjoys the backing of the crypto-mining community.

We will walk you through how best to buy crypto hardware without risking your investment. is a scam

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How best to buy crypto hardware from online vendors

That’s a tricky question, especially if you’re a beginner and haven’t engaged in sales. There are several scammers, and the trick is to avoid them.

So, how do you avoid scammers?

Easy; you follow these guidelines and ensure the seller abides by them too. We will show you how to engage with sellers.

Remember, you have all the power as you haven’t yet purchased or placed an order.

  1. Review the seller

Your first step should be to review the seller in question. Then, take a few hours to review the seller by asking questions if necessary.

You can also reach out, and we will be happy to give your our verdict on the store.

  1. If you buy from the seller, there are other steps to take before placing an order. First, ensure you talk directly with the seller by having a facetime meeting.

It helps to create a trusting relationship with the seller.

  1. After setting up the meeting, you have the right to see the miner in action. First, check the miner’s condition and, most importantly, the maximum hashrate.

Most sellers don’t bother listing the condition. For example, is it a brand new or used miner?

  1. Once satisfied with the seller’s information and miner, you can engage the seller.

We often say it’s good to bargain and see if the seller is willing to sell reasonably.

  1. Check the delivery and shipping dates and ensure the seller offers order tracking information. You must have the best in terms of fast delivery.

Ensure the seller also offers a receipt after buying.

  1. We often tell our readers to take a snapshot of the transaction in case of any issues. For example, some sellers may refute your claims of not ordering any miners.

What to do when scammed by crypto hardware sellers?

You can reach out and view our scam recovery page. Check our MyChargeBack services to get an expert to help you recover funds.

With scammers prowling, finding the red flags is the best way to avoid losing your investment. These include false domain names, no direct communication, and a lack of transparency.

Payment Methods listed by Bitmainn Shop

Buyers on the platform have used bank and wire transfers. Others have used crypto wallets to order miners.

Sadly, none of them received their miners as the store was fraudulent.

Verdict on Bitmainn Shop

Please avoid the store or risk losing it all. Unfortunately, we have a broker who doesn’t offer much accountability and product delivery.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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