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Bitonel Review: A Fishy Crypto Investment Platform

Bitonel ( claims to provide a new path to investing thanks to their technology. The platform claims to target British and Russian crypto investors. With their high ROI promise, several investors have fallen for the platform. Investing with should be the last thing on your mind. However, the platform is unregulated, and complaints surrounding it include delays in withdrawals. Here’s what we found out in our compelling BITONEL REVIEW.

About Bitonel

According to the about us page, Bitonel is a British innovative trading company. It collaborates with advanced technologies to provide profitable investment solutions. To top it all, the platform claims to have professional developers working for it.

All these are false claims meant to drive investors into signing up with the platform. Those who have deposited with the platform already know the problems. After depositing with Bitonel, that’s the last you will hear or see from them.

is a scam?

And this is why we need to expose the platform. There are hundreds of crypto investment platforms stealing from naïve investors. It just happens that is one of them. So you need to know how to spot red flags before investing in a platform.

Your priority as an investor is looking for a proven crypto investment option. And this means having to do some research on it. With cryptocurrency quickly gaining ground, it’s best to start investing early.

When you land on the homepage, you get to see a platform that’s easy to navigate. All information is visible. However, the most critical information is missing from the platform. And that’s how the platform invests.

With any crypto investment platform, you get to know how the platform uses your funds. Some invest by profiting from crypto exchanges and mining. With, it’s not the case. We don’t get a shred of evidence as to what the platform invests in.

Accounts Bitonel

Bitonel offers two investment plans on their platform. The two include Bi-Basic and Bi-Professional. Each of the plans comes with a different vesting period and a guaranteed net profit. Here’s a closer look at each of the two accounts;


It’s the standard account and best for beginners and newbie investors. The account comes with a minimum deposit of $10. In addition, you get a monthly guaranteed ROI of 137 percent. According to the features, there’s a net profit of 37 percent.

For the basic account, profit is calculated as 3.7 percent daily for 37 days. But, ask any expert, promising users daily return is out of the question. No one gets to make such promises and lives to tell the story.


The account is for advanced and professional investors. It comes with a 7 percent daily ROI for 17 days. You can deposit a minimum of $3,000 and earn a total profit of 119 percent. The net profit is estimated at 19 percent.

These are over the moon profit claims that no one can manage to achieve. With the crypto markets being volatile, the platform is bound to make some losses. And this is one of the biggest red flags we found on the platform.

Bitonel Accounts

Achievement records

You can get to read their achievement records just below the plans. The platform claims to have started the platform on October 29, 2021. During this short period, the platform claims to have a total of 160 clients.

There have been over $7000 deposits and withdrawals of $700. Here’s the mistake the platform makes. The shortest investment period is seven days. How come some members are withdrawing before the vesting period is complete?

These are false claims meant to entice investors into believing withdrawal is possible. There’s not a single shred of evidence that supports the platform. It would be best to stay away from such platforms that do or say anything to make you sign up.

Affiliate Program

To ensure the platform widens its trap, there’s an affiliate program for members. The more you direct users to the platform, the higher your commission. And this is what members are led to believe before losing every penny to the platform.

You need to know and understand the risks of affiliate marketing. If you affiliate with a scam, your reputation goes down the drain. In addition, the platform doesn’t pay affiliate marketers, which is another problem.

Available Representatives

Is Bitonel Licensed or regulated?

On the representative’s page, the platform claims to have three special representatives. The names we found include Tom, Alex, and Irina. These representatives seem to have a side-deal of their own.

An excellent example is Tom, who requires investors to deposit $400 with them. Tom promises RCB of 100 percent and gets $10 for every $100 invested. We don’t get why the platform would have a side plan.

In most cases, such platforms will likely replace the representative once you deposit with them. It would be best if, therefore, you stayed away from the platform and its representatives. None of them have the credentials of being professional financial advisors.

Bitonel License and Regulation

With the platform claiming to reside in the UK, you would expect a license from the FCA. However, the Financial Conduct Authority doesn’t have any platform licensed with the above credentials. And this is proof Bitonel is an unregulated crypto investment platform.

Without any regulation, the platform is free to do as they wish. There’s no security for deposits made. The platform fails to deposit the minimum required deposit with regulators to start an investment firm.

These deposits play a critical part in ensuring deposits made by the public get insurance cover. With, if the platform goes under, no member will get any compensation. You should invest with regulated platforms at all times.

Business owner

The faces and real names of the people who work for this platform remain hidden from us. And this means the platform is anonymous. So the two features, anonymity and lack of a proper license, are a red flag.

Any investment platform with these two features should be ignored. Your funds are far from safe from such platforms. Even the Company House UK doesn’t have any entity that owns or partners with

Contact and support

Investing with risks

You should check to ensure the platform you choose has amicable communication channels. In this case, uses Zendesk chat which isn’t live chat. So you have to leave your message and wait for a response.

Go for platforms that offer direct access to their representatives. Unfortunately, you only get a platform that has a phone number that’s far from working. Sending an email is a waste of time as the platform rarely responds to them.

Deposit and withdrawal channels

The platform accepts several crypto options, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, ERC20, USDT, and more. You can also use bank transfers to wire money into their platform. Once you do so, the platform might claim not to receive your funds.

We don’t recommend you fund any account or plan with the platform. Hundreds of investors have failed to withdraw funds. There’s no proof that anyone has made any withdrawals from the platform.

Fund safety Bitonel

Your funds are far from safe with It would be best if you stayed away from anonymous and unregulated platforms. We believe the platform is not segregating funds. Pooling funds in one account exposes members to risks. is not a genuine crypto investment firm.

Our verdict

Please stay away from the platform and go for proven alternatives.

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