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Brotherminer Review: Is a scam?

Brotherminer ( is another crypto hardware store without much support from the ground. The reason is Brother Miner doesn’t fully engage with the crypto community. We see a store not capable of offering much online interaction. And that’s how a store grows and earns its reputation. There are no positive or negative reviews of the store. And this could potentially throw off buyers. Here’s our exclusive BROTHERMINER REVIEW.

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A closer analysis of Brotherminer

You don’t get to see any background and history of the store. And that’s a problem for most users. You would expect the store to offer much in terms of credibility. Instead, the store fails to provide users with its mission statement.

And as such, we decided to look closely at the store’s domain records. Records indicate the store or website has been active for 289 days. The store has been less than a year since we publish this post.

Contacting Brotherminer

We can now understand why there’s not much chatter in the store. It seems only a handful of clients may have engaged with the store. Records indicate the store went active on 14th December 2021.

Navigating through the pages is fast, and the member dashboard is easy to find. However, you don’t see any information regarding sales type from the store. In addition, the store fails to mention the condition of set miners.

Are these brand-new or refurbished miners? Every owner needs to know such details before going in. And that’s why you need to stay afloat before engaging with the store. Set aside your price for the quality of the miner you want.

And that creates a loophole on whether the store is taking advantage of buyers. You also need to compare the store’s prices with other leading stores. Do you view them as fair or taking advantage of buyers?

Before anything else, users need to check whether the store is reliable. In addition, you must do due diligence before purchasing any accessories from the store. And that’s what you need most before engaging with crypto hardware online stores.

Advantages and Drawbacks of dealing with Brotherminer store

Just as with any other store, there are some advantages and disadvantages of dealing with this store. Some of the benefits include having to select from a wide array of crypto miner brands. We see a list of used miners on the last few pages of the store’s product page.

When you compare the pricing of some of the models, that’s where we have a problem. You will notice the store fails to list the price quotes of all miners. So instead, you can get a free quote. That’s simply unacceptable.

The store also has no interaction with the crypto community. It doesn’t have any social media pages to engage with clients. And that’s why we have to bring the store down. Those who have vetted the store know how hard it is to communicate with sellers.

There’s an affiliate program that promises users a commission for every unit. But unfortunately, we don’t have proof that the store does or fails to pay the commissions. So before you become an affiliate, you need to know the consequences of such stores.

PS: Get to use reliable crypto contracts offering guaranteed payouts.

A directory of available miners on the Brotherminer store

There are several brands listed as known in the store. These include Bitmain, Goldshell, MicroBT, and StrongU. The store sells a few brand new miners, with loads of refurbished miners.

We also see a store selling miners that are no longer profitable. There’s no reason to sell such miners unless you have another way of using reliable energy sources. Solar energy can come to your aid with such miners.

Apart from selling Asic miners, the store also sells GPU rigs. You can also buy mining accessories from the store. We recommend trying to buy a fan and see if the store delivers such. It’s one way of testing whether a store does deliver paid products.

Brotherminer List of available miners

When you click on the user and rig miners page, you’re redirected to a non-existing page. The same happens when you click on the affiliate page. It also exposes the store’s lack of professionalism when engaging with online partnerships.

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A secure way of buying miners from online vendors

We devised ways of ensuring you buy miners from reliable vendors. Trusted sellers will also abide by these methods to show transparency.

Step 1

Ensure you establish direct communication with the seller. Don’t just sign up and buy miners without first talking to the seller. Set up a Skype or Zoom meeting. It helps to establish accountability between the parties.

Step 2

Let the seller take you a virtual tour of the offices or warehouse. Here’s the reason why; to avoid scammers who post stock images. For example, posts stock images; it would help if you saw where the miners live and in their store.

Step 3

The seller should furnish you with proof of the miner’s activities. Get to see the condition and, above all else, the maximum hashrate of the unit. If happy, ensure you take the serial number for when delivery takes place.

Step 4

Start asking the right questions regarding delivery and shipping. The store in question only lists privacy policies. There’s no quote on delivery and shipping. We also have no quotes on refund and return policies.

Step 5

It would be best if you then asked about the available payment channels. Brother Miner fails to list the acceptable payment methods. We believe the store accepts both bank and crypto transfers. Sellers best suit crypto transfers due to their anonymous nature.

Step 6

After receiving the miner, make sure to record the unboxing. It helps to show the seller the condition you received the miner. If the miner gets damaged during transit, the seller should accept returns or offer refunds.

Now you see why you must read the refund and return policies.

Beware of bulk orders from most stores

The store doesn’t have any information on bulk orders. We believe they would claim to offer such deals if you did ask. There’s a safer way of engaging with sellers. You should directly contact manufacturers for such deals.

Please avoid buying crypto hardware miners from the store

With manufacturers, you get the best pocket-friendly prices unmatched by stores. You also get a guarantee of receiving quality miners. Sadly, manufacturers only sell brand-new miners. What about sellers looking for new mining units?

You can confidently get used miners from reliable stores or known crypto mining farms. For the latter, we recommend visiting the farm first to assess the condition of the miners. Make sure the seller is willing to cover repair fees in case of breakdown.

Business proprietor

We don’t have any information on the founders or staff members of the store. And that, from a buyer’s perspective, makes Brotherminer appear as an anonymous store. So please stay away from the store or risk losing everything.

Our Summary of Brotherminer

For now, please be extra careful when dealing with the store. Use the above methods to qualify the store for buying a miner.

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