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BT-Miners Review: Is a Scam?

BT-Miners ( must stand out as one of the more renowned shoddy stores. BT Miners has, over the years, had more changes to their name than any other store. The change is as a result of buyers trashing their mining equipment. As a result, you won’t get the miner in mint condition, and most accessories are missing. In addition, there are shipping delay complaints and overpricing. Here’s what we found out in our detailed BT-MINERS REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of BT-Miners

Avoid BT-Miners

It claims to be one of the largest Crypto hardware distributors in China and the United States. What’s funny is that the platform tends to lean more on offline sales. BT-Miners claims to deal with leading brands such as Bitmain, Innosilicon, and MicroBT miners.

All this is an attempt to try and make the platform appear legit. Instead, you get a platform that fails to deliver on its promise. What you have is a platform that won’t bother following your order. Most buyers have lost their funds with the BT Miners.

Once you make payment, the platform will likely hike the miner’s price. Those who buy in bulk are ruing the decision. The platform will increase the costs to even 10 percent more. And this is unacceptable.

We must expose the platform for failing to adhere to common decency. The platform fails to deliver the right miner with no PSU. You don’t believe us, try and check out other independent reviews.

Buying a miner should be straightforward. And this means having a platform that has a proven track record. We recommend going for miners with proven stores. An excellent example would be the Innosilicon ALL Pro ETH Miner. Check out the profitability stats of this ASIC machine.

Your priority is to check the profitability of a miner before buying it. Also, try to find out the miner’s warranty and a return policy. Unfortunately, these are some features that most buyers fail to check.

Accessible ASIC Miners with BT-Miners

BT-Miners claims to have the Bitmain S19J Pro Antminer. Unfortunately, most stores don’t have it as it’s out of stock. There’s no way the store could have such a hot miner. And this is where we start seeing red flags.

The platform will claim to have the miner in their store. Once you place an order and make payment, you get a confirmation email. The email claims the platform is processing your order, and shipping is within two to four weeks.

During the waiting period, the price of Bitcoin might increase. The platform will take full advantage of it and hike the cost of the already bought miner. Then, you get an email asking you to transfer the balance.

The platform won’t refund you if you cancel the order. According to them, once you make payment, the platform doesn’t accept cancelations. These are the problems facing most buyers within the platform.

You will also find that the platform sells used miners for the price of a new one. An excellent example is their Dogecoin and Litecoin miners. The Goldshell LT5 is going for $9,900, and it’s a used miner.

We recommend you buy a new miner for that price. Check out the profitability and specs of the Goldshell LT5 and buy it from a trusted vendor. You don’t need to buy a used miner when you can get a new miner for the same price.

ASIC Miners BT-Miners

Affiliate Partnership

Those who have already signed up for the affiliate partners have a lot to lose. The platform won’t bother releasing commissions. That’s why you won’t get any reputable stores aligning themselves with BT Miners.

Jayden Carroll is one unlucky affiliate who sent his friends to buy miners with Unfortunately, he seems to have lost it as none of the friends received their miners. As a result, his reputation has gone to the dogs.

To add insult to injury, didn’t release any commissions. Moreover, his affiliate account is unavailable as the platform deleted his credentials. That’s why no reputable store will affiliate with BT Miners.

Available Special Miners and Parts Category

There’s also a category for unique miners and parts. Some of the miners include the Goldshell KD5 and the Goldshell HS5 Handshake. We can also see the Bitmain D7 Dash Coin miner on the list.

You get an Antminer power supply and replacement fans when it comes to special parts. You should note that these miners and parts are not special. The store sells used accessories for the price of new ones.

There’s no problem selling accessories, only that these are not new accessories. Any used accessory will only deter or lower your mining efficiency. So it would be best if you got reliable stores that avail new accessories.

Business owner

Shenzhen, China, is the name of the place of residency. Unfortunately, we don’t know who owns or runs the platform. What we do know is that China is banning Crypto mining. As we publish this post, most manufacturers are moving to neighboring countries.

And this means that BT-Miners is a non-existent platform. There’s no press statement about their updated place of work. And this means we are dealing with an anonymous crypto retail store. You should avoid such platforms.

Manufacturers who faced the ban have already made statements for transparency. These stores change their location status to inform investors. Those that fail to inform investors about their whereabouts are dealing on murky grounds.

BT-Miners License and Regulation

BT-Miners is not a licensed platform and holds no compliance documents. The business is not on the registry. And this gives the platform leeway to operate as they wish. That’s why there’s no return policy for goods sold.

Consumers need protection from regulators. And this is the reason why the platform fails to get a license. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of any store before engaging. Try and avoid those that don’t offer refunds and warranties.

Client Testimony client testimony

Hundreds of buyers have been venting their anger on TrustPilot and other crypto forum groups. BT Miners will delay shipping and increase prices. That’s no way of dealing with buyers.

The platform ought to come clean and sell only used miners at affordable prices. So you can get used miners at reliable prices at reasonable prices. Instead, whatever a greedy store tries to take advantage of crypto-miner buyers.

Contact and customer support

There’s a chat tab where you expect to talk to a chat representative. Instead, you get a response claiming the platform will respond via email. You are to leave your email address and wait for an answer.

We also see two phone numbers, one from Australia and the other from the UK. How could a Chinese-based platform have these phone numbers? We believe the platform is using the services of a virtual phone provider.

The people behind this target crypto miners in the UK and the greater Pacific region. So please don’t fall for their trap and leave your email address. We also suspect the store is harvesting email data from users.

Payment and Shipping

BT Miners accepts crypto payments. You can also use bank and wire transfers. Sadly, those who use wire transfers know that the platform didn’t receive funds. The truth is, they did, and BT Miners wants to take your money.

Verdict on

Contact Details BT Miners

You now know better; stay away from BT-MINERS.

Try joining reliable mining pools that guarantee profit after the vesting period. It’s a credible way to invest in crypto mining.

If you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment or write to us.

  1. Posting incorrect and defaming articles about legitimate crypto mining companies like BT-Miners is unprofessional and defaming. The obvious lies are so numerous and obvious to address each one individually. Anonymous crypto retail store?! We list our physical locations and have positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Products come with warranties and there is a return policy. If you have questions about BT-Miners, contact us directly at 813-680-2008 or [email protected] and judge for yourself instead of believing this garbage. This site gives a bad name to actual independent consumer advocacy groups. It seems that negative reviews is the way this company tries to sell its own products: “Mining Techn Group OÜ is the sole owner of”.

    • There’s no denying that BT-Miners often fail to deliver the right miner. Even if returns are accepted, the owner has to face the risk of coin prices falling. Once you buy a miner, you want to take advantage of the mineable coins. The delay greatly affects the buyer as the ROI is often out of range. These are some of the aspects stores fail to comment on in terms of the effects of delays. Trustpilot is not the only platform for reviews, you’re reputation is also taking a beating on relevant crypto forums.

      • You are backtracking on your “review”, Henry. This is not what you state and that’s what makes your “review” so defamatory and wrong. You make assumptions that are dangerous: warning people not to contact us because we are “harvesting email data” – Absolute lie; Most Buyers have lost their funds – Lie; Don’t pay affiliates – Lie; Rigs don’t come with PSU – Lie. Don’t have new equipment – Lie. Should we go on and on?
        There have been manufacturer delays on some pre-orders. So why not also say that ALL the miner manufacturers are also a scam? Bitmain, Goldshell, Caanan, Innosilicon, Whatsminer – they all have delays! This is where we get our new inventory from. We can only ship once we receive the equipment in-stock. Further, the manufacturer prices have gone up considerably. No one is surprised that Crypto fluctuates. You say – even if a customer returns, that coin prices can fall. You fail to mention what happens if coin prices increase. Did we charge customers more on existing pre-orders after coin prices increased? No. We honored the original price they purchased at. We asked you privately to remove this sham review and now are asking publicly.

        • Hello BT-Miners,

          Fact of the matter is, when manufacturers have a delay, there’s a schedule fixed for that. In your case, you don’t even explain the delay to clients. Your mining equipment is incomplete, that’s a fact. You have inconsistent shipping delays that don’t coincide with the manufacturers. There’s no positive review of your platform on any independent website, only Trust Pilot, and as we said, these could be paid reviews. There’s no positive comment on any other social media channels. These are facts.

  2. Why do comments defending our company get deleted? Posting incorrect and defaming articles about legitimate crypto mining companies like BT-Miners is simply unprofessional. You wonder what the real motivation behind these so-called reviews on “miningwatchdog”. The lies are so numerous and obvious to address each one individually. Anonymous crypto retail store?! We list our physical locations and have positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. There are new and used mining equipment, everything comes with warranties and there is a return policy. If you have questions about BT-Miners, contact us directly at 813-680-2008 or [email protected] and judge for yourself instead of believing this garbage.

    • For transparency’s sake, we DON’T DELETE COMMENTS. We ensure our readers judge the conversation and decide on their own. It’s a fact that your store faces delay issues, that’s not a manufacturer issue. Unlike other paid platforms that only post positive reviews, miningwatchdog thrives to offer transparency in the eyes of the crypto community.

      We hope this clarifies your comment on deleting comments. It’s clear that all your comments are available for all to see. That’s how transparent we are.

  3. How convenient that you re-post comments only AFTER we call you out for deleting them! You are far from transparent. You haven’t states any facts so far! You make up lies as click bait to promote your own business. Don’t try to pretend that you are doing this to protect consumers. Otherwise why do you put advertisements on your reviews: “Try joining reliable mining pools that guarantee profit after the vesting period. It’s a credible way to invest in crypto mining.” You should be embarrassed to call yourself miningwatchdog. Just cheap insults and disgraceful to the industry.

    • Mind you, these mining pools are renowned entities in the crypto world. Not, a shambolic store that tries to rip off unsuspecting consumers. We are Miningwatchdog, We Keep Watch

      • Alpha Supreme

        April 22, 2022

        I paid you over $30,000 last year last year in summer and still haven’t received my refund. Now you aren’t responding to my emails.

  4. I cant find a good review on any Merchant here. says these company’s are legit. I stand with BT Miners. Youtube reviews say they are legit. Only you say they are not. HHHMMM Fishy fishy!

    • Hello Roy, there are some positive reviews of stores that do deliver miners. The negative reviews are for those with extensive complaints. We push for these stores to deliver miners reasonably. Not to only deliver to some parts and ignore to even offer refunds to those who already paid and didn’t get their miners.

  5. BT-Minera

    August 11, 2022

    Henry please just stop. I don’t know who is paying you to bad mouth of us. It’s not working we are still receiving business we stand by helping to build the mining community, help our customers with any mining issues if they have purchase from us or not. I hope the company that is paying you get their full refund because your tactics is not working it is just annoying.

  6. BT-Miners

    August 11, 2022

    Sorry for the typo.

  7. BT-Miners

    August 11, 2022

    Henry don’t delete the reply. If you are supposed to be a high morale person looking at for the consumers.

    • Why would we delete our chats? This is an open platform. Despite your claim of having a solid reputation, a handful of clients disagree. And these are the ones we advocate for. Would you like us to prove our point WITH FACTUAL evidence of missed deliveries?

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