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BTM Miner Review: Is a scam?

BTM Miner ( claims to have started way back in 2009. The platform insists on having in-depth experience in the Blockchain world. As we scrod down their website, we see two contact addresses, one in Turkey and the other in Shenzhen. One thing pops up immediately after we go through their domain history. Want to know what we found out regarding BTMMiner? Please stick around and find out in our detailed BTM MINER REVIEW.

Note: If you’re looking to buy crypto hardware miner, you need to know all the full features. ASIC Miners vary depending on several factors, such as mineable coins. Therefore, it would be best to distinguish between the algorithm, efficiency, electricity costs, and hashrate.

A Comprehensive Overview of BTM Miner

The platform looks legit in terms of size and value on face value. However, there’s no denying that all the information you need is available on the platform. And that’s one of the crowd pullers to any crypto hardware store.

Navigating through the website is also straightforward. Any information you need can easily be found a keystroke away. And that means you won’t have to search for minutes for any information or mining hardware.

BTM Miner Hides its identity

And that brings out their claim of providing mining services to customers. On the Trustpilot page, the store claims to have started delivering miners in 2017. And this is where we get back to their domain records.

We learn from the domain checker tools that the website is only 374 days old as we publish this post. The start date, or rather when the website started, was June 22, 2021. It means the store is lying about its stay in the online crypto hardware world.

We can guess the reasons why the store would go for such antics. First, the store probably wants to get recognition from the crypto community as a reliable store. Even if that’s the case, transparency is crucial in crypto.

It begs the question, what else could the store hide from clients. Most clients won’t bother checking the background of such stores. And that’s why we are different from others. First, we must ascertain that the store is brutally honest with clients.

As a buyer, you must verify that a platform is trustworthy before moving forward. That’s the only way of protecting yourself from clone websites. Yes, there could be a handful of other websites trying to use the above name.

Advantages and downside of BTM Miner

For you to get a better understanding of the platform, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Find out what makes the store a better choice than the rest. That way, you can rest assured you made the right decision.

It’s not all fairy tales about choosing the best crypto hardware store. Some stores will use pros to cons users. That means you have to be extra vigilant with the available features.

Learn to ask questions regarding delivery, prices, and shipping. You also need to know how the platform resolves disputes. For example, does the platform offer express delivery and order tracking information?

Before moving forward, you can also try to read the platform’s user experience. And that’s where we come into play. Here, we help protect the crypto community from any stores that could potentially fail to deliver miners.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and snags of

An index of available Miners

The homepage shows a store listing miners from 10 different manufacturers. These include Antminer (Bitmain), Avalon, Ebang, Goldshell, Halong, Helium, Innosilicon, Jasminer, StrongU, and Whatsminer.

The store also sells GPU mining rigs and other crypto hardware accessories. These accessories include graphic cards and PSU cords. You can also buy fans and motherboards from the selected stores.

We also see the store openly selling brand-new and used miners. That’s a store with a lot of variety in terms of the condition you want. For a refurbished miner, expect the prices to be lower than new miners.

There are 22 second-hand miners available in the store. That’s a huge list that suggests the store has links with other sellers. However, when it comes to new miners, only a handful are available.

Before engaging with the store, you must ascertain the right price. Some stores will try and sell used miners for the cost of new ones. And that’s a problem even for the seller. We must point out if a store is overselling miners.

Does BTM Miner deliver crypto hardware miners?

To be safe, you need to know the average industry price of the miner you want. Go in having a budget and not allowing any store to take advantage. You need to confirm from other stores and compare to ensure you get the best at an optimum price.

The store claims to have offices all over Europe and the United States. You get the store claiming to have offices in London and other major US cities. Where’s the proof of it? A picture of their offices on the website would clear any doubts.

Are there any offices in these locations?

Hard to tell; when you click on the listed office locations, the page returns to the top. There’s no proof that the store has offices in these locations. Maybe, the store has partners in these locations and not offices.

Any store with legit offices ought to post pictures of their offices. How else will we know the information is accurate? The store fails even to list phone contact of the offices or actual physical addresses.

Before buying a miner from them, we recommend asking for proof of ownership. Let BTM Miner provide evidence that they indeed own these miners. Proof means having a short video of the miner in question in action.

That would allay any fears a buy not close to the main offices would have. However, if the store fails to provide sufficient evidence, we suggest you stay away. A buyer must ask for proof of concept before buying the product.

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Business holder Btmminer

Despite claiming their offices in Turkey, there’s no business registry document. So we don’t know who operates or runs the platform. And this brings about some air of anonymity to the platform.

Anonymity is not your friend when it comes to online shopping. There are some severe consequences of dealing with such stores. That’s why we insist on reaching out and confirming who is responsible for the platform.

Buyer’s protection BTM Miner

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage has a few documents you need to go over. These include private and return policies. You also need to go over the terms and conditions to understand its blueprint.

Most buyers tend to ignore this aspect and end up paying a heavy price. Ensure liability falls solely on the seller before the miner reaches your doorstep. The seller should also take responsibility if the miner gets damaged via transit.

Client reviews and testimonies

What clients think of

We saw only two positive reviews from clients on TrustPilot. That doesn’t mean much, but it could be a pointer in the right direction. The store needs to garner more positive reviews to gain our trust.

Final verdict on BTM Miner

Please be careful with the store; it’s relatively new and has a few unresolved issues, such as transparency.

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