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Bukalapak Review: Is a scam?

Bukalapak is another B2B Marketplace opening doors for anyone to become a seller on the platform. However, our review exposes the risks of such a platform.

From the look of things, the platform hails from Indonesia. A renowned crypto mining safe space thanks to the affordable electricity rates.

And this has brought about a glow in the region for helping crypto hardware manufacturers in China relocate to Indonesia.

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Bukalapak is a B2B marketplace failing in its duty to protect buyers. The store rarely vets the sellers purporting to sell crypto hardware on the platform.

The low price points quoted by some of these sellers caught our eye at the store.

The store doesn’t only sell ASIC miners, there are also GPU miners and other crypto-mining accessories up for grabs.

How would you buy a miner from Bukalapak?

Bukalapak pros and cons

That’s what our review plans to highlight. The best way to engage with buyers on a B2B marketplace and avoid scams.

Yes, there are some genuine crypto hardware sellers on the platform, and the trick is to find out which one is the best.

Reliable crypto hardware sellers will even accept video calls to ensure they create a trusting relationship with clients.

These sellers will also post videos of the miner in action for the seller to find out the miner’s condition.

There are loads of buyers on the platform, and each wants to dazzle the buyer with discounts and promotions.

You need to find out which is the best deal yet.

About Bukalapak

There’s no credible background or history of the platform, which is a huge red flag for us. In addition, the founding members seem not to want their names known.

Accountability and transparency are key to a successful transaction when buying crypto hardware.

No one wants to buy from an unknown vendor. What if there’s an issue after delivery? How can you contact the seller?

These are some aspects we will look into when engaging with Bukalapak. We help reveal how best to check out the seller and decide whether to move forward.

As a buyer, the most important aspect when buying crypto hardware is your safety. You need to protect yourself, even from a reliable seller.

Some stores can claim they can’t see your order, and yet, you have already placed an order. So you have to use a reliable store that delivers on its promise.

The question for newbies is how to find the right seller to deliver the unit. Here’s how to find a seller in the Bukalapak store;

Advantages and cons of Bukalapak

As a buyer, you must first weigh the pros and cons of each seller before placing an order. That’s the most important aspect.

Reviewing a seller’s pros and cons involves checking the ratings and testimonials from other sellers.

You have to ascertain the seller has a proven track record. In this case, you can email support and ask about the seller’s transaction history.

And this is another issue we have with the store as their support is not that supportive to buyers. So you will wait for an eternity before getting any response.

Weighing the pros of a vendor also requires testimonials from other buyers. Unfortunately, that remains unavailable on the platform.

This means that you won’t get anywhere with the platform. It doesn’t offer reliable information on the interaction between buyers and sellers.

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How to buy miners from the Bukalapak store

Available miners on the bukalapak,com store

You need to check some features when considering which seller or store to engage with. These include affordability, condition of the miner, hashrate, etc.

Here are some of the features to look at carefully:

Brand available

A reliable seller will have a selection of different brands available for sale. You must avoid sellers who only post one miner, as they are likely third-party sellers.

Those who also sell one miner are probably selling refurbished miners. Then you can engage if you’re looking to buy a used miner.

Some leading crypto hardware brands include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, Jasminer, etc.

Condition of the miner

You have to assess the condition of the miner before placing an order. For example, is it a brand-new miner or a used unit?

Brand new miners usually come with a higher price tag than used miners.

Hashrate of the miner

You must see the maximum hashrate of the miner before buying. And that’s where we fault the platform for failing to offer a video upload section.

The profitability margin will wane if you buy a miner that doesn’t reach the maximum hashrate. And that means incurring losses.

Price aspect

Another aspect to look out for is the pricing of the miner. Does the vendor price the miner in line with market conditions?

Beware of scammers who want to underprice miners and try and entice you to buy in bulk. The seller won’t deliver even a single mining unit.

Support system

Is the seller available, and how often do they respond to queries? We want a store that offers much more than an email response after 48 hours.

A reliable support system means live chat or even setting up a video call with the seller.

Terms and conditions

And this is what most buyers tend to ignore. You must read the terms and conditions before buying from the store.

These include refund and return policies as well as shipping and delivery.

You must know the legal aspect the store or vendor uses for transactions.

Is Bukalapak a reliable store to buy crypto hardware miners?

It’s not a reliable crypto hardware store.

Our Verdict on

Please stay away from the store.

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