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Bull Miners Review: A Dubious Crypto Retail Store

Bull Miners ( is one of the crypto hardware and retail stores with a problem. Delays in shipping or even not delivering at all, that’s what buyers are facing with BullMiners. You need to understand the risks of buying crypto mining hardware from the store. Unfortunately, we have a store that wants to take advantage of beginner miners. We won’t let that happen. Learn more in our exclusive BULL MINERS REVIEW.

About Bull Miners

Is Bull Miners a Scam?

On the about us page, the store claims to be a UK-Based Crypto mining store. Well, that’s far from the truth. The store is linked to the Far East, Russia, or Ukraine. There’s a reason the store wants to use the UK name.

With residency from the UK, the store will create a trustworthy brand. Anyone selling online goods from the UK must have a credible reputation. And this is what the people behind this store want to tap in.

You will notice that the store fails to inform users of their warehouse information. And this is the reason why there’s no way Bull Miners is in the UK. Even the shipping information doesn’t have a UK address.

For those who have had the luck to receive their miners, they too have complaints. It seems the store is refurbishing used miners and selling them at new price ranges. Unfortunately, the miners will only work for a few days before completely shutting down.

When you’re looking for a reliable miner, you have to check the profitability of ASIC miners. Get to know which miner offers the most profit. You can also check which miner offers consistent profit margins.

Before committing funds to any platform, you need to do due diligence. Try and find out what others are saying about that particular miner. That’s the only way you will get to know what you’re getting into.

Accessible Miners on the Bull Miners Store

Bull Miners claims to have the latest ASIC Miners when you look at their homepage. We can see the Fusion Silicon X1 miner on the list. That’s one of the first red flags we spotted in the store.

Fusion Silicon has, over the months, been sending faulty miners. We have a full review of the store. There are several complaints relating to the brand. It seems that the brand went offline after several complaints from buyers.

And this is the reason we suspect the store is selling refurbished miners. There’s no way a Fusion Silicon miner could be getting profit. And this means we are dealing with a scam store. Most of their miners are in horrible conditions.

The store claims to offer a 50 percent promotion to buyers to try and get new clients. You get 50 percent off for any miner you buy. Before jumping in, you need to think twice. The prices are way above the normal industry prices.

You get a store that tries to convince buyers to buy the miner in two installments. Once you send the first installment, the platform claims to prepare delivery. You have to send the second installment for the store to release the miner.

Sadly, most buyers don’t get to see their miners. The store either fails to deliver the miner or shuts down communication. That’s what has been happening with most buyers around the world. We have to lay the blame on the store.

Available Miners on Bull Miners

Affiliate Program

Before signing up with their affiliate program, you need to get the truth. You will notice that no ASIC miner review platform affiliates with the store. And there’s a good reason no one wants to collaborate with the store.

The store won’t release commissions to affiliate members. You also get a store that fails to deliver conversion rate information. Affiliate members are left guessing the amount available in their accounts.

You will also likely lose your credibility and reputation as an affiliate marketer. Since the store fails to deliver miners, victims will blame you for the problems. The store won’t communicate with these victims, and the law will see you as an accessory to online fraud.

Background and history

We have a store that claims to enjoy a massive following in the UK and Europe. The store claims to have over five years of experience. From what we can gather, the store is barely two years old.

Most of their services are Crypto-related which includes buying hashrate and miners. The store also sells miner accessories and components. However, we won’t recommend buying their accessories. These are used components that only work for a week or two.

Business Holder

The homepage shows pictures of CEOs of known Crypto platforms who seem to hail the store. But, unfortunately, we don’t see the picture of the CEO or Founders of the store. And this makes Bull Miners an anonymous store.

No one knows who’s held responsible for funds without information on staff members. That’s the reason why most buyers don’t get a refund. Unfortunately, the store also fails to allow returns which puts your funds at risk.

Pros and Cons of

Client Testimony Bull Miners

Despite trying to use the testimony of different Crypto CEOs, the truth is out there. There’s no positive review of the store anywhere on the web. We can only see comments from clients who are unhappy with the customer service.

You can turn to TrustPilot and see the negative reviews from different clients. The store tried to buy positive reviews from paid comments. Sadly, anyone who faces a problem turned to the independent review platform.

Contact and Support

You shouldn’t expect any support from the store. Once you place an order, that’s the last you will hear from the store. And this is another reason to stay away from the store. The only available communication channel is email.

It gives the store a chance to consider which email to respond to. Unfortunately, the phone number on the homepage fails to go through. We believe the store uses a virtual phone number to fool European clients.

Disadvantages of Bull Miners

Comments and feedback Bull Miners

There are several reasons why you should stay away from the store. One of them includes hiking prices after the client places an order. We have seen this before in scam crypto stores. A client makes a payment, and two days later, the store raises the price.

Since the store doesn’t offer refunds, the buyer has no other option but to send the balance. And this is another way to fleece buyers. The store also fails to deliver miners on time. With the delay, the coin of the miner you bought might dip, causing losses.

Selling faulty miners is another reason to stay away from the store. You get miners that barely work and overheat within two days. In addition, most buyers are irked by the sudden noises their miners make.

Payment Options

To sweeten the deal, the platform accepts several payment options. These include bank and wire transfers. Crypto payments are acceptable. We recommend that you stay away and not purchase any item from

Our Verdict Bull Miners

After checking out the store, we have to raise the red flag. You won’t get an efficient miner from the store. Instead, all that you get are faulty miners that barely mine for a week.

You can choose to join a mining pool that helps mine faster. Reap the rewards that come with a reliable mining pool.

Feel free to leave a comment or write to us via email.

  1. this is the same website as
    They are scammers!!!

    • Yes, the website looks the same as whaleminer. Avoid clone crypto hardware and retail stores. Most of them will only take your funds and fail to deliver any miner. Please stay away.

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