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Casa Miners Review: Is a scam?

A lot has been said regarding Casa Miners. The issue with the store is transparency, and there’s none. With attempts to break through the European market, the store quickly stumbled. Chances are, is not the store we used to believe would deliver miners. The store has had several cases of delivery issues starting Jan 2022. We are here to expose the store’s problems in terms of shipment. Here’s the truth in our clear CASA MINERS REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Casa Miners

The platform claims to reside in Italy; in fact, it hails Italy as the birthplace of the store. And still have the store claiming to have multiple stores in different countries. These include one in London and the other in Turkey.

Casa Miners Sells faulty miners

The store doesn’t have any legit physical address. And herein the problem of buying miners from such a store. There’s no clear picture of whether the store is a leader or another middleman.

We believe the latter is the case, and there’s no proof of the store owning any of the listed miners. And that’s a huge problem for buyers. In addition, the store doesn’t respond on time when you attempt to reach out.

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Casa Miners is a store with mixed reactions on the web. It started OK and even did deliver miners. However, after a while, things changed, and the store ruined its reputation. So now, you get 50/50 chances of receiving a miner.

Even the homepage doesn’t have an about us section. It makes us question the transparency of the platform. When it comes to online stores, reputation is everything. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t seem to care about the reputation of investors.

Before engaging with any online store, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes the store tick. That way, you will get a sense of what to expect from the store in terms of reliability.

A list of Miners seen on Casa Miners store

The store claims to partner with some of the leading crypto hardware manufacturers on the homepage. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and StrongU. However, despite claiming to reside in Italy, the main currency is Pound.

Several videos on the platform seem to sell the store’s growth. We see one with a London Bus having their banner. Although the promotion is real, little can be said about the store. There’s no physical address.

We don’t see the store coming out with proof of owning the listed miners. You would expect some evidence from the store, thanks to photos of their warehouse. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as we see stock images posted on the homepage.

If the store can post a video of the bus with their banner, why not the store’s warehouse. That way, buyers would believe that the store does own the miners. But unfortunately, the store does little to convince us it’s not a middleman.

There’s also the issue of the pricing of these modules. The store seems to oversell some of the brands. Despite claiming that some are out of stock, the store also lists miners that are no longer profitable.

And that means the store also sells refurbished miners and claims to sell only brand new miners. There have been allegations that the store sells brand new miners for the price of a new one. And that is fooling investors.

The store should provide you with a video of the miner you’re about to purchase. It should be a short 30-second video showing the miner in action. Otherwise, the store could be selling photos, and the buyer could receive a faulty miner.

Avoid buying miners from Casa Miners

Affiliate and referral commissions

There’s an affiliate and referral commission to earn on the Casa Miners store. The store promises a hefty 15 percent affiliate commission. It’s a strict affiliate commission as the store targets buyers looking to purchase in bulk.

Although it appears as a legit way to earn passive income, there are a few things to note. One, no professional affiliate wants to partner with the store. The store rarely releases commissions even after completing sales.

And that’s the problem affiliates will likely face after partnering with the store. Also, those who buy from the store are likely to get faulty or used miners. And the problem with that is the store sells them as new ones.

These victims will want some answers from the affiliate and store. The store will try and block communication and leave affiliates to solve the issue. Those who you direct end up getting defective miners.

One such victim plans to take the store to court. A lawsuit is on its way, and the affiliate name is on the affidavit. That means the law considers affiliates as accessories to online fraud. After all, you have been directing buyers to buy from non-existing stores.

As an affiliate, you need to protect those you direct to buy from the store. Failure to do so, you end up losing your credibility and online reputation. In addition, no affiliate wants to partner with stores that don’t pay commissions.

Business holder

Despite claiming to reside in two locations, there’s no business registry on any locations. The store doesn’t have a valid license to operate in Italy or the UK. And this poses a huge risk to anyone buying from them.

There’s no information on who owns or runs the store. And that makes Casa Miners an anonymous crypto store. You don’t want to buy from an unknown store for obvious reasons. Furthermore, there’s no way of recovering funds from such stores.

Buyer’s protection Casa Miners

Is legit? NO, Delivery is a problem

Don’t expect any protection from a store that doesn’t have a valid business registry. The store doesn’t even accept returns. Ahmed Naaman bought a miner from the store, which was faulty. The store refused to accept the return or cover repair fees.

We also see a store failing to protect buyers by failing to offer refunds. There’s no refund policy on the homepage. As a result, the store does not have any obligation to refund clients. We see a store that puts all liability in the hands of buyers.

As a buyer, you need to go through the terms of service. That’s the blueprint the store uses to operate. It would be best to use such to help move forward with your investment. It’s the only way to forge ahead and protect yourself.

Client testimony

If you look at TrustPilot, there are dozens of positive reviews of the store. Affandy Letto is one of the few users who list the store as problematic. You can see that he has made several reviews on different stores.

That’s what Casa Miners is doing with Trust Pilot. Hiring reviewers to post positive reviews of their experience with the store. That’s probably the reason why the store has several positive comments. It’s a paid advert.

Contact and support

There’s only an email address with no phone number. Don’t you find it weird that the store fails to offer a more direct means of access?

Delivery issues with Casa Miners store

Final thoughts

We don’t recommend buying any miners from Casa Miners.

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  1. This article is completely scam. We have reported this site to the authorities.

    Thank you for your support.

    Team Casa Miners

    • Hello Casa Miners

      It’s best for all parties to get to the truth. Some clients didn’t receive miners even after completing payment. Without a dispute center, someone has to tell or share their story. We won’t hesitate to expose stores that take advantage, especially for overseas orders.

    • Thomas

      July 2, 2022

      Then weres my money gone then? My bank confirmed the meoney has been recieved by you, yet my orders been canceld due to no payment?

      Im calling this a total scam.

    • Thomas

      July 2, 2022

      Please answer my emails regarding my order /payment guys, this is ridiculus…


  2. Casa Miners

    June 22, 2022

    Warning !!!

    After careful research
    This website may ask you for passwords or private keys , it is created to fool people.


    Team Casa Miners

    • Hello Casa Miners,

      How in the world would we ask for passwords or private keys

      There’s no point in throwing false accusations. Kindly show the public where and when we asked for such details?

      Hope to hear from you.


    • Thomas

      July 2, 2022

      Sying the didnt recieve my payment yet my bank can confirm its been recieved. Not answering by e-mail saying orders been canceld… Im calling scam on this!!!

  3. Thomas

    July 2, 2022

    Sying the didnt recieve my payment yet my bank can confirm its been recieved. Not answering by e-mail saying orders been canceld… Im calling scam on this!!!

  4. Thomas

    July 2, 2022

    Lost 1900 eur. They claim they never got my money. Not responding to emails.


  5. Thomas

    July 2, 2022


    Sent them money, havet recieved anything. Wont respond to emails!!!


  6. Fraud through the Alibaba website. I contacted the supplier via the chat, the company’s website, Denmark, and asked for the WhatsApp number. We negotiated and sold and bought via WhatsApp. I was surprised in the end that everything was different. He contacted me via WhatsApp from an American number and sent the papers of a fake company in
    Thailand and transferred the amount to a personal account in Thailand and sent the shipment papers and tracking link and after two days I received an email requesting a refundable fee of $11,400 and paid it on the basis of sending the original papers and two days later I received an email paying $3,000 that I knew was a fraud

    Tracking Number TIP463575473225664364YM
    This company’s website has been suspended

    • Thanks for your response, Mr. Mohmmad Saleh. We hope to use the tracking number to expose the scam further.

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