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ClickBD Review: Is a scam?

ClickBD is an online B2B marketplace selling different variety of goods. These include computers, electronics, fashion, you name it. The store does also sell large mining coolants and generators. For now, we will be looking at the crypto hardware aspect of it. Does the store have what it takes to convince us to shop there? Not yet; the store fails to vet the multiple sellers on the platform. Here’s what we know in our detailed CLICKBD REVIEW.

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A Brief Analysis of ClickBD

In the about us section, the store claims to have started operations in 2005. Based in Bangladesh, the platform is for anyone willing to buy or sell on platform. However, the founding members remain unknown, which is a problem regarding transparency.

You would want to buy from a store with a reputable owner. In 2011, that’s when the store claimed to have opened an online store. The store believes people are ‘basically good’ and need a reputable store to engage with.

ClickBD Review: Pros and cons

We noticed the name of the founding member listed at the bottom of the about us page. Unfortunately, the team members are also listed with no faces to match the names. A quick search on the founder directs us to a LinkedIn profile.

The store is a thriving marketplace as more sellers want to keep the services going. Unfortunately, we had to investigate reports of some crypto hardware sellers. These sellers failed to deliver miners, and that’s a cause for concern.

Does the store vet these sellers? We don’t think so, and anyone can open multiple accounts with different email addresses. That’s why we believe the platform is a scam. It would be best if you stayed away from buying any crypto miner.

The store should have done a better job vetting these sellers. It should also create a rating section for sellers to rate the best vendor. That way, you can know which vendor to trust with your purchase. Unfortunately, for now, that’s unavailable.

Before you engage with any online vendor, you must do due diligence. Try and find out what makes the vendor stand out from the rest. Test to see if the vendor is willing to facetime before buying a priced good.

Advantages and cons of ClickBD

Undoubtedly, the platform has helped improve the online world in Bangladesh. It’s one of the fastest-growing online platforms in Asia. And this is as a result of the excellent relationship between buyers and sellers.

When buying crypto hardware, the complaints we have seen should not taint the store’s image. And this is why we request the team to look into some of their vendors. Unfortunately, most are only posting stock images and fail to deliver miners.

Without no way of retrieving funds, victims end up ruing the decision. A vendor with a bad star rating should not post more goods. That way, it would help protect buyers from such vendors who want to take advantage.

It would be best to look out for when buying from online stores.

A catalog of miners

There are several bitcoin miners listed as available on the platform. We also saw different brands listed as available, including Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. These are some of the leading brands in the world.

ClickBD Seller's not vetted

How does one protect themselves from online scam artists who pose as sellers in B2B marketplaces? We have developed a way to guarantee your safety when buying from such stores.

Follow these steps, and you won’t fall victim to online scams;

A safe way of buying crypto hardware from online stores

You first need to make contact with the seller. On the ClickBD page, the seller avails the mobile phone number. Some use actual phone numbers, while others use virtual phone numbers. The best way to move forward is to ask for a facetime call.

After the owner complies, ask for a short video of the miner in action. The video should have the condition of the miner seen by the buyer. Finally, check the hashing rate before moving forward with the next step.

The last step should be to check the average market price of the intended miner. Make sure to know the quotes from different sellers. That way, you can know both extremes. In addition, it protects you from sellers who want to take advantage.

Ask about the delivery and shipping details if you decide to move forward with the sale. Does the owner offer order tracking information? This information should be available after the sale point. The seller should also cover any costs if there’s a delay in shipping.

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Bulk purchases

We don’t recommend buying from vendors for those looking to buy in bulk. Instead, you should try and reach out to manufacturers and get a quote. The second option is to seek these miners from other crypto mining farms.

With the second option. You will probably buy used miners at a lower price. The problem with bulk buying is the scam attraction. Scam artists want to reign in and claim to sell miners via significant discounts.

You get a vendor claiming to sell ten units at 50 percent off. Ask yourself if the price is right, especially with the other stores. These scammers target those who want to start large-scale crypto hardware mining.

Business holder

Be careful buying miners from

As we mentioned earlier, the name of the founder is Humayoun Alamgir. The problem is that there’s no profile picture on his LinkedIn account. So how does the store expect us to believe this is not a fictional character?

The owner needs to have a clear image on the platform for transparency’s sake. A buyer feels safe knowing the owner is behind the platform. No one wants to buy miners from anonymous sellers. Most sellers also fail to list their images on the profile page.

Luckily for some vendors, they accept face-to-face transactions. And that means you can test the miner before paying for it. That’s only ideal for those in Bangladesh. How about neighboring countries?

Buyer’s Agreement and Terms ClickBD

Most vendors don’t list any buyer agreement on the sales page. Instead, it’s a buy now and complains later sort of deal. As a buyer, you must know the store protects you from unwarranted liability.

No refund or return policies are available on the seller’s profile page. In addition, the seller doesn’t list delivery and shipping policies. It would be best to avoid sellers who put all liability in your hands as a buyer.

Client Testimony

There are some clients unhappy with how things turned out. These clients blame the sellers and not the platform. And that’s why we believe the platform should do a better job vetting sellers.

A rating system should allow new buyers to know the seller of choice. These sellers don’t even list any information on disputes. How does a seller solve disputes on the platform? These are the must-have features on a crypto hardware platform.

Closing remarks ClickBD

Be sure of the vendor you are engaging with on the ClickBD platform.

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