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Coinminingcentral Review: Is a Scam? purports to be a leading provider of mining hardware and cryptocurrency-related products in the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world. But in reality, it is just another fraud website trying to rob you of your hard-earned is a scam website that sells promises instead of mining hardware. The products advertised on their website are different from what they deliver.

Coinminingcentral Review

According to the website, You can buy mining equipment from any place worldwide and have your equipment sent to you at the location you indicate in 3 to 5 working days in particular. But this is not the case! The three to five working days turns into months and as your order is not delivered. Another red flag when it comes to the company is that they demand immediate payments on orders and yet after paying, the website displays a message saying “you have not placed any orders” this goes on and on until you give up.

Attempting to contact Coin Mining and they will either obstruct you or not reply. It doesn’t matter if it is their issue. You as a purchaser have no freedoms and can see a long way in the wake of getting any discount. They guarantee you whatever you want to hear, yet in fundamental, they trick you.

Purchased an ASIC excavator, however, they cannot give any help, the “support” they gave me was on a very surprising algorihtm and another digger, not the excavator I requested.

They “attempt” to offer you a response, yet most answers are not right or they quit replying. They attempt to make it seem as though they are in the UK, yet they are in China. Late with conveyance and if you give them a few inquiries they quit responding to you. They may be “modest” however everything is about defrauding individuals.


Coinminingcentral review


Unit delivery


A case in point about receiving money and not delivering the mining hardware was experienced by one of our team members when she decided to test the website. This is what she had to say from that experience. I requested around seven days prior and paid straight away. According to their understanding, I confirmed the installment with them and expected to get the miner in 3-5 days.  In any case then, at that point, they went quiet and did not react or send any following data. They reacted six days after accepting my cash at long last, to say the machine bombed quality testing. Then, at that point, they proposed to sell me one more machine for significantly more.

They are simply attempting to get more cash flow since the expense of machines went up. I passed up many machines since they had my cash for seven days. They even had the cheek to bring to the table £100 off another machine, when the expense of most machines has expanded more like £1000 since I paid them.

This is a statement from them 6 days in the wake of having my cash: “Due, to the expansion in Bitcoin throughout the two or three days the asking cost from the ranches expanded essentially”. This is 6 days after they accepted my cash! For what reason should I pay for their errors! It was due to stories like this that made us curious and we started monitoring the activities on and what we found did not please us.

The website is full of cheap mining rigs but when it comes to purchasing one, the price of the said rigs goes up significantly. Also, when it came to shipping they did not provide you with a tracking number and hence you would be left in the dark concerning your order. Also concerning shipping, the company address had been listed to be in London, United Kingdom but in reality, their orders were mostly shipped from China.

Unit condition

On a rare occasion when an order gets delivered, the product would either be defective and could not function. Also it would be delivered in two separate parts at an extra shipping cost. They did not see to it that the units may have a delay from manufactory till you pay for it and keeping in mind that sitting tight for your unit, and couldn’t care less with regards to manufacture in the case is a miscreant or doing like con artists.


Is coin mining central legit?


I was unfortunate enough to have this experience when I ordered a unit. I was informed that they were sending the unit to me right the following day in the wake of talking to me. However, they sent it the following week. keeping in mind that I was hanging tight for it with an off-base following number they had given to me.

I was sending them to knead regularly to get some information about it and they were fooling around. Also, know that they simply sell the units and they couldn’t care less if the unit is a moronic one(like Hummer H1) or Gold. They do whatever manufacturing requests that they do. Regardless of whether they think about everything except still doing similar tasks to finish their benefits.

Customer support

When it comes to customer management and support, is very poor. The manager at the store does not seem to have a corporate phone number. The support staff usually refer customers to other companies for support. For example, a friend of mine had been recently advised to contact Baikal for support on a non-functioning mining unit at an extra cost.

When it comes to refunds the company does not refund your money. Instead, they offered me a shopping voucher which would be used at their store. Which comes with a deficit of the shipping fees.

Affiliate program with Coinminingcentral

According to the website, they have an affiliate program. You can earn 3% of whatever deals you refer. However, you can relate him to CoinMiningCentral to buy a good product. And if he does, you’ll earn 3 of his purchase price. If you know a friend who’s interested in mining cryptocurrencies with tackle. This however is a white lie as the program does not work!

The affiliate links are working alright but it does not reflect on your account when it comes to payments of the said 3%.


coinminingcentral blocking affiliate commissions


Our verdict on Coinminingcentral

Avoid this organization. They guarantee you anything you desire to hear, however in essence, they trick you. website does not give any help. The support they gave me was on an entirely unexpected calculation. The company attempted to offer me a response, however, most answers were not right. They attempt to make it seem as though they are in the UK, however, actually they are in China.

Late with conveyance and if you give them a few inquiries they quit responding to you. They may be “modest” however everything is about misleading individuals.

I generally incline we are only one request away from them vanishing. I propose you email them first and solicit to get assurance or something feasible to demonstrate that they are genuine. Assuming the answer you get is good, you can feel free to utilize the site. If not, you might need to attempt another choice.

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