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CoinMiningDirect Review: Is a Scam?

CoinMiningDirect ( claims to make crypto miners more accessible. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t have a physical shop, and their address is unavailable. Coin Mining Direct Claims to reside in Sweden, which we don’t believe. The few buyers who have interacted with the store have nothing good to say. It seems the store cannot deliver on its promise of providing miners. Here’s the truth in our eye-opening COINMININGDIRECT REVIEW.

Note: Experts recommend that you research the features of all ASIC miners. It gives you insight into what to expect with each miner. For example, take a look at each miner’s algorithm used, efficiency, hashrate, and profitability.

A Close Analysis of CoinMiningDirect

CoinMiningDirect can purchase in bulk from leading manufacturers, according to the about us page. We have heard this one before, especially from stores targeting bulk buyers. However, the store hardly has any involvement with manufacturers.

CoinMiningDirect Cons

From the word go, we can tell that the store fails to offer any official statement regarding their background. We don’t have information on their history or when the store decided to open shop. All we have is their word that this is a genuine store.

We can’t take their word for it. A store needs to show proof of concept. Despite all these, facts indicate that Coin Mining Direct is another ridiculous store. Unfortunately, those who have attempted to buy miners didn’t receive them.

It seems shipping the miners is a problem for the store. Or is it possible the store doesn’t own any of the listed miners? We are probably dealing with an exit scam. The store will likely close shop as fast as it opens.

Buyers need to be extra careful when dealing with crypto stores. First, you have to use a store with a solid online reputation with clients. And that’s where most buyers miss the mark. Most of them buy due to the prices set by some of these shops.

Before you engage with any store, we suggest doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. It’s the best way to ensure that the store in question offers good investment services.

Accessible Miners on CoinMiningDirect

CoinMiningDirect claims to feature miners from leading brands. These include Bitmain, Goldshell, and Innosilicon. The store also claims to offer GPU mining rigs at affordable prices for anyone interested.

The store claims to partner with leading graphic providers among the accessories found. We can see a statement claiming the store partners with AMD and NVIDIA graphics. These are all false statements meant to encourage investors to sign up.

We believe the store acts as a middleman and doesn’t own any listed miners. The store doesn’t have proof of ownership which is a huge problem. You would want to see a miner’s state before buying one as a buyer.

Most legit stores will provide short videos on request. In addition, the store will send a video showing the miner’s configuration condition, hashrate, and quality. These are the transparent stores that aim to provide working miners.

The store in question will attempt to buy a miner from another store. Then, to try and earn a commission, the store will either hike the prices or downplay them. It’s all an attempt to get you to release payments.

Once you release payment, the store will cut all ties. You won’t hear from them again. That’s why you need to ask for vital documents such as order tracking information. Unfortunately, these stores fail to provide any such documents to investors.

Underselling their miners is a futile attempt to drive up sign-ups. So instead, the store tries to sell bulk miners, of which there’s no stock for it. The store even wants to fool large-scale buyers wanting to create a mining farm.

CoinMiningDirect Sells Faulty Miners

Affiliate program

There’s an affiliate program that’s only available for bulk purchases. The store promises a hefty 10 percent commission on all sales. And this appears to be a genuine way of earning passive income. However, before you sign up, there are some issues to note.

Those who have affiliated with the store failed to receive any commission. Even after directing users for bulk buying, the store blocked all withdrawals. And this is why we have to expose the store’s affiliate wing.

The store only uses the affiliate program to trap more buyers. It’s a way of using your connections as an affiliate. That way, you end up being the scapegoat. Both you and the end up not receiving part of the bargain.

Buyers might decide to take legal action against you and the store. If this happens, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud. After all, you were the one who directed the buyer to the store.

You will notice that no professional affiliate wants to partner with the store. These affiliates know that the store doesn’t deliver miners. And as such, buyers end up losing a large chunk of their investment.

As an affiliate, you need to confirm that a store does deliver goods and services. It would be best to protect those you direct to the store. The store won’t even bother sending conversion data to affiliates.

Business owner

Despite claiming to reside in Sweden, there’s no business registry of the store. And this points to CoinMiningDirect being an anonymous investment firm. You won’t get anywhere with such a store.

Buyer’s protection

There are no solid buyer’s protection guidelines on the platform. All liability falls in the hands of buyers. As a buyer, we recommend going through the listed terms and conditions. It’s the blueprint stores use to work on the shop.

Sadly, the store doesn’t accept returns or offer any refunds. And this gives the store a chance to shift the blame on delivery and the user. The store will claim that the miner was in mint condition when leaving their warehouse.

Most buyers ignore the terms and conditions page, which is crucial in any transaction. The store knows it and will take full advantage. Ensure you go through the documents provided and ascertain they are fair for trading.

What clients say about Coin Mining Direct

Client testimony

Even suspects that some of the reviews listed are false. The platform has made it clear that the store doesn’t have any ratings. There’s no independent website that has any positive reviews of the store.

Most buyers used articles, blogs, crypto forums, and social media pages to air their grievances. You will note that the store doesn’t have a suitable social media footprint. It shows that the store doesn’t have any interest in client relationships.

Contact and support

There’s no direct way of contacting support as the store limits communication to written form. Instead, you have to send an email and wait for a response. These are some of the issues buyers face when communicating with Coin Mining Direct.

Crypto payments

The store only accepts crypto payments through the CryptoPay app. For those using credit and debit cards, the store uses the third-party processor SimpleSwap.

Disadvantages of CoinMiningDirect

One of the most significant disadvantages of CoinMiningDirect is the failure to deliver miners to clients. As a result, the store doesn’t meet its obligation and is thus, listed as a scam.

Final remarks

Avoid buying miners from

After exposing the store, it’s clear we are dealing with a shoddy store. So please stay away from

You can try and earn passive income via P2P Trading platforms.

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