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Compact Miner Review: Is a scam?

Compact Miner ( is a relatively new crypto miner hardware store. Little is available regarding their online presence. The store claims to reside in San Francisco, California. There’s also a second business address in China. A closer look at the business address in China shows an office space let in. Riverside Business Complex is the name the address pans out. Our COMPACT MINER REVIEW will help you dive into what this store offers.

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About Compact Miner

There’s little to talk about regarding the store’s background and history. We also don’t see any social media profiles of the store on the website. So how does the store plan to engage with the online community?

To try and find out more about the store, we used a domain tools checker. According to verifiable records, the website is 259 days old as we publish this post. The website came live on January 27, 2022.

Compact Miner pros and cons

New online shops usually take a long before getting customers. Even a solid online presence can take over two years. And that’s why we don’t understand the store’s reluctance to use social media platforms.

Navigating through the platform is fast as the user interface is easy to engage. Moreover, you can get all the information needed on the homepage. For example, the page has a browse for miner section where you get a list of available miners.

Checking at the miners, it’s clear that these are newly minted miners. The miners were released slightly over a year ago. Some of the listed miners were released this year. So the only problem is documenting the condition of these miners.

How would you engage with the store for the first time? Our Compact Miner review will help expose how best to engage with this store. In addition, we will help you with tangible ways to engage and weigh the store.

Before engaging with any online store, we recommend doing due diligence. First, try and find out more about the store. The best place to start is researching the customer experience and contacting the store.

Advantages and cons of compact miner

The compact miner store has several advantages and disadvantages. But, of course, you would expect as much from any online store. The trick is to weigh each store’s pros and cons before deciding.

And that’s why we are conducting this compact miner store review. How does the store fare from the rest? Is it a commendable store? How likely will the store deliver the miner promptly?

You have to ask yourself the questions that will guarantee safety first. No client wants to engage with a store that doesn’t have a solid footing. And that’s why we are here. To try and expose the store to the crypto community.

Your safety should come first when making first contact with such stores. Before placing an order, you have to feel completely satisfied with the store. So we devised ways to engage with stores and help make it easier to make decisions.

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A catalog of available miners on the compact miner store

One of the advantages of the store is having a wide assortment of crypto miners to choose from. These are miners from different brands. Once you click the browse miners page, you find all listed miners on the store.

Some of the brands found include reputable brands such as Bitmain, Canaan, and Goldshell. Others include iBeLink, Innosilicon, Jasminer, and MicroBT. Of course, you also have one StrongU miner available for grabs.

Listed miners Compact Miner

Apart from selling crypto hardware, the store also sells crypto accessories. These include hotspot miners from the MatchX Gateway brand. We see a total of 30 available brands and a few mining accessories.

As a buyer, you have to weigh the prices set by the seller. Do these prices offer a pocket-friendly approach? It depends on the miner you want to get from the store. Let’s take the example of the Jasminer X4-1U mining unit.

The store sells this miner for $2,000. Current market data shows the miner making $7 in daily market profitability. A closer look at competing stores shows used miners going for the same rate. Brand new miners are going for $4,000.

As indicated earlier, the store fails to list the miner’s condition. So the buyer needs to know the condition before going in. And that’s why you need to know how to buy miners from online stores safely.

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A cautious way of buying crypto miners

Step 1

You need first to make contact with the seller. After signing up, set up a one-on-one call with the seller. The best approach is to set up a facetime meeting with the seller or store representative.

Step 2

After making contact, ask the seller to take you on a virtual office tour. It helps to ascertain whether the agent is a real office representative. You also ascertain whether the store holds and owns listed miners.

Step 3

Ask the vendor to show you the miner in action. Get a 30-second video of the miner in action. You should see the miner’s condition and the maximum hashrate. Get to know the setup as well as all the components needed.

Step 4

Start asking questions about delivery and shipping once you are satisfied with the product. For example, ask the seller if they provide users with order tracking information. It would be best if you also asked for any extra fees incurred during shipping and delivery.

Step 5

Payment should be the following process. Ask about the payment methods and use one you feel comfortable with. We recommend taking screenshots of the process. Ask for receipts after making payment.

Step 6

Once the miner gets delivered, you need to record the unboxing. It helps to show the condition of the miner upon arrival. In case of damage, the store should help meet repair fees. You can also return the miner and demand a refund.

Bulk sales and discounts

There’s no quote on whether the store accepts or offers bulk discounts. Nonetheless, there are better alternatives for buyers looking to buy brand-new miners at a discount. We recommend contacting manufacturers directly.

With manufacturers, you get the most affordable quote, and delivery is guaranteed. The problem with manufacturers is they only sell brand-new miners. You can also contact them if you want repairs done to your current crop of miners.

You can reach out to reputable stores for those looking for used miners. Another alternative is reaching out to crypto mining farms around your region. For the mining farms, you must visit the location and test each miner.

Business holder

We don’t have any information showing who owns or runs the store. And that means you won’t have any proof of the owner. So that’s why we insist on having a facetime with sellers where one can record the meeting.

Bottom line Compact Miner

For now, please be extra careful when engaging with the store. Then, let us know how it goes.

PS: Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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