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Compute North Review: Is a scam?

Compute North ( claims to be the best cloud mining service provider out there. The store claims that once you purchase a miner from them, it goes to work for you. ComputeNorth claims that the store will likely improve your mining efficiency. However, we have heard that the cloud mining service provider is stealing from members. None of the users receive any payouts from the cloud mining activities. Here’s more in our exclusive COMPUTE NORTH REVIEW.

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About Compute North

Compute North Pros and Cons

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are what Compute North claims to be their area of expertise. Unfortunately, it’s a cloud mining service provider that fails to inform users of their whereabouts. There’s no indication of where the store’s farm resides.

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage suggests the store resides in Minnesota. However, we uncovered a store that uses an office address that’s not legit. The offices belong to leading exchange offices such as Commercial Exchange.

It’s the building housing of several real estate service providers. And it doesn’t make sense to have a crypto farm at such a location. You would expect their crypto mining farm to be far from an office suite.

These are some of the store’s mistakes, thinking no one would check. We will highlight other errors to prove Compute North is a scam. You need to stay away from the store or risk losing everything.

We suspect the store takes advantage of naïve crypto enthusiasts. These enthusiasts buy miners and send them to the store, hoping for a cloud mining solution. Unfortunately, what the buyers get from the store is far than ideal.

The store will use its miners to benefit from their own crypto mining experience. You will get a promise of withdrawal after a month or two. When this time lapses, the store doesn’t bother sending profit margins.

Accessible Miners on Compute North

Compute North claims to be the jack of all trades. The store promises to accept all miners and use them for large-scale crypto mining solutions. For ASIC miner hosting, the store promises to host all miners mining all currencies.

The store’s listed miners include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Dayun, FusionSilicon, and Goldshell. Others include Halong Dragon Mint, iBeLink, Innosilicon, MicroBT, Obelisk, and more.

We must raise our concern as some of the listed miners are scam crypto manufacturers. One of them is Fusion Silicon which is a proven crypto manufacturer. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has since gone underground.

These are some reasons why we believe the store takes advantage of investors. The store claims to have years of crypto mining experience yet, and there’s no history of it. We don’t get to see any proof that the store does large-scale crypto mining.

We have pictures of crypto miners in a large-scale crypto mining setup. Unfortunately, there’s no video of these miners working. You need proof if you want to sign up with some of these cloud mining contract providers.

We did ask the store to send proof of the miners working or mining on the farm. Unfortunately, none has come, and it’s proof we are dealing with a scam. The store will send investors to an early grave with their false antics.

Compute North SELLS Faulty Miners

Affiliate and partner program

There’s an affiliate program available on the store’s page. It seems like a legit way of earning passive income. But, sadly, the store fails to release commissions after you send users to get their mining contracts.

The store promises a 10 percent commission on all contracts signed by your affiliates. The store won’t send any conversion data to try and fleece you. You only get confirmations from users who thank you for the opportunity.

These very same users will want your blood directing them to a scam. Affiliates end up being the scapegoat. You end up failing to get what you deserve and end up losing your reputation. That’s why you need to stay away from the store.

Bitcoin Mining Pool

Compute North also claims to have a lucrative and powerful Bitcoin Mining pool. Finally, you get a store that promises competitive payouts, efficiency, and uptime. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of this mining pool through all our years of mining.

There’s a claim that the bitcoin mining pool offers stable earnings. Since it’s a US-Based entity, the store claims to comply with US regulations. Unfortunately, that’s just an assumption, as there’s no proof of compliance.

We don’t have or see any proof of anyone profiting from the mining pool’s hashrate. The evidence is there for all to see with other proven mining pools. What we have is a store that wants to rip off investors.

Compliance and Regulation Compute North

Compute North is far from being a US-compliant platform. So, where’s the document to prove the platform is legit? A fully compliant platform will have the necessary documents to verify legitimacy. Unfortunately, in this case, we have none.

And this creates a legal hurdle for users who lose funds with the platform. There’s no regulator to protect your funds from such investment ventures. The store ensures there’s no legal framework to provide security cover.

Customer Reviews

No Payouts from ComputeNorth

Those who have engaged with the store have scathing comments to say. The store failed to deliver on its promise of guaranteed stable margins. These members now want the store to return the miners.

On the other hand, the store refuses to answer queries claiming the miners are still working. And this begs the question of why the store fails to provide sufficient profit margins. In most cases, buyers will receive a tenth of the profit.

The store wants to take full advantage. There’s no positive review of the store anywhere on the web. And this proves that the store has nothing to give to investors. It would be best if you stayed away from such ridiculous stores.

Customer Support

Despite claiming to provide technological advancement, support is a problem. First, you will notice that there’s no direct support. All you have is a contact page with a message board. You are to leave your message and wait for a response.

The phone number listed on the contact page rarely goes through. And when it does, the support staff claims to take your information, and the right agent will call you. However, if you ask about payment, the store rarely calls back.

Disadvantages of Compute North

Several disadvantages come to this store. One of them is the lack of proper setup for mining activities. Once you send a miner to their location, it permanently becomes their miner. So you won’t get any profit from the mining activities.

Customer support is another issue we must raise. A legit cloud mining service provider must be available at all times. The store wants to control the communication process by availing only written form.

Payout problems

Avoid Crypto Mining contracts from

No one has come out with proof that the platform offers fast payouts for cloud mining contracts. And it’s the lack of evidence that makes a false cloud mining service provider. So you need to stay away from the store or risk losing everything.


We have to expose the store as there’s no way we will accept such a store to take advantage.

Try and get to know more about crypto mining and the daily profitability of ASIC MINERS.

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  1. Great info first of all!
    I have a question why mining coins is seen as a road to fortune when the same is very dangerous in long run and also it is costly as well.
    apart, not sustainable for the environment.

    • Hello Shiv,

      Thanks for reaching out; great question, by the way. Just as with any investment, there are rewards and risks. When it comes to Crypto mining, it’s best to know more about the coin, mining equipment, cost of running a miner, and of course, the profitability. You can take a risk with a miner such as the KD5 Kadena Miner and earn your initial investment within as little as eight months. After that, its profits all the way. Of course, it will also depend on the price of the mineable coin. In this case, if Kadena prices rise, you enjoy the profit and vice-versa.

      Let us know whether you’re interested in mining crypto coins, and we can recommend crypto mining hardware suitable for you.


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