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Conplex Global Company Review: Is a scam?

Conplex Global Company ( is a B2B marketplace for several products. The store is known for computers and electronics, primarily gaming and video consoles. Lately, crypto hardware sellers have started filling up the store. What attracts buyers is the 20 percent off for first orders. However, before you move forward, several vital issues must be noted. Here’s our Detailed CONPLEX GLOBAL COMPANY REVIEW.

About Conplex Global Company

The store started OK and has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more buyers are getting to trust the store as sellers do deliver. Our area of interest comes in the crypto mining aspect of things. Unfortunately, some sellers have started deceiving buyers.

NOTE: First-time crypto hardware miner buyers need to know the ASIC profitability. Check out the list of the best-performing ASIC miner before moving forward. Note the algorithm used, efficiency, and hashrate of each miner.

We have to blame the store for not properly vetting sellers. You are adding products to your cart from an anonymous seller. And this becomes a problem when trying to solve disputes. These sellers are far from transparent.

Conplex Global Company Review: Pros and Cons

It would be best if you bought from a trusted vendor whose rating is available. However, despite a rating system, this can also easily fool buyers. We have seen sellers going to keyboard masters to review their profiles as legit.

Some have invested heavily in selling crypto miners on the store. Their reputation might dive if unscrupulous sellers are not scrapped from the store. Our review is meant to do precisely that.

The percentage of first-time buyers also differs depending on the seller. You get the home banner claiming 30 percent off. There’s also the risk of falling for sellers who underprice miners to attract bulk buys.

Before you buy from any vendor, we insist on research first. Make sure to protect yourself by having a clear guideline on what to do. You can also request we do a review on your behalf. We would be glad to do so.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Conplex Global Company

As a buyer, you must weigh the pros and cons of joining any platform. With Conplex Global Company, there are dozens of advantages. From the contact discounts to affordable pricing, the marketplace does seem ideal.

How about the sellers on this platform? Is there one to avoid? Some vendors won’t ship miners. Instead, these vendors will quickly close the account and open another one. We blame the platform for not correctly vetting sellers.

It has happened too many times before, and the platform does little to affect change. A genuine B2B marketplace should properly vet sellers. You don’t know who you buy products from on the platform.

Here’s how to protect yourself when buying crypto miners from online stores.

A checklist of available miners

Most of the top brands are available in the store. These include Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and MicroBT. However, most buyers don’t know the tricks scammers use. Yes, scammers will post stock images and claim ownership.

Buyers won’t know the trap until they place an order and expect delivery. That has been the main bone of contention with the store. And we believe the store ought to clear out sellers with dozens of negative reviews.

Conplex Global Company Delivery of Crypto Hardware Miners is a Problem.

How can the store stand and watch as buyers fall victim to scammers on the platform? First, it shows a lack of concern from the store. Another problem we spotted was the 503 error that keeps happening when researching a product.

Also, the store acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers. When ordering via chat, the store opens a portal for WhatsApp. It serves as the group owner as one has to place an order outside the platform parameters.

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A guarded way of buying crypto hardware on the store

There’s a credible and safe way of buying miners from online stores. Once you follow these guidelines, you won’t fall for any scam. These guidelines protect the buyer and ensure the seller is transparent.

Before adding goods to the cart, make contact with the seller. If possible, set up a facetime meeting via Skype or Zoom. Know the seller before moving forward. No scammer will want their face splashed all over the web.

The next option is to demand a short video of the miner in action. Let the seller provide sufficient proof the miner is in tip-top condition. A 30-second video will help show the hashrate and quality of the unit.

Remember to ask about the condition. Is it a brand new or used miner? The next option should be to negotiate prices. Avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice miners. These sellers want to take advantage.

Your last step should be to ask about delivery and shipping. Next, the store should provide order tracking information. Finally, you should insist on a payment or receipt issuance if you decide to move forward.

If the seller insists on a bank transfer, check the details of the bank account holder. It will help in case of a dispute or refund query. Make sure you have all the information needed moving forward with the purchase.

Bulk and discounts

There are scam artists who target those who want to buy in bulk. Scammers come up with considerable discount offers on ten units or more. The discounts sound insanely good, 30 to 40 percent off or even more.

When it comes to large bulk buying, the best place is to contact the manufacturer. Here, you will get the most affordable prices, and delivery is a guarantee. For used miners, try and contact established mining farms.

Business owner

Most of these sellers remain anonymous. You don’t know whether you buy from one store or a person. And that makes the sale anonymous. You would want to buy from a store that does offer transparency.

After the point of sale, what’s to stop the seller from closing the account? It has happened before, especially with highly profitable miners. These are the aspects that make Conplex Global Company lose all credibility.

Buyer’s Agreement and Terms Conplex Global Company

There are no terms to go over with. And that’s a massive disappointment for buyers. The store favors sellers in terms of fairness. You would expect the store to furnish members with better service delivery.

The store is missing terms such as refund, return, and shipping policies. And that allows sellers to claim once goods are sold, no refund is acceptable. What if the seller delivers a faulty product?

Before engaging with any store, go over the blueprint of such. Ensure you use a fair seller. Avoid sellers who seem to put all liability in the hands of buyers. Buyers are to blame for not checking out these crucial features.

Client Testimony

Avoid buying crypto hardware from

Funny enough, there are no positive or negative reviews of the store anywhere on the web. It seems the store doesn’t have user engagement. None of the sellers are available on social media platforms.

Contact and support

There’s a live chat controlled by the admin who is the store. You can place an order via contact with the seller on WhatsApp.

Our Verdict Conplex Global Company

Please avoid buying from Conplex Global Company.

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