Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Crypto ASIC ETH Miner Review: Is a scam?

Crypto ASIC ETH Miner is a crypto hardware store claiming to reside in the States. Unfortunately, there’s only an address listed; miners from North America haven’t heard of such a store. As much as the store looks legit, buying from them is a disaster. Those who have interacted with have nasty things to say. The store fails in its duty to deliver miners to your doorstep. Here’s more in our enlightening CRYPTO ASIC ETH MINER REVIEW.

Note: When buying a crypto miner, you need to know all ASIC features. Learn about the algorithm used, efficiency, hashrate, and profitability of each miner. It helps you make a more informed decision on which miner works best for you.

About Crypto ASIC ETH Miner

Navigating through the website is fast as there’s only the homepage. Crypto ASIC ETH Miner claims to be the gold mine store for crypto mining. We disagree with it as most buyers have faced hurdles receiving miners.

Crypto ASIC ETH Miner Sells faulty miners

The store also claims to sell GPU mining rigs at discounted prices. We see photos of what appears as staff members loading miners. We can tell that the store fails to show proof of ownership from the picture.

It could be a stock photo of warehouse workers loading a personal vehicle. However, none of the images indicate ASIC or GPU mining rigs. And this is where we start having questions regarding the store.

Since crypto mining is gaining popularity, many stores have popped up. These stores try to outdo each other by claiming to be the best in the business. And that’s why it’s imperative to expose which store to go for and which one to avoid.

We have to try and keep the crypto space free from scam stores. These stores have been rising recently, with no one calling them out. We have every reason to expose these stores to protect the buyer.

Before you buy a miner from any store, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out the experiences of other users with the store. It will give you an insight into what to expect from the store.

Accessible Miners on Crypto ASIC ETH Miner Store

According to the Crypto ASIC ETH Miner store, several products are up for grabs. These include ATM Bitcoin machines, ASIC miners, GPUs, graphic cards, and more. None of which are owned by the store.

The store also claims to offer a wide array of miners. We have a store claiming to have leading miners from reputable crypto manufacturers. These include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Helium, MicroBT, and StrongU.

After looking at the available ASIC miners, one thing stood out. The pricing of these models was way below the market prices. And this begs the question of whether it’s a move to promote the website or another play.

We believe the store plans to undersell miners to try and get traffic for the store. However, those who buy from them fail to get the desired miners. Of course, there’s no way the store would be selling miners at giveaway prices.

The store wants to attract naïve crypto miner buyers to the store. So we have a store that wants to appear affordable to first-time miners. That’s why the store tries to undersell these miners. It’s a futile attempt to defraud investors.

Even if the platform sells refurbished and used miners, the prices are way too low. Therefore, you should do some research and ascertain the market prices of all miners. It will give you a price range of what to expect with each miner.

There’s also a pointer that we are dealing with a go-between. The store doesn’t own any of these miners. So instead, we have a store that posts stock photos of miners and has prices listed alongside them.

You need to pay extra attention and ask for proof of ownership. A legit mining store will post a short video of the miner in question working.

Avoid buying from Crypto ASIC ETH Miner

Affiliate and referral program

The store offers an enticing affiliate partnership to get as many buyers to buy from them. You get a promise of earning a 10 percent commission for every sold miner. That seems like a plausible way of earning passive income.

It’s not as straightforward as the platform makes it appear. No affiliate has seen any commission from the store. No professional affiliate wants to partner with the store due to the risks.

The store will take advantage of your connections and widen their trap. Those you direct to buy from the store won’t receive the miner. As an affiliate, you won’t even get any conversion data from

You will only get to hear of the sale if the user gets back to you to confirm payment. Sadly, none of them receive the miner as the store fails to deliver units. These victims will demand answers from you.

Their last resort would be to file a lawsuit against you and the store. The law will consider you as an accessory to online fraud. After all, you have been directing buyers to buy from a non-existing store.

And that’s how you will lose your status as a credible and reliable affiliate. Before you become a partner with any store, try and confirm the feasibility. It would be best if you protected those you direct from such stores.

Business holder

There’s little information to point to who owns or runs the platform. And this means Crypto ASIC ETH Miner is an anonymous crypto hardware store. It would be best to avoid anonymity when it comes to shopping online.

Despite claiming to reside in the States, the store doesn’t have any business registry. For all we know, the address was a copy. A genuine store will post names and profiles of staff members. Instead, all we get from the store is a non-existing physical address.

Buyer’s protection

Before you engage with any store, you need to read their blueprint. Then, go over the terms and conditions to know what to expect from the store. And this will create a straightforward way of the liabilities and problem-solving avenues.

We checked the terms and conditions and found that the store assumes all buyers’ liability. There’s no refund policy as the platform doesn’t even accept returns. So even if you receive a faulty miner, the store puts all liability on you.

What clients say about

Client testimony

Hundreds of clients have lost hope in the store after most failed to receive miners. Even after completing payment, the store could not deliver miners on time. And this is why we have to expose the store’s cruel ways.

You will notice the store doesn’t have any social media footprint. Of course, one would expect an online store to have social media profiles. However, it’s not the case with Crypto ASIC ETH Miner, as the platform wants to remain underground.

Contact and support

Despite claiming to offer live chat support, members get a dashboard to leave their messages. The platform promises to respond within 24 hours. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as hundreds of buyers are still waiting to hear from the store.

Disadvantages of Crypto ASIC ETH Miner

Failure to deliver miners is the biggest of the store.

Final ruling Crypto Asic Eth Miner

Crypto ASIC ETH Miner Doesn't deliver miners

After exposing the store, we recommend against investing with

PS: You can earn passive income via cloud mining contracts.

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