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Crypto Miners For Sale Review: is a scam?

Crypto Miners For Sale ( is another crypto hardware store selling miners. The store claims to have three offices spread across the globe. These include their main store in California and others in Germany and Türkiye. All in all, there’s no review of the store or any chatter about it. So we decided to change all that and conduct a review of review. Here’s what we found out.

A closer analysis of the crypto miners for sale store

The about us section shows the store’s over 30+ miners with over six brands available. We see the store boasting of having over $150K in sales. The store also focuses on large-scale mining distribution in Asia, Europe, UAE, and the USA.

Without any social media profiles to check out, the store doesn’t seem to have a solid online footprint. So we decided to check out the domain records for a chance to see the history. Unfortunately, the website is 431 days old as we publish this Crypto Miners for sale review.

Crypto Miners For Sale pros and cons

The store went live on 7th August 2021. Its IP location is California, with the name of the registrant redacted for privacy reasons. By now, you would expect online stores to take advantage of the social media space. However, there’s no social media profile on the page.

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Crypto miners for sale do not list who is behind it or have any staff profiles available. Again, for transparency’s sake, you would expect to find a LinkedIn or any other profile of team members. It helps to know who is behind the store.

Navigating through the website is made easy thanks to clear instructions. The overall user interface is also a darling for many. For example, registering only requires your username, email, and password.

Experts recommend researching a store first before committing funds. Considering the value of these miners, you wouldn’t want any missteps when purchasing. Make sure to use a store where you feel safe and delighted with their services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the crypto miners for sale store

Like each store, there are advantages and disadvantages to dealing with online stores. It would be best to weigh the pros and cons before moving forward with the sale. From what we can see, the store does have affordable miner prices.

An excellent example would be the Bitmain Antminer D7 going for $1,999. It’s one of the lowest prices we have seen so far. However, other stores sell used D7 miners for $5,000 and above. Is the seller selling brand-new or used D7 miners at this rate?

One of the cons also happens to be the positive aspect of the store. The low price would suggest this is not your typical store. It doesn’t make sense to sell a brand-new miner at this price. With scammers lurking, it’s best to be realistic about miner prices.

Another con is the failure to list the condition of these miners. It’s best to know the condition you are buying. The store will list recommended mining pools to join, which is an excellent addition for newbie miners.

There are several payment channels available in the store. These include bank and wire transfers. The store also accepts bitcoin payments. Sadly, you can’t make payments using any other form of crypto, such as USDT.

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A checklist of available miners on the crypto miners for sale store

As indicated earlier, the store claims to have over 30 miners available. Some brands include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, MicroBT, and StrongU. These are reputable brands in the industry.

From what we can see, the store hasn’t updated the inventory lately. As a result, some recently released miners are missing from the shop’s page. However, that doesn’t mean these miners are less profitable.

Crypto Miners For Sale listed miners

There’s a tag to inform users of miners that are out of stock. A perfect example would be the Canaan AvalonMiner 1246 (90Th) mining unit. In addition, the Bitmain Antminer T19 is also out of stock. There are about 20 miners currently available in the store.

The shipping guide page shows members must wait two weeks for the miner to arrive. We see the store claiming to start delivery from China. There’s no statement on which the store uses delivery methods.

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A guarded way of buying crypto hardware

If you want to buy a miner from the crypto miners for sale store, we devised a way to do so. Ensure the seller abides by these guidelines as they help protect both parties. It’s one of the best ways to engage with online sellers for the first time.

Process one

Make direct contact with the seller. Don’t just sign up and add goods to the cart. You need to engage with the seller and establish clear communication. We suggest facetime by using channels such as skype or zoom.

Process two

After establishing contact, ask the seller to take a virtual tour of the office or warehouse. It helps to avoid scammers who pose as store agents and post stock images. It has happened before, and it’s best to have proof of the store’s presence.

Process three

You must now see the miner in action. Every buyer has the right to inspect the product. Ask the seller to provide a short video of the miner in action. Get to see the maximum hashrate and overall condition/

Process four

Start asking questions regarding delivery and shipping. Are there any additional costs to incur after the sale price? Make sure to read through the delivery and shipping policies. Does the store provide order tracking information?

Process five

Once satisfied with the results, you need to know the payment procedures. You need to take screenshots of each process and ask for a receipt. Get the details of the recipient if using bank and wire transfer.

Process six

On the day of delivery, ensure you record the unboxing. In addition, you must have proof of the condition at which the miner arrived. If there was damage during shipping, let the seller know. You can return the miner and demand a refund.

Bulk orders on the crypto miners for sale store

what we think of

There’s no mention of whether the store does bulk orders. If you want to buy miners in bulk, there’s a better and safer way. You should reach out to manufacturers directly and get a favorable quote.

You can reach out to a reputable store for those looking to buy used miners. Another alternative is checking out used miners from crypto mining farms. You must visit the firm and consult on the condition and general payment terms.

Contact and support

All those social media icons on the homepage are just logos. There’s no link to any of their social media profiles. You can contact the seller directly using the phone number provided. We recommend setting up a facetime meeting.

Our Verdict crypto miners for sale store

Be careful when engaging with crypto hardware stores. Let us know your experience with

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