Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Crypto Mining Machines Review: Is a scam?

Crypto Mining Machines ( is Portuguese-based crypto hardware and retail store. Despite their aesthetic appeal, there’s no real review of the platform. Even on their Facebook page, no customer leaves their experience with the platform. There’s not a single negative or positive review of the store. And that got us thinking about how the store interacts with customers. Learn more in our detailed CRYPTO MINING MACHINES REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Crypto Mining Machines

On the homepage, Crypto Mining Machines claims to supply customers with all crypto products. That’s a good mission statement from the platform. However, many things pop up when you dig deeper into the website.

Is Crypto Mining Machines a Legit Crypto store?

One is that navigating through the website is not an easy task. There are a lot of pages to go over. We have a few key issues to point out with the platform. One of the biggest has to do with transparency.

Just as with your day-to-day store, you need a transparent vendor. We are quite not sure about Crypto Mining Machines. On face value, the store looks legit and seems to sell miners. However, no one’s talked about them.

Even on their homepage, there are issues with the website design. On the articles part, you can see the store uploads the default Word Press information. That’s not what a professional would do with their homepage.

NOTE: If you’re interested in buying crypto hardware, there are a lot of issues to go over. These include checking the ASIC profitability. What will the machine bring in terms of daily profitability?

We would love to hear from those who have engaged with How was the service, and did the platform deliver miners on time? At the end of the day, the community should know if the platform delivers quality miners.

Before you engage with any store, it’s best to do some research. Try and find out the experiences of other buyers with the platform. That’s the only way to ensure your platform works best for you.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Crypto Mining Machines

Every store has its pros and cons, and so does However, the store seems legit thanks to the numerous searches we did on it online. For instance, there’s proof that the store indeed resides in Portugal.

The lack of professionalism on their website is a real drawback. Again, we see a platform not setting high standards in terms of delivery. In addition, the information needed on some of these miners is a problem for newbies.

We have a store failing to state whether it does sell brand new or used miners. All in all, we know for sure the store is a third party. It gets its miners from other sources or directly from manufacturers.

Apart from selling crypto miners, the store also prides itself in selling mining rigs. You can also buy other accessories such as power supply units and graphic cards. And this points to a shop dedicated to selling crypto hardware merchandise.

A Catalogue of Available Hardware Crypto Mining Machines Store

There are over eight brands to choose from on the platform. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, and Innosilicon. iPollo, Jasminer, MicroBT, and StrongU. You can also get graphic cards from MSI and NVidia.

For anyone to believe the store has these miners, proof of ownership is necessary. And the platform does that on its Facebook page. And this is where we have a minor issue with these videos.

Does Crypto Mining Machines Deliver Miners?

None of the videos show the actual warehouse or brand of the company. But that’s not all, and the store recently uploaded a video of Canaan miners. For over a year, Canaan Avalon hasn’t released a miner.

Other videos show an entire mining rig that doesn’t seem to belong to the platform. Could these be videos of other users with mining rigs? It’s hard to tell whether these are original videos from the store.

Nonetheless, we applaud them for making these videos available. We insist on customers knowing what they buy before engaging with the store. As a buyer, you have the right to ask for proof of concept.

Are you buying a Miner?

To avoid buying from an unscrupulous seller, ask for proof. For example, let the seller send a short 30-second video of the miner you want to purchase. On the video, ask them to show the miner’s hashrate in action.

The video will help you determine the condition and quality of the miner. For instance, Crypto Mining Machines fail to inform buyers of the conditions. Are these brand new or used miners? Can customers get both of these on their platform?

If you get a seller failing to provide such information, please stay away. The video should also have your name on a piece of paper. That way, you will determine the authenticity of the seller. Also, make sure to know the shipping time and order tracking information.

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Business owner

There’s no information on who owns or runs the platform. However, the store does indeed have a legit address and phone number you can make to make contact. That said, the store should be more transparent with its details.

You don’t even have any information on the founding or staff members. Such information is crucial to help rule out anonymity. As a buyer, the last thing you would want is to engage with an anonymous crypto hardware store.

Buyer’s protection Crypto Mining Machines Store

Have you bought from

Most buyers ignore most online stores’ terms and conditions page. And that could be a costly mistake. So instead, you have to be in touch with the blueprint of any store. It’s how you learn how the store operates.

For instance, there’s no information on dispute resolution on the platform. After reading the terms and conditions, one thing stands out. It seems all liability falls in the hands of buyers. The store tries to hide its obligation to protect buyers.

There’s also no information on whether the store accepts returns or offers refunds. These are the reasons why we insist that you should be careful with Unfortunately, the store seems to only care about the results.

Crypto and FIAT payment system

You get a store that accepts both crypto and fiat. However, with crypto, there’s no way of knowing who receives the funds. All you get is an address. So when paying with a debit card, kindly ask for information on the account.

Buyers need to get information on the store’s bank account details. It will help confirm payment in case a dispute arises. The platform can fail to get your funds or claim not to have received them.

These are the pros and cons of buying from a store whose reputation remains unknown. It will have been ideal if clients shed some light on their experiences. That’s the only way to validate the services offered by

Delivery and Shipping Crypto Mining Machines

With no client coming out to shed light on the platform, delivery remains unknown. Does the store deliver miners on time? Will you expect the miner within ten business days? The store claims delivery is within eight business days.

Final remarks on Crypto Mining Machines

With no one yet to set the record straight, we urge you to be extra careful with the store. Start with something small such as Power cords, and see whether the store delivers.

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