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Crypto World Review: Is a scam?

Crypto World ( is a shop like no other. Apart from selling Asic and GPU miners, the store also engages in NFT and trading. CryptoWorld is marketing itself as a brick-and-mortar store for crypto-related products and services. With such a tagline, you would expect the store to have a wider audience, especially from the online world. However, it has a physical store making it a reliable store for many. Here’s our detailed CRYPTO WORLD REVIEW.

A Background and history check of Crypto World

You can take crypto classes, buy Asic and GPU Miners, and buy hardware wallets, to mention a few. These are some of the crypto services you will get in the store. The store rakes a good following with only 414 days online as we publish this post.

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Crypto World is a store like no other, and we have to give them credit for that. Many do not know that the store doesn’t have a warehouse. It seems the store affiliates with other manufacturers to ship miners.

Despite having a barrage of crypto-related videos on Youtube, there’s no virtual tour of the warehouse. And this could mean the store is another third party without proof of owning listed miners.

Crypto World Review: Pros and Cons

Even the Asic Miner page is a bit amateurish. You don’t have stock images, just a table of miner prices. You would at least expect pictures to go with these prices. These are some of the rookie mistakes we have to point out.

Other than that, the store has had some great customer relationships. Buying a miner from the store is ideal if you’re in the States. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t clarify whether it can ship miners to other regions.

Before you buy any miner, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a miner work for you. Before making any commitments, check out what others are saying about the store or vendor.

Advantages and Snags of the Crypto World

Jeff Wade is the CEO and Founder of the store. The store is entirely transparent, with no negative reviews. However, the website needs some re-adjustment from a professional view. The website has too much information.

You get tired midway while scrolling down the website. The website also uses too many videos and insufficient information on the services. For example, if you’re looking to buy an Asic, the product’s page gets categorized into six different pages.

Its engagement such as these that the owner ought to look at. When visiting or engaging with a website, you want to get the information needed ass fast. As we mentioned earlier, you won’t see the images of miners.

The store sells both brand new and used miners. From the list, we can see 2022 released miners on the store. These include the Bitmain L7 and iPollo brand V1. So the store is ready to sell miners, that’s for sure.

A directory of listed miners on the Crypto World Store

There are a total of ten brands listed under the new and used categories. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Ebit, Goldshell, Hammer, Innosilicon, iPollo, Jasminer, Whatsminer, and YM miners. In addition, you can see the model, hashrate, and some available units.

For those who don’t know how to shop for a miner, this review will do just that. Help you discern a reliable store from a scam. Those who have engaged with scammers know the pain of losing your investment.

Available Miners on the Crypto World store

We have developed a step-by-step guide on safely buying from online stores. Follow these steps are you’re likely going to buy a genuine unit. In addition, these are the steps that protect buyers from online scammers.

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A prudent way of buying crypto hardware miners from online stores Crypto World

The first step you need to make is to contact the owner. Avoid adding goods to the cart without contacting the owner. Set up a one-on-one call with the owner or vendor associated with the store.

It helps bridge the buyer/seller relationship and creates transparency. You would want to know who should be held responsible in case of a delay in shipping. Once this is complete, you can then ask to test the miner.

The vendor should be willing to provide a short 30-second video of the miner in action. Even when buying a car, you have to test-drive it. The video will help show the condition and hashrate of the mining unit.

After checking the video, you can negotiate prices. Make sure to note the average market prices of the intended miner. Avoid sellers to overprice or underprice miners. Take note of the costs for both brand new and refurbished miners.

Once the vendor passes these requirements, the last step is to get information on delivery and shipping. For example, does the store offer order tracking information after making payments? Will the store offer a receipt once you pay for goods?

Make sure to note the payment method used. For bank and wire transfers, ask about the details of the recipient. That way, you can rest assured of knowing who handles and receives funds. It’s a way to safeguard your interests in case of any disputes.

Bulk buying crypto miners

When buying crypto miners in bulk, we recommend using the manufacturer. Getting miners directly from the manufacturer is the safest bet. The manufacturer will sell it to you at the lowest possible cost.

Remember, manufacturers will only sell brand-new miners. What if you’re in the market for used and refurbished miners? Your next option should be to contact a large crypto farmhouse. Retail stores can often be great if there are 10 to 20 percent discounts.

Scammers are trying this route, too, to fool buyers. A scammer will underprice miners hoping to lure bulk buying. Those who make mistakes end up losing their entire investment. Please follow the above procedure and only engage with proven stores.

Buyer’s Agreement and Terms of use Crypto World

As you would expect with a professional crypto store, buyer/seller policies exist. These are the blueprints the store used to ensure smooth transactions. We blame buyers for not reviewing these documents when engaging with online stores.

is a safe place to buy miners? Yes

Some stores take advantage and offer ridiculous policies such as no refund or returns. In addition, some stores won’t compensate buyers for delayed or missed deliveries. Such stores are not ideal; avoid them.

Client reviews Crypto World

We haven’t seen any positive or negative reviews of the store from independent websites. What’s clear is that the store is new and will take time before getting the recognition it deserves. However, we hope the store will continue offering professional crypto-related services.

Contact and customer support

There’s no live chat, which you would expect on any online store. Instead, you get a phone number you can make to order miners. The owner’s LinkedIn profile is available after a quick search via search engines.

Dispute center

Sadly, the store doesn’t engage users on how they handle disputes.

Final Verdict Crypto World

Let us know whether you’ve engaged with the store. Please share your experience with the store to increase awareness of its service delivery.

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