Cryptocurrency Scams Review: A Bogus Crypto Investment Platform

If you have lost money using this company, please fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company claims to be the perfect crypto investment platform with accurate results. Furthermore, the platform states that you get a guarantee of making profits with their bots. However, Crypto Plan Pro is, without a doubt, an insane platform. And by insane, we mean literally. There’s no way you can guarantee investors profit at the same rate. So we have to expose CryptoPlanPro for its blatant false claims. Here’s more in our exclusive CRYPTOPLAN.PRO REVIEW.

A Complete Analysis of Safety of Funds

We have to give credit for coming up with an enticing website. The platform has what appears to be an AI technology website. With an appealing aesthetics, naïve investors will easily fall for it.

And then there’s the promise of making a minimum profit of 2 percent ROI on your investment. The vesting period for the minimum investment plan is ten days. It makes it a fast investment platform that would fit investors.

There’s a reason the platform is not known in the public domain. And this is because experts have already flagged it as a scam. As a result, there’s no way you can profit from the platform and withdraw funds.

These bots have accuracy flaws and, at times, are slow at making the right trades. The platform claims you can deposit at the end of the vesting period to add an exciting feature. Here’s something different from all other scams.

With the bots, investors are urged to buy and sell crypto using the software’s accuracy. There’s no demo account for you to test the bots. You have to believe what they are selling. And this is a risk for any investor.

Your priority is first to find out whether a platform allows withdrawals. Then, try and find out what others are saying about the platform. It gives you an understanding of what to expect with the platform.

Accounts avails five different bots on its platform. You get to choose one of the five bots, each with a guaranteed profit margin. The bots are named A, B, C, D, and E. In addition, you can deposit at the end of the vesting period, as indicated above.

Let’s take a closer look at each bot;

Bot A

There’s a 2 percent daily ROI with the vesting period slated for ten days. The minimum you can deposit is $1, with $10 being the maximum. The robot makes a promise of making a total income of 120 percent.

Bot B

It comes with a 2.5 percent daily ROI. The vesting period for this account is also ten days. Most of these bots share the same features. The minimum you can deposit is $11, with $20 being the maximum.

Bot C

With the third bot, there’s a guaranteed ROI of 3.5 percent. The vesting period lasts for 15 days. Members can make a minimum deposit of $21 and a maximum deposit of $50. You also get a promise of making a total income of 152.5 percent.

Bot D

The fourth bot comes with a maximum ROI of 4 percent. After that, there are 20 days which you have to wait for the profits to mature. After that, the minimum you can invest is $51, with the maximum allowed deposit set at $150. You also get a promise of 180 percent in profit levels.

Bot E

It’s the most exclusive bot with a guaranteed daily profit ROI of 5 percent. The vesting period for this amount is slated at 20 days. A minimum of $151 and a maximum of $5,000 is available on the plan. Trading Bots

Account Features

With the last bot, investors get a promise of making a total income of 200 percent. These are all false claims, with no one coming out with proof of winning with any bots. We recommend you stay away.

Despite claiming to offer continuous improvements on the bots, there’s no proof of it. If the bots were working as indicated, they would be the best in the world. These bots won’t go for cheap, as shown on the price charts.

The owners want to use the allure of accuracy and high profit to make investors sign up. Those who don’t know about crypto trading are the likely targets. It would be best if you understood the volatility of the crypto market before signing up.

Affiliate program

There’s an affiliate program available on the platform. However, it would be best if you didn’t bother directing users to the platform. The platform doesn’t pay affiliates, and you end up losing your reputation. Most affiliate marketers have listed the platform as a sham.

Are funds safe with

Your funds are far from safe with an anonymous and unregulated platform. We suspect the platform is holding all funds in a single account. And this means segregation of funds is not a feature found on the platform.

Is Crypto Plan Pro Licensed or Regulated by the FCA?

Business owner

Information on who owns or runs the platform remains hidden from us. And this makes an anonymous crypto investment platform. You should avoid such features when investing.

If the robots were successful, as they claim, the owners would want recognition. These bots would be sold for millions. Accuracy alone means making vast sums of money in an instant. And that’s far from the truth with the platform.

Despite claiming to reside in the UK, no one seems to know them. There’s no information on staff members of the developer of these robots. And that’s scary about the platform. It would be best if you stayed away from it.

Contact and customer support

When choosing the best crypto investment option, try and first test the support structure. Then, find out how fast the platform responds to emails. It gives you a better understanding of what to expect with the platform.

Their contact page has no direct access to the platform’s representatives. And this should bother you. The reason no profile of staff members is available is that this is another crypto exit platform.

No one wants their face to be seen on the evening news. Sending an email will last forever, and their Telegram group isn’t active. The admin rarely responds to queries. And this is another reason to stay away from the platform. License and Regulation Status is not a licensed or regulated platform. No one knows why the platform fails to get a valid license. If the bots were successful, even investors would pay to legitimize the bots. There’s something fishy going on.

Without any documents to prove the platform is compliant, funds are far from safe. You need to confirm whether a platform follows due diligence before signing up. The parent company or the entity itself ought to have a valid license.

We did a thorough check using the FCA’s register for confirmation. It turns out there’s an open investigation on the platform. Even the Company House UK states that the platform appears sketchy at best.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Funding Methods CryptoPlanPro

You can deposit and withdraw funds using bank and wire transfers. There’s also the crypto option. However, we don’t recommend either as the platform won’t allow you to withdraw funds. That’s why you deposit the funds at the end.

Those who use bank and wire transfers have a lot to lose. The platform might claim not to have received your funds. And this is another reason for signing up with regulated platforms. Such bullish events wouldn’t occur.

Our verdict

We don’t recommend anyone to invest with

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