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CSN Mining Review: Is a Scam?

CSN Mining claims to be Portuguese-based crypto hardware and retail store. Once we dug deeper, we realized is entirely anonymous. Hundreds have lost funds trying to buy miners from the store. You, too, can be a victim if you fall for their antics. The store has a bad reputation in the Crypto community. You will likely end up with a faulty miner with delivery a problem. Learn more in our comprehensive CSN MINING REVIEW.

About CSN Mining

CSN Mining Review: Pros and Cons

On the about us page, CSN Mining tries to create an impression of a successful crypto hardware store. Unfortunately, there’s not much to go on regarding their background and history. What we have is a store that wants to create problems for buyers.

When looking for a reliable crypto miner, you must know the profitability and stats. Learn how each machine works, and the daily profit ASIC machines bring. It will help you make an informed decision on which miner to go for.

Hundreds have been waiting for the store to deliver miners. The few lucky enough to get miners complain of faulty products. Most of the miners overheat and end up breaking up within days.

We had to check what the problem was with their miners. And so, we decided to try and purchase a few items from the store. The platform will even sell faulty mining accessories and components.

CSN Mining is not a trustworthy store and fails to have the backing of crypto miners. Even native crypto miners from Portugal avoid the store. Most claim the store is only using a Portuguese address.

Before engaging with any store, you must do due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. Get to hear the experiences of other users. It will help you make an informed decision on whether to use the platform.

Accessible Miners on CSN Mining Store

CSN Mining offers a 15 percent discount for all first-time buyers. With such a high percentage discount, the store attracts several buyers. But, unfortunately, the math doesn’t add up as the store hikes prices even after purchasing the miners.

The store claims to be the official distributor of several ASIC machines during the negotiation process. These include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, FusionSilicon, and Innosilicon. It’s all a roost to get buyers to buy from the store.

We have seen such cases before, stores trying to affiliate themselves with credible manufacturers. As far as we can tell, no manufacturer has a preferred distributor. All stores have get the same treatment from manufacturers.

When you look at the list of available miners, it’s clear that the store is a bit late on trending miners. This is because other competitors have already sold units the store has. And this is the reason the prices are steep in the store.

The store tries to cover the 15 percent discount on the price. So you get miners selling over $2,000, the average industry price. And this is one of the reasons we knew the store was hiding the truth from buyers.

Most of the miners you see are not available in the store. acts as a middleman when it comes to miners. The store will look for the miner on your behalf, therefore earning commission from it.

Affiliate Program

You will notice that none of the professional affiliates direct buyers to the store. The store will take advantage of your connections and fail to release commissions. There’s also a downside to partnering with the platform.

The store will make you look like a fraudster. After leading buyers to the store, most of them fail to get miners or receive faulty units. These victims will blame you for directing them to a dubious store.

In recent cases, victims have filed lawsuits against such stores. The law will see you as an accomplice to online fraud. You end up losing your credibility and reputation as an affiliate. It’s best to stay away from such platforms.

ASIC Miners CSN Mining

Business Holder

There’s little information regarding the people who run the business. And this is one of the key issues we found with the platform. Anonymity in any online transaction is a no-go zone for us.

We don’t recommend investors buying miners from anonymous stores. The store fails even to give a video showing their warehouse. We don’t have the names of employees working for the store. And this is why we reserve buying any mining equipment from CSNMining.

Client Testimony

You can only see positive client testimonials on their homepage. There are no positive comments from independent review sites. And this speaks volumes regarding the experience of users. It shows that these are comments PAID for by the store.

Victor lost over $20,000 trying to get the Antminer L7 9.5 Gh/s from the store. He has been waiting for weeks now to receive his miner. The store insisted on pre-order with a promise of delivering in December.

There has been no delivery, and this makes Victor a sad man. He can’t take advantage of the profitability of a new miner. Moreover, the store fails to offer him tracking information on the miner.

These are some of the stories the store will try and hide from buyers. Others receive defective miners with rust on them. We believe the store is refurbishing old miners and selling them as new ones.

Contact and customer support

Don’t expect any support from the store as there’s no staff, to begin with. The store limits communication to emails. There are no working phone numbers one can use to make a call. That’s why we doubt the store’s commitment to buyers.

You should test how fast a store communicates with users. Without good and fast communication channels, it’s best to stay away. Instead, only buy from stores that communicate efficiently and offer tracking information.

CSNMining is a scam crypto hardware retail store.

CSN Mining License and Regulation

CSN Mining does not have any business registry documents, making it untrustworthy. Furthermore, there are no documents to prove that the store complies with the legal framework. For example, we don’t see any certificate of incorporation despite claiming to have one.

Without a regulatory framework to guide both parties, the store is free to operate as they wish. That’s why there’s no tracking information, and the store sells defective crypto mining hardware. Therefore, it would be best to avoid such stores as there’s no consumer protection.

Disadvantages of CSN Mining

Several disadvantages come with investing in the store. These include selling faulty miners and failing to deliver units. Unfortunately, we can’t even tell what’s worse between the two. The store is a complete scam trying to take advantage of buyers.

Selling faulty miners starts with the store having new covers for miners. Then, since no one will bother checking the inside, you get a miner that works for a few days.

What we have is a store that doesn’t care about the welfare of consumers. Once you place an order, that’s the last communication you will have with the store. We recommend that you avoid


The 15 percent discount is a fraud. Make sure to avoid the platform’s promotions.

Final Thoughts sells defective crypto miners

We hope the authorities will quickly shut down the store to protect naïve buyers.

Once you get a working miner, we recommend joining a reputable mining pool. It gives you more mining power.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Jesus, I’m representing the CSN Mining Company. This article is obviously not based on a genuine experience so it is FAKE one, most probably paid by our competitors. Competitors leave negative reviews to discourage customers from buying from us.
    You are trying to mislead people by presenting only some assumptions or fake customers like “Victor”. We have no record of any incident with a customer as described in the review. We consider the article to be defamatory of us, based only on personal opinions and bad intentions.
    We are a Crypto Mining Equipment shop and we will continue to provide the best products and services no matter how our competitors will try to stop us.
    We kindly ask you to provide CLEAR EVIDENCE like proof of payments, history conversations,etc., or to remove the article immediately, otherwise legal actions against you will be taken.

    Jesus Huerta

    • Hello Jesus,

      We have received countless emails from clients who bought miners from your store, you didn’t deliver. The store is barely a year old and has a reputation for delivery delays. We will furnish you with the evidence you need. Our aim is to protect miners from falling into online scams from different stores. We even expose stores that sell defective miners.

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