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DigitalExchange24 Review: A CFTC Red Alert Warning

DigitalExchange24 ( is already facing a warning from the CFTC. The platform is taking advantage of naïve investors immediately after they sign up. We have concrete evidence that proves we are dealing with a sham. That’s why you need to read this entire post for more. Digital Exchange 24 won’t help you get any ROI. Most of the members are complaining of withdrawal issues. Here’s our clear DIGITALEXCHANGE24 REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of DigilaExchange24

Are Funds safe with DigitalExchange24

In the about us section, DigitalExchange24 claims to offer strategic investment opportunities to investors. In addition, the platform claims to pride itself in long-term client relationships. Unfortunately, it’s not the case, as most clients are unhappy with the platform.

Digital Exchange 24 mainly deals with crypto investment as their main asset. The platform claims to help investors all over the world make a huge ROI. To try and prove their point, there’s a pop-up message with people winning from the platform.

These are sales pitches that we used to see during the binary scam errors. Unfortunately, it seems the trend is now growing with crypto investment platforms. For example, Digital Exchange 24 wants to lure investors into believing users profit from it.

Far from the truth, investors are having a hard time withdrawing from the platform. These complaints have reached regulators, and action is being taken. The CFTC is among the first regulators to issue a warning.

Those who have invested with are ruing the decision. The platform is blocking withdrawals and even deleting login credentials. And this is why we have to warn investors from jumping in and signing up.

It would be best if you did due diligence before signing up with any online investment platform. Then, try and find out the best investment option that experts back. It’s the only way to invest safely in the crypto bubble.

Accounts DigitalExchange24

DigitalExchange24 offers investors three account types. What’s ironic is that the platform guarantees 90 percent profit on any account. But, of course, any platform with a profit guarantee is usually scamming investors.

Here are the three accounts;


For the starter account, the platform promises 50 percent investment ROI within seven days. It means the vesting period for the starter account is a week. The acceptable minimum deposit is set at $100 and $1,000, respectively.


With the basic plan, the platform guarantees 100 percent ROI within3 days. In addition, the vesting period is short, and the platform guarantees high ROI. These are some of the red flags you need to note with crypto investment platforms.

Premium Plan

It’s the most exclusive plan, with investors having to deposit $50,000 and over. The platform promises 250 percent ROI, with the vesting period unknown. We believe we know why the platform hides this vital information.

Account Features

DigitalExchange24 Accounts and Plans

When investing with Crypto, there are a few critical factors you have to look for. These include the vesting period and the expected ROI. The platform offers a bloated ROI percentage to lure investors to sign up.

If you go for the premium plan, the platform won’t mention the vesting period. Instead, it gives the platform leeway to keep changing the dates when you invest with the account. And this is how institutions lose their funds with Crypto investing.

Most of the account features don’t even touch on how the platform plans to make the high ROI.  For example, We don’t know if the platform participates in Crypto exchange or mining to make returns. As an investor, you need to know how your funds are working to generate ROI.

Business owner

Another feature that you must check is the ownership details. Unfortunately, the platform fails to show who owns or runs the platform. However, with the disclaimer claiming registration with CFTC and NFA, it doesn’t hurt to confirm.

We did, and that’s how we came to learn of the warning from CFTC. According to the warning, DigitalExchange24 is using false credentials. And this is the reason why we have to expose the platform.

Digital Exchange 24 is an anonymous platform waiting to pounce on naïve investors. Those who sign up with the platform end up losing everything. It’s best to avoid anonymity when it comes to online investing or trading.

Client Testimony

To try and make the platform appear legit, you can see some testimony below the account section. The first testimony is from Matt Brandon, who is a freelancer. When you check the profiles with these names, his face doesn’t appear.

The subsequent testimony is from Saul Goodman, who is the supposed CEO and Founder of the platform. Again, these are stock images that anyone can download from the web. We believe the testimonials are a way to move investors into signing up with the platform.

Contact and customer support

When investing with any online platform, you must test their support structure. Try and find out whether a platform has convenient and fast responses. One way is to send an email or try calling them using their phone number.

We did just that, and so far, we haven’t received any response via email. Most investors are getting no response, especially after sending withdrawal requests via email. When you try to call, the line doesn’t go through.

There’s a high chance the platform wants to control the communication process. It makes it easy for them to contact you but not easy for members to contact them. That’s why the platform chooses to ignore withdrawal requests.

DigitalExchange24 License and Regulation

Is licensed or regulated?

DigitalExchange24 is not a licensed platform and is facing fraud charges by the CFTC. Other regulators, including NFA and the SEC, also plan to prosecute the owners. And that’s why the platform hides vital information such as ownership.

With these regulators residing in the United States, it’s clear Americans are the targets. Soon, the platform will quickly shift focus to Europe after the expose. You need to check with regulators to confirm the compliance of a platform.

If a platform fails to offer any valid credentials, you need to check with relevant authorities. Make sure to check with ASIC, BaFIN, CNMV, CONSOB, CySEC, and the FCA. Other regulators include FINMA, FSMA, and more.

Regulators work to ensure all parties adhere to strict regulations. However, it would be best if yHowever, you stayed away from the platform since it’s taking advantage of investors. Without proper compliance, your funds are at risk.

Funding Accounts

There are several funding methods available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers. You can also fund your account using crypto-wallets. Once you fund your account, the balance will reflect within 24 hours.

We don’t recommend you fund your account for safety reasons. The platform doesn’t allow members to withdraw funds. We also suspect the platform is harvesting banking data from members. There’s no telling what they will do with your credit card details.

Fund Safety DigitalExchange24

Funds are far from safe, with a platform facing a warning from one of the world’s most prominent regulators. Moreover, the platform doesn’t have any safety net such as insurance cover. And this is a huge problem for an investor.

Digital Exchange 24 Contact Details

Without any protection, members won’t get any compensation when the platform winds up. The warning from CFTC means the platform will soon shut down. No member of the platform will get a penny, despite having a balance on the platform.

Our verdict

It’s best to stay clear of the platform. No one gets to profit or withdraw from the platform.

The best option is to have a conversation with other crypto enthusiasts about proper investing.

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