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E World Trade Review: Is a scam?

E World Trade ( is a jack of all trades kind of online store. Unfortunately, despite selling some worthy products, the store loses it when it comes to crypto miners. Thousands are claiming foul after distributors in the store failed to deliver miners. We blame the store for failing to provide the best possible solutions for buyers. In addition, the store fails to verify sellers, which puts buyers in peril. Here’s more in our clear E WORLD TRADE REVIEW.

About E World Trade

From the about us page, we read E World Trade is a comprehensive B2B marketplace. The platform is ideal for digital branding and web development. However, we don’t know how it pivoted to selling crypto hardware miners.

E World Trade Sells Faulty Miners

The platform claims to cater to over 500,000 active users. That means the store does engage daily with several buyers. And these buyers range from apparel to electronics. As a result, the store does an excellent job of trying to detail its selling tactics.

What makes the store a risky affair is no credibility or transparency. Buyers don’t know when the store came into existence. So the store tries to bury its actual ownership and day-to-day running information.

As the store tries to remain anonymous, more and more questions pop up about its legitimacy. With several complaints, it’s clear that delivery is a huge issue on the platform. And the platform does little to mitigate this problem.

NOTE: First-time crypto hardware buyers need to invest in reputable crypto investment stores. Before you do so, you need to know about the full features of ALL ASIC MINERS. That will give you more insight into which miner suits you best.

E World Trade doesn’t have such an accomplished miner platform as it would lead buyers to believe. The fact that the store fails to verify sellers puts buyers in peril. You don’t know the seller’s reputation.

Experts recommend that you research a store first before committing funds. That way, you get to know more about the store and what to expect. In addition, doing research helps you find out about the services to expect.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E World Trade

To know whether to engage with a store, you need to weigh the pros and cons. First, ensure you find out what makes a store different from others. Finding out more about a store will help highlight the pros and cons.

Once you list the advantages and disadvantages, note what makes it risky. The store should make sure to guarantee delivery. You should also see some form of delivery and praise of the store from different quarters.

A genuine store will have a steering reputation. And that helps to bring about the store’s credibility in the eyes of buyers. Even the community will outright accept a store whose credibility is above board.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of;

A List of miners found in the store

There are several listed miners found in the store. The store opens its doors to different sellers, mainly distributors and wholesalers. These distributors claim to have any miner imaginable to sellers.

Some of the brands listed as available include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, etc. But unfortunately, the store doesn’t provide any information on the overall quality of these miners. And that’s why we have to shift blame to the creator.

Buyers need to know the condition of a miner before engaging. The seller might take advantage and post stock images of new miners. When you receive a miner, it’s sad that the miner you paid for was refurbished.

The store also fails to have a video verification platform where buyers can check the quality. A genuine store will furnish members with a video detailing more about the miner. The miner will show the miner in action as well as the condition.

From what we can see, these distributors post stock images of miners. However, there’s not a single distributor showing the warehouse or miner in action. And this brings confusion and more questions to the table.

As a buyer, it’s within your right to ask for information regarding the miner you’re about to buy. Make sure to select a miner that guarantees results and operates appropriately. Only a video verification will help with that.

Avoid Buying Crypto Miner hardware from E World Trade

Affiliate and partner program

There’s an affiliate and partner program available in the store. These distributors claim to offer a commission for directing buyers to their stores. In most cases, the commission is around 12 percent of all sales.

Before you become their affiliate, there’s more reason to protect yourself. First, it would be best if you also protected those who you direct to the store. Failure to do so means you will be putting yourself and the buyer at risk.

Most of these distributors don’t even release commissions. You won’t get any conversion data from them. We found out that these distributors only want to take advantage of your connections. That’s why we have to expose the store’s risky affiliate partnership.

It begs the question, what if these victims take legal action against the distributor. Will the platform join in, or will it avert the issue? We believe the store will want to avoid such cases to protect itself.

Business proprietor

No one knows who owns or runs the store. The store claims to have its offices in Dallas, Texas. However, these distributors are not from the region. An example is Cashy, who seems to reside in Austria.

Anonymity is a risky feature for buying products from online stores. We advocate buying from a trusted store only dealing with crypto hardware. There are too many risks involving a third party on the platform.

Buyer’s protection E World Trade

You won’t get any protection from the store when distributors fail to deliver miners. We advocate that you read the terms and conditions to understand more. The store puts all liability in the hands of buyers.

These distributors take full advantage and even fail to cover repair fees. Once you receive a damaged miner, chances are the distributor won’t accept it back. Instead of offering a refund or accepting the return, the seller refuses to mitigate risks.

Client testimony and reviews

Clients experience with

Several clients have come forward and indicated their disgust with the platform. You can read the reviews on independent websites such as TrustPilot. Others turned to social media to vent their anger on the platform.

You won’t find any crypto buyer happy with the outcome of the sale on the platform. And that says a lot regarding client experience for crypto buyers on the platform. That’s why we recommend not buying any crypto hardware from

Contact and support

Despite having a client resolution center, it doesn’t help much. The store will only link communication between the buyer and seller. There’s no client resolution center where buyers can lodge complaints.

Sellers take full advantage as there’s not even a rating system on the store. The sellers can insist that delivery was made and you received the miner. The seller failed to deliver and was thankful for your payment in the real sense.

Delivery issues

It’s a common issue when ordering a miner from the store. Please stay away from the store or risk losing your investment.

Final verdict on E World Trade

Avoid buying crypto hardware from

You can instead buy credible mining gadgets that provide ample trading solutions.

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