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Earntron Review: A Risky Crypto Investment Platform

Earntron ( is a high-risk crypto investment platform with a minimum vesting period of 20 days. Earn Tron claims to help investors earn fast and secure. Unfortunately, these are more like crypto exit platforms that disappear as fast as they appeared. is no different, as the platform will soon be obsolete. With withdrawal days looming, we are sure no investor will get a dime from the platform. Find out more in our conclusive EARNTRON REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Earntron

Are funds safe with Earntron?

There’s nothing to write home about when it comes to Earntron. We don’t have the platform’s background and history. It’s one of the tell-signs the platform will soon be obsolete. The owners don’t want their names on the evening news.

A genuine crypto investment option would be transparent in every sense of the word. That includes naming the people working on the platform. With Earn Tron, it’s far from the case as we have a completely anonymous platform.

Even the aesthetics tells of a platform with hidden agendas. To invest with the platform, you have to have TRX assets. The platform will direct you to their preferred exchange to make the transaction.

During the process, the platform’s representatives will appear to help you. One of the first options is to take over your computer or phone using remote access. In their words, it’s to help you exchange TRX faster.

If you refuse, the platform will want you to record the transaction via video. Then, with their preferred exchange or wallet, the owners get to see your mnemonic keys. And now the people behind it have access to your wallet.

Your priority when searching for a viable investment platform is doing due diligence. Make sure to talk to experts on whether a platform is genuine. These crypto investment platforms that offer fast and high rewards are likely scams.

Accounts Earntron Plans

Earntron offers two specific plans that come with four plans each. The two plans include the starter and professional plan. Here’s a closer look at the two plans and what they bring to the table;


With the starter plan, you get four plans to choose from. These plans are labeled PLAN 1, 2, 3, and 4. The first plan comes with a 6 percent daily return ROI. After that, you have to vest for 20 days before you can withdraw funds.

The second plan also has a contract period of 20 days. After that, you must deposit 75 TRX to use the platform. Finally, the third plan is similar in terms of the vesting period, and it has a minimum deposit of 200 TRX.

With the fourth plan, you must deposit 500 worth of TRX. The ROI is quoted at 6.75 percent. It has an earning rate of 33.75 TRX daily. Of course, these are over the moon profit promises that no expert or robot can achieve.


It also offers four plans. The ROI starts at 7 percent for the PLAN 1 account. You must deposit an equivalent of 1,500 TRX to start trading. The second plan offers 7.25 percent in ROI. With the third plan, there’s an ROI of 7.5 percent.

For the fourth plan, which is the most exclusive, members have to deposit 20,000TRX. It comes with an 8.0 percent daily ROI. You get to earn 1,600 TRN per day. In essence, you will get 32,000 TRX at the end of the 20-day vesting period.

Earntron Accounts and Plans

Affiliate program

There’s also an affiliate program with each account or plan. You get 10 percent of the deposit made by the affiliate party. Before you jump in, you need to understand the risks that come with it.

When the member fails to withdraw funds, which is inevitable, you will be held liable. The platform’s representatives will be nowhere to respond to queries. And this means losing your credibility or, worse still, your reputation.

Before you become an affiliate partner, ensure the program is legit. The platform won’t even bother paying their affiliate partners. It’s a take-it-all platform. It would be best if you didn’t direct users to high-risk crypto investment platforms.

Business owner

The names of the people who own and run Earn Tron remain hidden from us. There are no names on the homepage or website. And this points to an anonymous crypto investment platform.

It would be best if you avoided anonymity when it comes to online investing. As an investor, it’s your right to know who handles funds. It gives you the perfect cover to hold someone responsible. Without any names, there’s no telling what the platform does with deposits.

Contact and customer support

Risks that come with investing with Earn Tron

When looking for a credible investment option, you need to test their support structure. First, try and find out how fast the platform offers support. Second, get to know whether the platform offers more direct access to their support structure.

In this case, we only have a contact page with a message board. You are to leave your message, email address and wait for a response. After sending an email a few days ago, we haven’t received any response.

Earntron License and Regulation status

Earntron is not a regulated platform which makes it a high-risk crypto investment platform. You need to avoid platforms that fail to get any clearance from authorities. Your funds are far from secure in such investment options.

The terms and conditions page seems to put all liability on the member. And this means there’s no compensation if the platform winds up. So if the platform closes today, you won’t get a penny, despite having a substantial balance.

You need to check with regulators and find out whether a platform is regulated. Compliant platforms offer insurance cover for deposits made. These platforms also ensure fair investing and trading conditions.

Free Daily TRX

To entice members to sign up, the platform promises 0.1 TRX daily. If you do the calculations, it means you end up having 2 TRX after 20 days. There’s also a 10 percent commission and welcome bonus.

These are promises meant to ensure you deposit more funds in the hopes of receiving high rewards. But, unfortunately, no platform in their right mind would afford to give away that many coins. It’s impractical!

Funding Methods

Is Earntron Licensed or Registered?

As we stated above, you can only fund your account via TRX. The platform directs users to their wallet, which in most cases, is the atomic wallet. However, there have been cases where the wallet loses funds and fails to compensate members.

We don’t recommend that you invest with the platform. There are hundreds of ways in which you can lose funds. The platform seems to be collaborating with these wallets to get vital account information.

Withdrawing funds from Earn Tron will also be a problem for investors. Despite the 20 day vesting period, we are sure no investor will withdraw. Those who do get to withdraw only access partial amounts.

Even with the transaction records, you can see that these are partial withdrawals. This is because the platform doesn’t allow users to withdraw as a whole. So instead, it’s a pyramid scheme where you get to withdraw part of the initial deposit.

Fund Safety Earntron

Your investment is not safe with an anonymous and unregulated platform. The platform is holding funds in a single account. We believe it’s a private account where the owner can decide to close the shop.

Our verdict

It’s best to stay away from Earntron as it doesn’t offer a safe investment.

The best way to find out more about crypto is by joining other experts in our community.

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