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Easy Crypto Hunter Review: Is a scam?

Easy Crypto Hunter ( is a GPU hardware store based in the UK. There are several crypto miners that have engaged with the store. And their overall impression is that the store is fair in selling GPU mining rigs. Our Easy Crypto Hunter Review will try and give you a safe way of engaging with online stores. However, if you are new at buying miners, you need to pay extra attention.

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About Easy Crypto Hunter

The website looks intact, with information a new user needs available on the website. We would only ask that the store improve user engagement quality. An example is the store’s page.

You don’t see the complete list of miners on the shop’s page. However, three products are listed as available on the store’s page. These include fully assembled rigs, mining cases, and lifetime support for built GPUs.

About Easy Crypto Hunter review

What’s clear is that Easy Crypto Hunter is only interested in GPU mining rigs. We couldn’t see any sales of ASIC miners. As far as GPU goes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to mine with these rigs.

As more and more users turn to Asic miners, GPU mining profitability has dwindled. However, that doesn’t mean they are not reliable mining equipment. So for those who prefer mining with them, go for it.

The store claims to have a building facility and mining farm near Manchester. To view these facilities, you have to make an appointment. That sounds fair and is a great way to learn crypto mining as you see the equipment do the work.

Regarding other products, it remains unclear whether the store offers or sells graphic cards. Any form of repairs on these GPU miners, you have to ask. The store’s parent company is Eagle Aquila Ltd.

Before you engage with any online store, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes the store a better option than others. You also need to see how other customers view the store’s services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Easy Crypto Hunter

Several advantages come with engaging with such a store. One of them has to be accountability and transparency. These are the stores that do offer valuable services as they have a reputation to maintain.

The store is also crucial in terms of the products available. Not a lot of GPU stores exclusively offer the same features. And that means we have to check how this store works in terms of GPU mining rigs.

We recommend buying from a store that solely deals with one product. It shows the store will have more experience and knowledge of the product. On the other hand, a jack-of-all-trades store is not the store we would recommend for various reasons.

Several products available on the Easy Crypto Hunter store

Our review will look at the services offered, including pricing and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the store seems to have its share number of complaints from users and partners.

Despite all that, those around Manchester or the UK benefit more from the store. If you are not from the region, this review will help you how to engage with the store. If you have any doubts, we can help you ascertain whether to proceed with the sale.

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A catalog of available products on the Easy Crypto Hunter page

GPU mining rigs are the only products found in the store. Easy Crypto Hunter also offers mining cases if you’re interested in having one. Regarding GPU repairs, the store seems not fully engaged in the service.

How does one engage with such a store, especially if you are out of the UK? Does the store ship products outside the UK? What if you can’t get time to visit their mining farm or shop? That’s what we are here for, to gauge how investors proceed.

Easy Crypto Hunter is a store that doesn’t offer many genuine products. Those who have engaged with the store will want to get quality GPU mining rigs. Unfortunately, the store fails to list the conditions available or the pricing.

As a buyer, you would want to know if the store does offer refurbished GPU mining rigs. Some can’t afford new mining rigs, so refurbished GPUs are the best alternative.

Here’s how to fully engage with the store and ensure you don’t risk it all.

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A cautious way of buying GPU Mining rigs from the Easy Crypto Hunter store

Follow these steps, and you are assured of getting the product you need. Ensure the store also abides by these rules.

Rule 1

Make direct contact with the seller. We recommend setting up a Skype or Zoom meeting with the store’s representative. That way, you will have established secure communication with the store.

Rule 2

After making contact, you need to look at the product you want. Then, the team at Easy Crypto Hunter can record the GPU miner you want and send you the full specs. That way, you know the condition and overall price.

Rule 3

You then need to ask questions regarding delivery and shipping. For example, how long will it take for the store to deliver the GPU to your doorstep? And what are the shipping methods used, including delivery companies?

Rule 4

A smart buyer will have researched the pricing of each model. Try negotiating prices, and don’t fall for any high or low price points. Consider the condition and overall performance of the miner.

Rule 5

Once you get your mining rig, record the unboxing. Then, you can request help with the mining setup. We saw the store claiming to offer containers for storing mining rigs. If you’re interested, give them a call.

Bulk purchases

It remains unclear whether Easy Crypto Hunter accepts bulk orders. And that is why we must be sure of the store before making such orders. You need to ascertain if there are any discounts on large purchases.

Business holder

There’s little information relating to who owns or runs the store. All we have is a video of the owners. It would feel better to have the profiles of the two founders on the website. In the crypto world, transparency is everything.

Some might view Easy Crypto Hunter as an anonymous crypto hardware store without information on the owners. It’s best to avoid this store or risk losing everything. Instead, go for stores that are transparent in each way.

Client reviews

What clients think of

Trustpilot has comments that would make anyone think twice about engaging with the store. One’s from a buyer, and the other is from a store partner. It takes no genius to note the store is losing points due to such reviews.

Contact and support

There are various ways of contacting, including phone calls and social media channels.

Our bottom line Easy Crypto Hunter

There’s a feeling of professionalism in the store; however, be careful. Follow the above before making any payments. Let us know your experience with

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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